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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9jEq0cfHjw&ab_channel=KellyMark
  2. Would like to see us leave a couple of players on the half way line at corners.
  3. I'm subscribed to the fixture list calendar and the Man Utd game just appeared on there, scheduled for midnight on the 27th June at Carrow Road... Assuming thats supposed to be midday.
  4. Thankya sir! Have gotten so used to it coming out not sure what period it covers So we've already made two payments for next season. Be really interested to see what options we are presented with!
  5. Can anyone that also pays with direct debit clarify when the start/end date is.... For example.. do the instalments start from the first game of the season, therefore meaning that season isn't fully paid for until the start of the next season?
  6. Hey esagent, this is a remarkably kind offer, but I will politely decline, I hope you can find a fellow Palace fan who would want to watch the mighty Norwich for free, I will continue my quest and try and find one in the Norwich section!
  7. bump, haven't managed to find any yet..... Hoping someone on here can help.
  8. Hi all, Understand it's a long shot, but I'm in London all weekend so looking to buy one or two tickets to Palace game, if anyone is unable to attend or has any spare please let me know in the replies, I'm in Norwich so could collect, or would be able to meet anywhere in London on the day! Thanks
  9. Leitner's pass to Hernandez flagged for offside, he got the shot the shot away, which was saved, but had it gone in would that have been checked? The replay showed he was onside. And how about if the keeper had saved and it goes for a corner? I assume the offside decision would still stand and we are denied a legitimately earned corner? This is surely why the Linesman have to keep their flags down on tight decisions.
  10. Give this a try Diane.... https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom
  11. I''d like to have seen him bust a gut to make that header last night, I suppose that wouldn''t even be classed as an attempted tackle though, so hard to judge from stats alone.
  12. His contribution to Wolves'' second goal was there for all to see. He should have been making it difficult for them to head the ball back into the box, instead he just stood and watched Harrison Reed. His attempts to win the ball always seem very half hearted.
  13. We got drawn, then a red ball came out, which should mean we''re at home???
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