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  1. It contains TV sport listings for the day and 7 stories: 1. Top (rugby) referee Barnes coming to Norfolk 2. Fleming brought in to help Walsham (rugby) 3. (Dwight) Yorke signs up for another season 4. Blades strengthen their back line 5. Linnets begin Conference season with a long haul 6. Roeder brings foreign pair to Colney on trial 7. Huckerby''s Toronto trip Unsurprisingly, none of these stories contain the above quote from Mr Cullum, indeed none of them even mention Mr Cullum. In fact the only mention of Mr Cullum I could find in the entire paper was in a letter from a gentleman in Taverham - who, needless to say, does not use the above quote.
  2. This is significant because the share price was raised on 18th October, and because the board''s denial that there could be any new investor was disingenuous if there had been contact with Cullum. My personal belief is that Cullum was talking about the Ipswich game - when we were 5 points from safety, and because he said "I went to see Norwich v Ipswich at Carrow Road last year. After 20 minutes Ipswich were 2-0 up, but 20,000 people started to lift the team. I felt very emotional. Norwich almost won the game. I thought ''what a tremendous support base''."Two questions we don''t know the answer to: when was the dinner with Clarke, and was Clarke acting on his own initiative, or were the board aware of what was going on?
  3. If this turns out to be the dreary "Canary Kitty" I''m cancelling my order for the EDP. I fear it might.
  4. If you simply make up a "fact" and insert it in a story thus:"About 3000 Canaries'' followers travelled to Leicester - the biggest away turnout since the team lost 6-0 at Fulham in May 2005 to seal relegation from the Premiership."http://www.pinkun.com/content/ncfc/story.aspx?brand=PINKUNOnline&category=Norwich&tBrand=PinkUnOnline&tCategory=Norwich&itemid=NOED18%20Feb%202008%2012%3A40%3A17%3A940I suggest you make up one that people at least have to check - every one of some 6,000 or so City fans that turned out at Chelsea just last season know that the above "fact" is bogus without having to check. And if that "fact" in your story is bogus, what guarantee is there that any of the other "facts" in it aren''t bogus too?
  5. Indeed - well done! And if only they''d been willing to spend as much on Taylor as they were on refurbishing 3-year old offices who knows where we might be now?
  6. Your colleague has stated that this will be a charitable trust. That is a real breakthrough. Can you explain what its charitable purpose will be?
  7. THe other reason "NU" and Barclays couldn''t put the squeeze on is that it would be horrendous from a pr pov if they shut down a football club (cf the opprobrium the Co-op aqre attracting). A mysterious businessman from the caribbean with links to the arms trade is not going to bother about that, is he?
  8. Well firstly by Championship standards they DO have a solid fan base. Secondly, the debt will be the chief attraction to him: he has acquired an asset nominally worth around £30 million for £6 million. If they go up then he is laughing, if they don''t it may be more interesting.  This is not a done deal yet is it? Sheepy and Morley have the shares to get it through - but if they are below half way when push comes to shove might the mysterious Mr Evans look at Coventry, or Southampton, or Cardiff?
  9. The thing is that 4 wins out of 5 doesn''t necessarily mean that the board have seen the error of their ways. All it means is that they made a good managerial appointment - the underlying problems may well still remain - the focus on property development and catering rather than football, the complacency and cronyism that have left us saddled with a huge debt, an expensive academy that has produced just one player of championship quality, the inability to get rid of failing employees - Foley, Worthington, Morgan, Doncaster.It will be interesting to see what happens with Taylor: if he wants to sign and the deal falls down on finances then I can''t see any reason why people should not be angered. Personaly I have no problem with the unpaid membrs of the board other than that I think they should change their focus.
  10. Judging by the TV replay it was a yard or so offside.How did the protests go on Saturday _ I didn''t see anything at all - did they decide to go to the Valley instead?And I see one of the knuckle-scrapers claims to be me! For the avoidance of any doubt there is only one King of Prussia posting on the Norwich City boards and it is me, and I disassociate myself entirely from the comments expressed by the other individual.
  11. Not necessarily. It really doesn''t matter what the league rules say, if Coventry don''t have the money then they can''t pay. Which I think was what went wrong at Boston United. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]When seeking to exit administration a Football League member club must comply with The Football League''s insolvency policy. The two fundamental requirements of that policy are: - · Clubs pay their ''football creditors'' in full; and · Clubs also obtain the consent of their other creditors to the continuation of the business, ordinarily by way of a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)   So we would get the Mckenzie money at some point. [/quote]
  12. The person that raised this from left field on the Wrath last week was me. I have nothing to do with the club hierarchy, but I am certainly seeking to throw this out as yet another example of Doncaster''s ineptitude.I can''t think that there can be any other company, finding itself in the chaos that NCFC is in, where the position of the Chief Executive would not be under serious consideration.
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