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  1. I usually swap shifts or go in late for an evening game but im not going to bother . it costs me money to do this and in current climate am not going... am really depressed at moment with all things norwich city. some people will say not a real fan etc but there is 4 of us in my family with season tickets .. total cost of  a match day 100 pounds and thats being carefull so commitment is there and am so gutted when norwich lose but next day convince myself it will be better next time..BUT  it never is
  2. its great we have a new defender on board BUT what we really need is a midfielder or two who can control the game and can see a pass to the fowards we havnt had this  and it is quite evedent when you watch us play
  3. just mind your back on those hard green seats and those steps when you leave with 5 mins to go in disgust !!!!!!! follow follow follow the boys in yellow !!!?????????[;)]
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