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  1. Hello there moderators, your abroad early this morning, i gather your as eager for kick-off  as i am!!!!'' Come on you Yellows ''otbc.
  2. Very sensibly i retired to my hovell straight after Match of the day, slept for 3 and half hours and got up, too excited to sleep.  Don''t know why but i have a really good feeling about today with glen the gem in charge.  It''s now 07.24, time for a shower and breakfast, find something else to waste away some time and then to the Coach and Horses for a few pint''s of singing juice at 11.00am.  Pre-derby buzz, your not wrong!!!!!COME ON CITY!!!!!!!![:D]
  3. I don''t think anyone really dislikes Suffolk as such biggleyellow just joining in the usual banter.  It''s not as if Ipswich fans don''t have take the michael out of Norfolk it it?  Personally i''m a great fan of Adnams Explorer, the bottled variety, Adnams is in Suffolk so i for one have no problem with the area!!  Cheer up mate, really don''''t think any malice is intended in people''s comments!! otbc.
  4. Everyone has different opinions, does''nt make anyone more or less a supporter of our football club than anyone else.  The only problem i have with Cluck/smudger is their tendancy to submit posts that  have  ''all knowing, your so naive'' undertones.  Reminds me of a patronising primary school teacher.  There''s no right or wrong, just opinion.  Surely a message board is a forum for open debate, not just for those who think they no better than everyone else.
  5. Simply copy and paste the following text, and fill in the blanks: I''m not usually one to post rumours, but I heard from an estate Agent who is a close friend of  the devil that someone will be appointed as the new Norwich manager and will be unveiled at a press conference on someday in the future. This comes from a reliable source who usually get these things right. Have fun!
  6. Personally i shall be going, i''ve paid for my season ticket and i want my moneys worth.  It''s not the fans fault were in this mess so why punish ourselves by not going.  Other''s will see it differently, that''s their choice, but i support the Football Club as a whole, not the players or the board, the Football Club.  Let''s go and show a united front in the face of the Ipswich fans and prove whatever might happen Norwich Fans don''t lie down and die.Otbc.
  7. You can now go onto the Radio Norfolk site and listen to it again under sports hour if you so wish.  Personally i always think it''s good for a laugh with such questions as '' Ws gorn on doown at cooolnie Nael''. Can''t beat a bit of Norfolk Yarn.
  8. To create some excitement?  I can think of a few less exciting things; Anglia''s ''closer to home'' for example, truly fascinating stuff.
  9. Be nice if we actually played a formation where we get crosses into the box then we might find out. (Please play Croft on the right!!!!). Anyway i would probably go with sponge just as i feel he has the most potential considering age (and fitness) when compared to Hartson and skill compared to Brown. All in all a good question and despite my musings i really havent a clue!! Hope that helps!!!otbc
  10. What on earth someones doing listening to TalkSport is beyond me fullstop.  Load of right-wing drivel.
  11. Living opposite the ground it takes me all of 3 minutes to get into the Barclay bar for a beer which is just as well with results as they are. 
  12. Just can''t understand those who wish our club to lose a game.  I don''t support the players or the board, i support NCFC in it''s entirety.  Ok, Jim Duffy isn''t the man i would wish to see at the helm, but irrrelavent of who''s in charge, i will sing my heartout as always.  If you wish to make some kind of statement then don''t turn up, you''ve paid your money that''s entirely your perogative.Personally i hope your in the minority who want Norwich to lose in some scheme to oust Jim Duffy, in fact i know you are.  During this period of change we need to support NCFC on the pitch and i have faith the vast, vast majority will.Come on city!!!!!!
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