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  1. i would like paul jewell to get the job. just wanted to no who you think the new manager should be.
  2. ''''Nutter'''' m8. your tired. go back to bed. you might be in a better mood when you wake up. Sorry if im saying my opinion. you think we have a squad thats doing well and perfroming. your wrong. the championship table shows that. Its evident, which is why we are getting a new manager to try and sort things out
  3.                                                            Marshall        otsemebor                    Dublin                    Shackell          Lapin                 Croft                             Russell                                          Hucks                                                               Smith                                          Strihavka                   Cureton Croft and hucks running down the line Bring hartson on later second half
  4. Thank you ''wings''. Mike newell has been seen
  5. dont blame you. rubbish to watch. no football being played
  6. Norwich need money to buy some decent players
  7. Im city till i die. That ''red canary'' is not. he''s probably an ipswich fan himself.
  8. hi, im ''norwich fan''. ive got a season ticket in the snake pit. im just telling you what i saw against bristol on saturday. That ''red canary'' should listen to people than pass critical judement.
  9. Newell and neil doncaster seen talking together outside club shop at carrow road
  10. I Dont think iwan would be a great manager. Possibly a coach. Get Tom Andrews in for the job
  11. where has this club gone since we went down to the premiership. The evident position in the championship dosent lie. We have sold are best players and bought in players like simon lapin for 75,000 from st mirren. We basically hae a new squad and none of them seem to be perfrorming. there not good enough. How will we return to the prem with these players.
  12. Sorry m8. I cant help but laugh at your coment. Im norwich till i die. Secondly, newell wouldnt be my first choice either. Id like to see jewel come here. The reason we are in ths mess, all stems down to when worthy was in charge. Always negative. Has no sence of tactics in a game. Look what he''s done to northern Ireland. He''s a terrible manager.
  13. Saw Mike Newell at Carrow road against Bristol on saturay in the directors box. Shaking hands with michael wynn jones Is this our new manager???
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