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  1. [quote user="National express super guard"]jas, mavis was a goddess, she was always chatty to me, but then again, my dad knew her thru working at the ground. and secondly, I''ve said before don''t become a steward at carrow road, the pay is poor, the hours are quite long, me old man started at 12 and finished at 6 (although he worked the old main door at city stand), and the main boss man Leon and his number 2 Andy are nasty pieces of work. You have been warned [/quote]   I dont like that leon person. My friend complained to him about the ipswich fans standing up doing whatever, and everyone in the snakepit were told to sit down or get out :/ I Hate stewards :@
  2. [quote user="Shazzakidd"]I don''t support Norwich anyway, my loyalties are to a certain Somerset based team, so cheering wouldn''t be a problem really (although I do like Norwich City, having been born and raised in Norwich). Are there any jobs that U18''s can take up at the club? [/quote] Under 18''s can work in the club shop, but there isnt anything there at the moment. I tried the other day.
  3. [quote user="scott"] Belive things when they actually happen not a moment sooner!   This site like many others thrives upon loads of rumours most of which are utter bo**ocks but sometimes they are true, but please don''t shoot the messenger even if its tiring at times!   If you don''t like rumours then don''t come on this site! [/quote] Agreed!
  4. [quote user="SnakepitTopBoy"] I failed my driving test today by one serious [:(] [/quote] Awwh you will get it soon (Y) I cant wait to start driving!! Next year i can start learning (Y) OTBC
  5.   ""Where do you sit in the Snakepit, SnakePitGirl? [:)] ""   Nope not me with the face paint. Row j (Y) Nearer the Barclay stand
  6. Happy birthday.. Meh should be ok. Im going (Y)
  7. Just seen a Audi TT, pulling out of Dunston Hall, with the number plate c9 nuf, and a newcastle badge on the back. Could be something?  
  8. lmao yeahhhh quality :S Im not a baby. Im new to this.. Im not an old 40yr old man posting on here til daylight about things that dont actually MATTER
  9. I wanna boycott the game.. But unfortunatly i cant. If we were relegated, we would remain there, and lose our players.. Huckerbys head would grow EVEN bigger, and i think protests are the only way forward. Sorry if this post is rubbish
  10. OMG! John hartson.. The person who scores all the goals. What did duffy see in him? He is the worst player ever! Lazy, and as someone said.. Pub Player. He needs to regain his fitness if he EVER wants to play professional football. Also.. The board cant consider duffy for the manager. Every club he has been at has been relegated. Great record :)
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