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    Cullum saga

    My take on the current situation is that Cullum will most probably be in position to put in a succesful bid by Christmas. He has been very shrewd in planting the seed publicly thus getting the great majority of city fans on his side and condeming Delia and the rest to becoming almost a ''lame duck'' board.

    If/when the current team begin the season with a struggle and obviously there is no sign of future improvement in january, the amount of abuse from the terrace directed at Delia will be intangible. Not at all good for her celebrity status at all. Plus another season struggling in the lower recesses of the Championship will have an adverse effect on the share price which will allow Cullum to be able to strike a deal at a lower price.

    I guess to sum up: I know that having seen the news earlier in the week of his potential investment, we are all undoubtedly very excited but i am a firm believer that patience is a virtue and I am posititve that we will have Cullum''s people at the helm eventually.



  2. Shannock Bob

    Euro 2008 - What are your bets?

    i had a £20.00 - 7 match accumulator on the first round of matches:

    Czech Rep to beat Switzerland

    Portugal to beat Turkey

    Croatia to beat Austria

    Germany to beat Poland

    Spain to beat Russia

    Sweden to beat Greece

    and the bloody French to beat Romania......

    damn surrender monkeys cost me £2500.00