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  1. Noticed the new ads in the local papers for season tickets and like the revised look and feel, more bold and block. TBH I think our branding has been too country homely with the italic font etc etc and wondered if we are moving away from the softer image. Interested to hear any views...
  2. 76 last year for play offs, 89 points secured automatic. Not counting chickens but nonetheless a good place right now. So 89/90 looks to be the target.
  3. Herberts been on the sherbet , black coffee and a lie down my man do you the power....
  4. Like it, any more Leeds trivia or stories? Sorry the thread was somewhat TIC given the volume of ''Leeds'' threads..
  5. The debate around this is interesting and polarising. Having grown up in the 70s/80s I witnessed the ''dark'' times and there were many around the issues.... On violence, especially where those innocent are caught up, there is no excuse, end of, BUT with that and terraces it created a big sense of ''belonging'' to area/city/county linked to your team which has eroded & been watered down since. The word is adrenaline associated not with violence itself but with the atmosphere & all that surrounds your city being vistied by certain teams shall we say with this multiplied when going away this cannot be denied and only those who were around this time can identify it was exciting. I remember standing on the West Ham terraces right next to their fans and similarly the same in the Barclay right next to Ipswich the atmosphere was a mix of excitment, menace/joy and walls of noise it just is not the same and that I miss.  Without doubt as a sport the issues have not gone away but been marginalised think CCTV, all-seaters, Skinner and Badiel!, more family/entertainment/sky I could go on. However yes there are ''firms'' but pre-dominantly these are a virtual parody of years gone. These are mostly old mates dressing in decent clobber for a few beers and a reminice, I know first hand. Is football better well yes as people are not being hurt or killed so theres the bigger picture. Is a day out at footy still exciting it can be but in a sanitized way. So many aspects of the ''old'' days I miss but there have but both benefits and losses....   
  6. Favourites for the job: Bob Carroll-Gees and Spit the Dog - Discipline issues Chris Tarrant - Ask the Audience The Krankees - Scottish Pedigree and ''youth'' Paul Daniels and the ''lovely'' Debbie Magee - Work magic! Puppet Man - Pulls strings Lower odds on Twins form the Market (one is Ips***), Boutros Boutros Ghali, Rob Jane and Freddie and Vince Hillaire 
  7. Well over 20k tickets sold according to club shop today when I bought my tickets and they are going fast for any of you wanting to get tickets. I wonder is this could be a NCFC record for a friendly match?  Perhaps all are going to see all the new signings ahem!!
  8. Cherokeeathekeg you are posting too infrequently I know the distance is long but bring on the Rain Dance starting with Coventry City. BTW when did you begin getting the ''Canary Vibes''? Apologies for my previous ''cheek'' in my misspellings of your greeting...I was ignorant but now I see the way Boo ah my friend and OTBC Regards DCHB    
  9. Boo Ha too from the British Constabulary - see we too can be trendy son. Lets hope Blackpool are softer than a stick of their rock tomorrow, once again I say Boo Hah...
  10. Plagarism is alive and kicking Steve this is word form word cut and paste from Evening News Website blog - you cheeky chap!!  Nonetheless the sentiment and base subject bears some considerable irony, does it (perhaps!) not?
  11. This is a really insightful and well thought out post and I applaud the points made BUT I think alot a supporters would feel somewhat less nervous with more of a mix of loan ratio/permanent and youth/proven championship. Glenn is looking at the bigger picture I firmly believe again BUT we are not out of the woods yet and blooding youth within this league has the element of gamble. I personally would have preferred a slightly different balance.
  12. No but consider again we are NOT clear of the relegation fight. Time will tell but I think we have maybe put all our eggs in a very young basket. Personally a mix of youth and proven experience at this level just may be more what we need right now?
  13. Correction Tom lets cheers on the players happily lent to us for mutual benefit (hopefully!!).
  14. Hi there Carrow Road fax machine here, sorry about that had a lunchtime ''power'' snooze but now back on line... What I tiring day, must get some more A4, me cogs are killing me! Anyway thought I''d report in, now off for tea (nuts again) but you never know I may be in action again later (who knows), its been a blast now I know how Father Christmas feels that 24/1 work ehthic. Anyway enjoy your day and remember its not over till its over, over, over 
  15. Yes he is worth approx.1m in todays market....especially when you see some of the other squit going for nuts prices!  We should have pulled our proverbial fingers out, bit the bullet circa 2/3 weeks and got him in for £875,000 - deal done, cover and competition solved, fans appeased (to a degree!). We have dithered, played brinkmanship and shot ourselves in the foot in doing so as Brum seemingly cannot get a replacement (despite this not mattering about 4 weeks ago) and other clubs have appraently come in which, hey presto, pushes the price up. Would we get him for cheaper/sure in the Summer - absolutely no guarantee there.. So in summary it looks like chance wasted gone for a player that wanted to come here and seemed to perfectly fit the bill in terms of an area where we have been for a long time wanting more options.  
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