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  1. It does look as though it was well know by that point as he had surgery to remove one of his lads in October 2013.I would have thought that something as major as that would be picked up in a medical.Regardless of that, I wish him well and all the best.
  2. The new chat function thing has caused this site to run slowly since implemented for me.
  3. http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/It''s not so crazy ^_^Also, events like Blizzcon, Dreamhack and the like all have esports (as they are known) which have thousands of people spectating and watching online through sites like twitch.tv and youtube.
  4. Number 3 is Malky scoring against the scum (for the 2nd time ;) )
  5. [quote user="K Lo"]I think it''s as simple as this; if you want to watch Norwich and you can, then do. If you can''t or don''t want to, you shouldn''t feel pressurised into going. Sometimes I''ll get the buzz about going to see Walsall away in the freezing cold (to that I went) and other times I don''t feel like going to West Ham at home (was offered ticket, declined).I''ve done a good share of home & away games in the last 32 years, so won''t feel pressurised into going to a match when I''d rather not !![/quote]I agree wholeheartedly. I have a season ticket, I go to every home league game. I can''t get to away games thanks to working until 12:30 every Saturday.I have other things that go on in my life, so adding extra nights where I can''t be at home with the Mrs isn''t top of my priority list.The attitudes of some people and why they think supporters HAVE to go to every game is shocking.
  6. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]I''d guess South Jarrold Mc Stand for you? Probably bought a half season ticket when it first opened?[/quote]Actually, I bought one of those seats when the new south stand opened. Does that make me an unloyal supporter? I''m fairly sure if you cut my arm off there''d be a canary fly out of it.You have to bear in mind that not everyone wants to sit in a particularly trendy stand. I just like to have a good view of the game.Also, having spent several thousand pounds on the football club in the 8-9 years since I started going (aged 15), I feel entitled to this opinion.*Feeds the troll*
  7. My sister was friends with Iwan''s son at school and she got me a signed shirt from the team which got promoted to the premier league last time round!
  8. Just as long as he doesn''t sell Wesley seeing as I got his name printed on my new shirt -.-
  9. Indeed.It''s pretty bloody awful. As LDC said, I don''t have a bad computer, hell it''s brand new and my internet connection is pretty decent but it connects so slowly and navigating it is awful.
  10. To be honest, we didn''t lose a game where Lapping played in the league last season :)He looked pretty solid in all 3 games.
  11. He''s signed a new 3 year contract, so epic win guess I suppose!
  12. Goodbye Oli. Thanks for your efforts. I''ll always remember you for that brace at fortress Carra and in particular, ''that'' diving header.Best of luck in your career.
  13. [quote user="Shack Attack"]Can''t comment on the Burnley game as I wasn''t there but we have one of the lowest average percentages for possession in the Premier League. I doubt our gameplan changed all that much for Burnley so I wouldn''t be at all surprised to see us in the high forties or low fifties possession wise.[/quote]That''s the thing. We were in charge of the game and kept possession for long periods of play unlike our league performance this season.Aside from a brief spell for about 3 minutes at the very beginning of the first half, we never looked like getting beaten. I wasn''t sure about Ayala at first when we signed him, he got injured... the usual, but he looks an absolute bargain at under a million if that''s to be confirmed. If I had to make one small criticism of the team for that game, it would be that I thought Drury was a little exposed and did get beaten by balls over the top down our left side. I don''t know if we were playing too narrow and Surman wasn''t quite able to help out as much as normal, but that just seemed to stick in my mind.Don''t get me wrong, I thought we were awesome and WELL worth the win :)OTBC.
  14. Hey all.Just been on the bbc site to see what they had to say about the game on Saturday and in the stats at the bottom, it says we only had 49% of the possession. Surely this can''t be right. We didn''t let them have the ball for long periods in both halves and were very keen to just play keep ball.Was great to see how far we''ve come in just a few short months!OTBC.
  15. [quote user="Jarrold Lad "]Im not going to argue with a idiot. Be quiet your boring me now.[/quote]Is grammar taught at University now? Sorry, had to log in for that.
  16. One moment that stood out for me was Yaya Toure just running past the Swansea players like they weren''t there and getting a shot in. He was just too strong and fast.
  17. I was driving past the ground and up through Bracondale and there was a flash of light and all of a sudden the streetlights went out.That was what it hit then XD
  18. It appears that I win the prize for ''most views without a response''. Perhaps it was abandoned or something XD
  19. Any idea how the game is going tonight? Or even what the lineups were? Nothing on the pinkun/official Twitter from what I can see :(
  20. I''d be pleased if it is moved as I''m getting married on the 20th of August XD
  21. I phoned them yesterday to see if I could get a kit with Holt 9 on the back made up so I could pick it up on Saturday morning when I leave work, and the guy on the phone would NOT sell one to me as he said the sizes are different. I am aware of this, and a friend of mine who is pretty much the same size as me has one and I know the size I need. I tried to explain this, but he was having none of it. Just telling me to come down to the shop and try one on and not listening to me at all really narced me. I had to hang up in the end, he just wouldn''t listen.
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