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  1. Needed to be done IMHOIf something happened to Ruddy and he had to miss a large number of games I wouldnt feel comfortable having Rudd/Steer in goal against the likes of Man City, United etc with their limited match experience. Whilst age is irrelevant experience is and they''re paying the price for not being pushed out on loan for regular football at a younger age. Both are good goalkeeping talents and had we pushed them out on loans earlier in their career then they may well have filled the number 2 spot.This way Bunn can fill the bench, one of Rudd/Steer can go out on loan whilst the other is first choice keeper for the U21 games providing regular games and experience. Hopefully a win win for all parties.
  2. Every club needs players like Simon Lappin. If everyone in his situation did as you said and leave then we would most certainly have a very empty bench/reserve team, and when injuries occur to our "star" players you''d be replacing them with youngsters with no experience.For me the man is a role model to young players everywhere, he puts in 110% every time, rarely puts a foot wrong, fills any position asked to by the gaffer and despite being told to clear out he stuck around and earned his place within the squad. If any of the youngsters in our squad learn from his hard working attitude alone then he is worth the salary he is currently on.
  3. [quote user="Shyster"][quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]I hate saying it but Lambert has got his team selection completely wrong. How can you go to a side with so much pace and leave yourself so vulnerable on the break?[/quote] No, Lambert did not get the team selection, nor the formation wrong today - we were defeated through poor defending pure and simple - and that poor defending wasn''t caused through weaknesses in midfield on this occasion - Barnett and R. Martin have been looking pretty vulnerable for enough matches to warrant considerable concern.[/quote]Poor defending and in most instance poor attacking. I don''t know on how many occasions today we tried to play the ball up to the heads of Holt/Morison, but when we did it just came right back at us. No offence to either of the centre forwards but against Dunne and Collins this was never going to work, only when we aimed it out towards the wing backs did either win anything in the air (with the exception of Morison''s goal of course). It''s no mystery that when we looked to pass the ball around and work the space that we took Villa apart.
  4. FYI Sanders had said they would refund the money, however seeing that they charge the club and the club charge me for ticket and travel I have to go through certain channels to find out what''s going on.I don''t hold NCFC responsible in anyway but the only avenue I have to find a resolution is through them.If nothing comes of it then so be it but how many of you would be happy sitting on a coach for almost 15 hours just to see 45 minutes of football?
  5. heard anything from the club regarding getting a refund on the travel costs?Its been a few weeks now and I''ve still heard nothing, wouldn''t mind knowing if im gonna get some money back or not. Otherwise it was a rather long and expensive trip for 45 minutes of football lol
  6. Not sure if anyone else has seen this but was interesting to see where NCFC fit in the table when compared against everyone elsehttp://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/14367608.stm
  7.  Manager Glenn Roeder faced up defiantly to the growing anger of Norwich City supporters after last night''s FA Cup exit by insisting: “I will be the last man standing.”Hmmmm i wonder if he thinks that now...... i bet he wishes he had kept his mouth shut now!!
  8. It does make you wonder though considering that only a few months ago we weren''t in a position to negotiate with PC and the turners were on board. Now they have quit and suddenly there is the potential for PC to come back in for discussions. Were they the possible stumbling block and reason we couldnt get involved with PC when he made his offer.
  9. Anyone would think they''d never seen a street light before  [:D]
  10. Obviously house was a poor choice then but for those who can look beyond the physical example and understand the prinicple behind it all i was saying is delia bought into NCFC and invested her money and for PC to say i want control but im not prepared to pay you for it only to put up some money for players is i feel slightly unreasonable.
  11. Ok so say for example you brought a house and invested a vast sum of money on improving it and building it up. Then one day some one comes along and say to you ill take your house off your hands but i wont give you any money for it but i will instead invest more money into improving the house further. How many posters out there would take up such an offer? Now obviously its not the same situation but something similar, so how many people would honestly take such an offer?
  12. Agreed. Whilst i like everyone else would love to see new investment into the club to expect Delia to part with her shares for nothing after all she has invested is crazy. If PC was keen enough to take over NCFC then he would put up the money to buy Delias shares off her rather than expect her to part with her shares for nothing but a promise of investing 20 million in players.
  13. I''m currently a website designer and online marketing manager working for a company on the outskirts of norwich.
  14. “I am not a person who dwells in the past. The history is, for me, left up on the shelves and I just look to the future and the future for this club is that there will be heroes that are here now that stay here and there will be heroes that are not here yet but will start the season here. New heroes - and that''s what our supporters will want as well - fresh blood.” Am i the only person that managed to see this bit?
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