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  1. Happy to stream the commentary via Justin if anyone wants to listen, although at 2 - 0 down, I think we just happy to be 3rd
  2. I''m listening to the Cardiff vs Pompey game. Expect 4/5 nil from this, especially now Pompey down to 10 men. Other thing is, Iwan simply appears to do the stats. Very different setup to Goreham/Adams. I prefer our commentary! I may be biased.
  3. Ah cool, not sure if it would have worked anyway!
  4. Hi guys, just wondering if anybody can provide me with a solution to my problem. as i live in Cambridgeshire, March to be precise, I cannot pick up Radio Norfolk to listen to the game through a radio. I try to listen online but it always comes back with this programme cannot be listened to through the internet. Just wondering if there is any way around this so as i can listen to the game. Would appreciate any reply. Div''s, check your Private messages, I have a plan.....
  5. If we have the rights for the game, you wonder if us and Watford could not have set up a pay per view thing, charge fans £10 to watch the game from home. Guaranteed money maker.
  6. [quote user="Sideshow Tim"]Doh, I fear you may be right. Radio Nohope it is then!! I may ring in for Canary Call as i''m not watching the game!!!![/quote] :O( Always worth a try but when you look at the other games they are showing ''live tonight'' you tend to see it''s a con..... Manchester United vs Chelsea , Shakhtar Donetsk vs Barcelona , Barnsley vs Queens Park Rangers , Derby County vs Leeds United , Doncaster Rovers vs Preston North End , Ipswich Town vs Middlesbrough , Leicester City vs Crystal Palace , Millwall vs Bristol City , Nottingham Forest vs Burnley , Portsmouth vs Coventry City , Scunthorpe United vs Reading , Sheffield United vs Cardiff City , Swansea City vs Hull City , Watford vs Norwich City , Brighton vs Dagenham and Redbridge , Leyton Orient vs Carlisle United , Rochdale vs Southampton , Walsall vs Brentford , Yeovil Town vs Notts County , Bury vs Burton Albion , Crawley Town vs Luton Town , Gateshead vs Eastbourne Borough , Histon vs Darlington , Mansfield Town vs Barrow , St Johnstone vs Celtic , Partick Thistle vs Falkirk , Colo Colo vs Deportivo Tachira , LDU Quito vs Godoy Cruz , Penarol vs Independiente , Monarcas Morelia vs Jaguares de Chiapas , Club Deportivo Cuenca vs Emelec , Deltras vs Semen Padang , Dinamo Bucharest vs Unirea Urziceni , SC Austria Lustenau vs First Vienna FC , FC Admira vs SV Grodig , TSV Hartberg vs WAC Sankt Andra , SKN Sankt Polten vs FC Lustenau , Gloria Bistrita vs FC Vaslui , Paraguay U17 vs Colombia U17 , Ecuador U17 vs Colombia U17 , Argentina U17 vs Brazil U17 , KT Sonicboom vs ET Land , Juventus vs Neptunas , Lietuvos Rytas vs Kaunas , Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi Daredevils , Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians , Atlant Mytischi vs Salavat Yulaev Ufa , TBV Lemgo vs THW Kiel , Chicago Bulls vs NY Knicks , Memphis Grizzlies vs Portland Trail Blazers , San Antonio Spurs vs LA Lakers , Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers , Baltimore Orioles vs NY Yankees , Philadelphia Phillies vs Washington Nationals , Milwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Pirates , Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox , Florida Marlins vs Atlanta Braves , Colorado Rockies vs NY Mets , Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros , Oakland Athletics vs Chicago White Sox , Kansas City Royals vs Minnesota Twins , St Louis Cardinals vs Arizona D-backs , Cleveland Indians vs LA Angels , Cincinnati Reds vs San Diego Padres , Toronto Blue Jays vs Seattle Mariners , LA Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants , Nagoya Grampus Eight vs Al-Ain , DEG Metro Stars vs Eisbaeren Berlin
  7. [quote user="Sideshow Tim"]No live streaming hey!!! http://www.oleole.com/blogs/sobujahmeds-blog/posts/watch-watford-vs-norwich-city-live-streaming-online-free-hdv-soccer-england-league-championship[/quote] Unfortunately that is not a stream, it''s a site which will eventually take you to a site which will claim to show every game on the planet, even a stream for Drayton vs Costessey Sunday over 65''s football. All you have to do is give them your bank details, only £29.99 a month or so. What a bargain........
  8. Friend at work had was round his for a barbecue on Saturday and apparently he wasn''t hopeful about playing tomorrow.
  9. "Captain Holt''s Derby Day Hat-Trick" - It''s on TV, who cares. Angry.
  10. lol thanks for the offer YB but I have now begun the ''Getting ready to watch sky on Norwich ritual'', or in other words, have a shower, get changed and make my merry way for my first pint of the day. :O)
  11. What''s everyone doing to pass the time whilst we await 5:20 and where is everyone watching the game this afternoon? (Yes, I''m bored)
  12. [quote user="morty"]Can I presume that thsi isn''t on Sky telly also?I have lost track of when our coming games are on and if they are on telly or not![/quote] Sat Apr 9 Swansea City (5.20pm) SKY A Tue Apr 12 Watford (7.45pm) A Fri Apr 15 Nottingham Forest (7.45pm) SKY H Thu Apr 21 Ipswich Town (7.45pm) A Mon Apr 25 Derby County H Mon May 2 Portsmouth (7.45pm) SKY A Sat May 7 Coventry City (12.45pm) H They are the Sky games but I would suspect naughty linkage will be available for some of the other games. Oo er.
  13. Incredibly gutting for him if he is out for the rest of the season but with the reinforcements that have been brought in, I don''t fear our results will suffer comparably. All about the club, come on city.
  14. Surely in this Tory day in age the tickets should be auctioned to the highest bidders?
  15. Ipswich Beam back will now be on a huge screen due to demand.
  16. Perhaps it''s just me but when I watch the FLS he makes me feel slightly sea-sick with his moving from side to side.
  17. Naughty Veetle link about which means good linkage! :)
  18. Forum index | Previous Thread | Next thread Norwich fans in the North Stand by TheVoiceOfReason on 13:47 - Apr 1 with 595 views First Reply Apologies if this has been debated. I know a few Norwich fans living locally that have secured tickets in the North Stand through some online purchasing system. Anyone know about this? Has it been debated? There was an Arsenal fan behind us in the North and that got pretty nasty after we scored. We might not be Millwall or Leeds but I''m pretty sure any Norwich fan identified / celebrating / even sitting quietly whilst in the North is going to be in a whole world of trouble. Bearing in mind I know of three separate ones that have managed it, two of which will sit quietly and say nothing and one of which will probably die that day as he will find it impossible to keep quiet if they score, the Police should be far more concerned by this. In the words of the Chief Kaiser. I predict a riot. 1274 forum posts 9 news comments 0 match reports 0 blogs 0 polls Add Reply
  19. Indeed Mr Bump, Saturday naughty stream search it will be......
  20. Nice to see what he can do and he certainly sounds as if he wants to prove something to Liverpool which can only be to our at advantage in the run in. Bring on Saturday!
  21. http://www.marca.com/2011/03/26/futbol/futbol_internacional/espanoles_mundo/1301126855.html Translated: Dani Pacheco (Pizarra, Malaga. January, 1991) is in the news. The young Liverpool player has been loaned out to Norwich FC until the end of May, a team currently playing in the English Championship and who are fighting for promotion to the Premier League. Pacheco looks very motivated and sees the move as a challenge. Right now he’s in Malaga but next Tuesday he will join his new club. He acknowledges that he’s “experienced some rough moments with the ‘reds’ and doesn’t want to go through them again”. Norwich have eight games left where he will have the opportunity to show whether he could one day become a top player. He''s not lacking in desire. What’s your take on the loan move from Liverpool to Norwich FC? - I’m happy. I needed it. I asked for it in the summer but it’s only now that I’ve been granted permission. There are eight games left to play for Norwich where I will be able to gain experience and play minutes, which is what I''ve been looking for. Norwich are a team that have a lot at stake because there are possibilities to win promotion to the Premier League. After playing the European Championship with Spain [last summer] I asked for some playing time but I haven''t gotten much of it at Liverpool. Now I''ll have a chance to prove my value. At Liverpool, have they told you whether you''re going to be a part of their plans for next season? - We’ll see. It’s too soon to talk about that. Liverpool still have to finish their PL games and once they’ve wrapped up the season, then we could get a better idea. We’ll talk after the season and after the U20 World Cup, where I''ve placed a lot of my hopes. I’ve experienced some rough moments and I don’t want to go through them again. I haven’t gotten a lot of chances and I don’t want to go through the same thing again. Have you already made any contacts with your new team? - I’ve spoken with the manager, the Scot Paul Lambert, and they’re going to facilitate everything for me at the club. I’ll be joining them on Tuesday and to be honest I’m very eager and looking forward. I want to regain the sensation of playing football. Norwich are very close to promotion to the PL but they still need a little push… - I’m going there with all the desire in the world. I’m an attacking player. I’ve been told that a few of their forward players are injured. I’ll arrive there with a lot of ambition. Do you see yourself in Liverpool next season? - You notice that all the Spanish influence has been leaving the reds. Changes have been made and you take notice. Liverpool have a philosophy and they’re hiring more English people again. I still have three years left in my contract. Do you feel ready to make the jump to a front-of-the-line club so to speak? - I have the confidence. I need to be given the opportunity and then I have to show I’m capable. I hope that I can be present at the U20 World Cup, it would mean a lot to me.
  22. Not the same but still worth revisiting every now and again.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thDSr-n5MZs&feature=related
  23. [quote user="CharlieFarlie"]Keep in touch with the club but I doubt that 4 tickets would be available due to the demand, I would say that you would get corporate hospitality tickets if you get in early they would cost a bit though. Failing that queuing at the buy back office from the early hours may get you four somewhere but I doubt together There may also be the option of booking two rooms in the holiday inn as ( someone correct me if I am wrong ) you can view the game from the windows but only two people per room! ? [/quote] Yep two per room, great view, no booze whilst watching but it''s nice to nip to the bar at half time where you don''t have to queue for ages and the beer doesn''t taste of warm urine.
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