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  1. Hi Canaries in bed - Yes I would definitely. A man with passion. That is so lacking in the current squad.
  2. He is extremely ordinary!!! What I don''t like about him is that he comes first. He wouldn''t sign for more than one year in case we didn''t get into at least the play-offs. Well wooppee do Mark - Bog off and find some other team where you can committ. COS THAT''S WHAT WE NEED  - B***Y COMMITMENT TO THE TEAM IN YELLE AND GREEN!!!!! Any others can bog off. That''s why we love Hucks.!!!  
  3. Hi there. Nice to see a genuine supporter posting. Thanks. Yes you could have nicked it, but a fair result overall. You looked really livey when we were down to 10 men, which is not always the case. I think you too should be near the middle or top half. All the best for the rest.
  4. The Canary Fan is just an Ipswich fan in disguise (Or a pig ignorant  person!) Poor Delia has thrown away 10 million, YES 10 MILLION pounds trying to help our beloved club, and some **** comes on line saying "Delia Out" BOG OFF and don''t come back
  5. Agree totally!]Blue Jam, Don''t worry about the scum that make those sort of comments on here. they probably are "THE SCUM". Much the same as Norwich supporters post dergatory comments on the Ipswich web sites. Cheer up. We are looking good
  6. Peter. We know you don''t want to pay silly money for majority shares in NCFC. But hopefully now the board can see WE NEED YOU!!!! Forget all the stupid people who post rubish on here (Some of them are Ipswich people strirring) You love Norwich, we love Norwich. Go for it OK? I am one of the many many middle of the road fans who will back you all the way. We are in need, you love the club, and the city. TIME TO GET IN THERE
  7. I am afraid Glen has become obsessed with his own importance. He has the contacts, and could be really good, but he wears blinkers. He no longer sees the players for what they are, he only plays his loanees and signings whenever he can. Loanees and his attitude will result in Darly, Jamie, Adam and Semmy all wanting to leave by the end of the season. We will be in a mess, the loanees will want out. Glen will get ousted and we start again. This time, me thinks a lot more people will not renew there season tickets, and we will become one of the rest with gated under 20k. I said it. Wait and see. I hope I am wrong
  8. I don''t know about the rest of you, but I feel our management can''t see the wood from the trees some times? Daryl Russell is a skillful trier who always gives 100% and will play any where. What does he get in return? A place on the bench! Now come on guys, Daryl is as good if not better than any didfielder in the squad. Give him a run and see the results. And why isn''t Luke given a chance? He is an attacking midfielder who has vision. We are desperately in need of vision to give the front men a few more options. PS I have been watching NCFC for over 50 years so I do know something.
  9. I agree. He thinks he deserves a place just because he was born in Norfolk. He does seem to have talent, but appears lazy to me (Rather like Hendo?) So good luck to him. I hope this is the kick up the a**e that he needs to get his ambition back on track
  10. Come on you guys. What do you think about the Jarvis lads? I personally think that although they may be as good as the loanees, they seemed to think they would get a run out for the first team no matter what? So it was good to make them think again. We need youngsters who are hungry, and I am not sure they are hungry enough. Ryan seems to ne content playing for Notts County, but I hope Rossi has dreams above that. So what do you think?
  11. Some people on here are so thick! The loanees are making the regulars sit up and take notice - no regular place. Glenn couldn''t get the right permanant people, and at the time the play offs were just a dream, Glenn must have been looking at next season? So then decide what happens re Hucks, and Taylor? And then with a mill or two, but the right players. And who knows? ..... maybe one or two loanees may want a permannant move? And ....... time to sus out Martin and Jarvis''s
  12. I agree totally. Jamie''s heart is in the right place. He really wants to be ggod for us, and maybe tries too hard? He will come good. Give him time. I think not signing a striker could pay dividendds in the long run. Go for it Jamie  
  13. Hi Chris, I can only hazard a guess really. I think he found it hard to acclimatise to the English game. When he got a chance, like all the players, he suffered with lack of confidence that was around NCFC at the time (It is beginning to lift - fingers crossed). I reckon that if given a decent run out for a few games, he would be really good, and I hope Glen agrees. However time will tell. Nice to converse with an Ipswich supporter. All the best
  14. Give the guy a chance. He has come into a team bottom of the league and apparently played out of place, and all we do is knock him. no wonder we are in the state we are in with some of you so called supporters!
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