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  1. Working in Nigeria at the moment and whilst travelling through a small village i noticed for sale hanging up outside a "Fashion boutique" a City shirt! It was the white strip with Colemans on the front but i cant remember the season we last wore that. Anyone else seen City shirts in unexpected locations?  
  2. Hi mate, in working in Nigeria at the moment and the only way to view is via the official site im afraid.
  3. I had the misfortune to be sitting on one! The guy next to me complained as the seats were broken before the game started and nothing was done. I spent the whole match crouching not daring to sit down! Not a pleasant experience!
  4. You are of course taking the pi**? Hes an absolute joke!
  5. What is going on with this bloke? Looked good pre season and never been seen since???
  6. What a complete waste of space he is! Get rid for f**k sake Lambert
  7. Agree but where the f**k was Semmy for the 2nd and 3rd goals? Hes as shit as the Doc!
  8. Ok mate lets hope so! Are you at Hartlepool sat? Its like a home game eh? Im just up here on a contract for the last 4 years but get down for the league games as ive still got a season ticket. Speak soon!  
  9. Yes mate but im hoping for a good performance ive had plenty of stick lately! Where are you in the Boro?
  10. Hi mate, im in Sunderland so glad to find another exile up here!
  11. Well said MM agree with every word.I wonder what some of these people said when we signed Cody Mac? Another lower league cheapie eh?
  12. The same people who claim their rebate will be the ones who are moaning about how crap the signings are and freebies etc! I have been a SUPPORTER! for 40 years now and despite the fact that i am now working in Nigeria for 9 months of the year have bought a season ticket and will  NOT be claiming my rebate because in my opinion its not about Delia or Doncaster blah blah! Its about supporting your team. Supporting Norwich is about more bad times than good! Get used to it ! Call me a happy clapper or whatever because i dont give a F**k! If you dont like it i suggest you support Man Utd or whoever! Rant over!
  13. We are all banging on about not wanting Gunn as manager but surely these two must shoulder some responsibility for the disasterous end to the season? If Gunn has no experence as a manager these two have plenty of coching experience allegedly! Did anyone notice an improvement in our defending or anything else for that matter? I didnt. Its a shame that two ex players held in high esteem have got this crap on their cv now and have done the decent thing and f*cked off!!
  14. I hope its not true but having flown Crook halfway around the world and persuaded Butterworth to leave Hartlepool i cant see this inept board getting rid of them all ater 19 games even though their record is disgraceful!
  15. What a complete bunch of w*nkers each and every one of them! Im living in Sunderland now and if they get relegated believe me you wont see a player out on the piss for months they wouldnt dare! Shows a complete disregard for the whole club.
  16. In Sunderland working for the past 3 years and never missed a home game but being transferred to Nigeria from April 17th so it may be hard!
  17. Who would you suggest then Bernard? Wenger? Benitez? Maybe Scolari? FFS! Its people like you who just like to moan about everything this club does! Even premiership clubs make mistakes thats why managers are being sacked all the time.
  18. www.newsnow.co.uk/newsfeed/?nameNorwich+city
  19. Click on newsnow and then insert Norwich and then a link will appear for Norwich City.
  20. According to Newsnow web site Cardiff are preparing to bid £600.000 for Evans. Is he worth that and would we be interested at that price? Seems reasonable to me in the light of the fee we recieved for Joe Lewis. Thoughts?
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