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  1. Judderman, just join Capital Canaries facebook page here and people on there will be able to tell you no problems. http://www.facebook.com/CapitalCanaries
  2. http://twitter.com/#!/davidmcnally62/status/138660246833999872
  3. Couldn''t care less about International football, the fact we have no chance of winning anything is neither here nor there. OTBC, that''s what it''s about for me.
  4. [quote user="Col Canary"]WaasgornornNeyal.com[/quote] This.
  5. I predict we will lose 6 - 1, then we can all get back to the proper footy the following week.
  6. What is it with the beer at the club, why is so bad? Poor variety, warm, terrible unstable plastic cups. Jolly poor indeed.
  7. Hope it will defensively..... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/15639098.stm?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  8. this season and were ''safe'' as so to speak, I think this would be a dreadful thing to happen.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/15336398.stm Foreign owners ''want end to Premier League relegation'' Page last updated at 10:57 GMT, Monday, 17 October 2011 11:57 UK E-mail this to a friendPrintable version Nearly half of the Premier League''s clubs are foreign-owned Several foreign-owned Premier League clubs want to scrap relegation, according to League Managers Association (LMA) chief Richard Bevan. If more clubs are sold to foreigner investors, they may have enough votes to force through the change. But Bevan hopes that a government-led inquiry can help prevent the proposal. "We''re very keen that the report is successful in helping the Football Association introduce a licensing programme for clubs," he said. "Because there are a number of overseas-owned clubs already talking about bringing about the avoidance of promotion and relegation in the Premier League. "If we have four or five more new owners, that could happen." Nearly half of the Premier League''s 20 clubs are under foreign ownership, with rules stipulating that if changes are to be made to the format, 14 clubs must vote in favour of any new reforms. Blackburn joined the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea in this class when they were taken over by Indian-owned Venky''s Group last season. The claim by LMA chief executive Bevan comes a week after the government demanded changes to the way that football is run. Sports minister Hugh Robertson said that an FA-led licensing system would be brought in to safeguard against issues such as financial mismanagement, asset-stripping owners and tax avoidance. The government also asked for rules to manage club debts and an overhaul of the FA board. Last Wednesday, Liverpool''s managing director Ian Ayre also said the Premier League''s overseas television revenues should be skewed in favour of big clubs. More to follow.
  9. [quote user="ricardo"]Come clean Andy, you made all those Swansea comments up. Even the Welsh aren''t that one eyed.[/quote] lol nope Ricardo, apparently it''s a real fans view, stole it off Wrath.
  10. Swansea Opinions MICHEL VORM Little he could do about the three goals but won''t be happy that he has now conceded 12 in four games away from the Liberty. 6 ANGEL RANGEL Couldn''t get hold of Anthony Pilkington and it was the winger who came out on top in their personal battle down Swansea''s right flank. 5 ASHLEY WILLIAMS Swansea just didn''t look solid at the back and Williams was caught out of position on a number of occasions but he did produce some vital tackles. 6 GARRY MONK Outjumped in the air in the build up to two of Norwich''s goals as part of a Swansea back four who endured a very difficult afternoon. 5 NEIL TAYLOR The Wales international didn''t do enough to stop the flow of crosses from the right and with Norwich so strong in the air it hurt Swansea. 5 LEON BRITTON A mixed game for the midfielder on his return to the side. Broke up play well but guilty of giving the ball away cheaply when Swansea were in possession. 6 JOE ALLEN Swansea''s best player for the second game running. Some of his passing was outstanding but it was wasted as they failed to control the game. 7 WAYNE ROUTLEDGE Some nice touches in the first half but is yet to show the sort of attacking threat he is a capable of in a Swansea shirt. 6 NATHAN DYER A rare disppointing performance from the tricky winger as nothing he tried to do came off but he never stopped looking for the ball. 5 DANNY GRAHAM Starting to repay his club record transfer fee with a second goal in two games and his overall movement throughout the game was excellent. 7 SCOTT SINCLAIR A trademark surge down the left wing set up Graham''s goal but he didn''t see enough of the ball to make more of an impact on the game. 6 JOHN RUDDY Looks uncertain on positioning and kicking, hands and feet not co-ordinated,lucky not to concede.6 KYLE NAUGHTON Not the player his brother at Tottenham is. Ran up too many blind alleys and was confused at times.5 MARC TIERNEY Tipped as a Swansea signing last Summer, we can see why Brendan didn''t go for him now. Likes to go forward but all too often without the ball.4 RUSSELL MARTIN Scored and that was it-lucky header which he didn''t seem to mean as his celebration showed! 5 LEON BARNETT Given the run around all game by Scott Sinclair and will be chasing his shadow for weeks. Very poor. 3 ELLIOTT BENNETT Another player Swans were linked with in the Summer. Poor crossing and often drifts into areas where there is nobody else. Cross for goal was out of play. 6 DAVID FOX Hurry and scurry from the industrious midfielder, Norwich''s water carrier. Learnt a lesson today from Allen who bossed the midfield.5 BRADLEY JOHNSON A tad aggressive perhaps, he is Norwich''s enforcer-and thats about it. Miskicked pass to Pilkington for the third goal which had a suspicion of offside.5 ANTHONY PILKINGTON Nearly had another Man Utd moment with opening goal which so nearly cleared the stand. Fortunate with second as well. 6 WESLEY HOOLAHAN Shackled superbly by Rangel, barely had a kick. 4 STEVE MORISON Another big un'' who runs about a lot but offers little. Managed a few headers but all too often tripped over his own feet. 3. Wales Mail MOTM: GARRY MONK Opposition MOTM: JOHN RUDDY
  11. I was trying to find that this morning but it doesn''t appear to be available and as such, I''ve had to make do with downloading the entire game. It''s 55 minutes at the moment and we''re 2 - 1 up. Plenty of pressure this half, I will update you on any further goals.....
  12. I''m currently downloading the entire game and intend to watch it this evening with my roast for one.
  13. So glad the ''International'' week is over, now we can get back to the proper football. Let''s be honest, Enlgand are frankly a poor team. Norwich on the other hand are bloody awesome. OTBC!
  14. I really don''t care about the ''National'' team. Let''s face it, they are rather useless and you''re right; they couldn''t care less and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.
  15. Crazy really isn''t it. The ''international'' games should be played midweek so around the globe we can all get on with watching what matters. P.s, England really aren''t very good, why is everyone so surprised? We''re a very very small Island and a small country within in it.
  16. PM''d you SC, will pop the programee in the post on Wednesday. Cheers, Andy.
  17. Not got a ticket for the match (will be watching it at home on a legally allowed illegal to some legitimately legal illegal legal link) but happy to grab a copy as I live 3 minutes from the ground and send it to you. PM if you need a copy.
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