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  1. Hasn''t been on since saying he saw Newell. Proves he was a binner after all![;)]http://www.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1057376/ShowPost.aspx
  2. FOR GODS SAKE ''norwich fan''(BINNER) If you''re going to post stuff like that, making up names of people who don''t even exist or probably saying the names of your SCHOOL friends, then get lost and don''t post again unless it''s a decent one[:@]
  3. Norwich Fan, before you start a new thread try to read other ones about who people want as manager. These sort of posts have been going on since the day PG left so FOR GOODNESS SAKE, STOP POSTING PATHETIC STUFF!!![:@]
  4. SO GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you''ve blatantly never seen a city game in your life so get lost from OUR site![:@]
  5. As you''re so good Norwich Fan, why dont you ask to get a game. Im sure you are AMAZING!!!!!!!
  6. This NORWICH FAN doesnt have a clue! IMO no one should listen to him because hes obviously a binner and just wants attention. Next he''ll be saying he saw Mourinho at Toys R Us looking for toys to keep people like Norwich Fan entertained so they dont post stupid posts on here![:@]
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