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  1. Getting to the Premiership is far far better than being in it frankly! Financially we can''t compete. That''s just footy really.
  2. Not that I have anything against Butcher, but he certainly highlights how good Neal Adams was at the job.
  3. All the best with it and hope you raise plenty on the night.
  4. The Football Association suspended referee Brian Savill for seven weeks after he intervened to help out Wimpole 2000 when losing 18-1 in a Great Bromley Cup game away to Earls Colnes'' reserve team in 2001. "The ball came over from a corner, the Wimpole forward headed it and it came to me," Savill told BBC Radio Five Live. "I chested it down, or armed it down, and the ball bounced up and I just volleyed it into the net." He added: "I went roaring up the field, blowing the whistle and signalling a goal. There were about 20 or 30 people watching. Half were standing there in bewilderment and the other half were clapping and laughing. An Earls Colne player shook my hand and said, ''Well done!'' It was done in a good humour - Wimpole were getting thrashed." Wimpole eventually lost 20-2 and Savill, accusing the authorities of having "no sense of humour", resigned in protest at his suspension.
  5. At this current moment, very much needed, we''re running out of stickers.
  6. Surely just moor the boat along the river and walk it?
  7. Proud to be British but not of the Twunts who run it mind, not the idiots who can''t be arsed to walk 100 meters to their polling station and inadvertently elect said twunts. That said, the Olympics just doesn''t do anything for me, hope everyone has a good time but I prefer Sport.
  8. Everyone else has to tighten their belts, pay freezes, drop in standard of living etc etc yet footy players still want more and more. Has to stop at some point. It''s simply greed.
  9. [quote user="Yellowbeagle"]It''s always amazing how ''looking after my family'' arguments comes out to justify greedy footballers and this isnt a shot at Grant Holt they all wheel out that self justifying statement. How much money does one family need to live a comfortable life? But then i guess that private jet to get them to school on time safely wont buy itself.[/quote] Utterly agree.
  10. http://twitter.com/NorwichCityFC/status/210382236124581888/photo/1/large
  11. And there was me thinking if I hung out at the Morrison''s cafe, I might get to see some interviews happening. Oh well. :D
  12. http://www.talksport.co.uk/sports-news/football/premier-league/120603/exclusive-%E2%80%93-martin-new-manager-will-give-norwich-fresh-impetus-173564 Sorry can''t do a proper linky thingy.
  13. I thought this one was a blatant wind-up. Let''s just get rid of him now, his time is up..... Including a #Holty4Villa hashtag. Enjoy bringing your young family up in Birmingham Grant.
  14. All this feeling sorry for football players earning is just ludicrous.
  15. Football is business and ruthless, we all knew that in the way Lambert walked out on Colchester and the aggressive way McNally done the deal - that''s business. The key now is to maximise any compensation due to us.
  16. At the risk of being given a spanking, it''s on the internet, usual sites.
  17. http://www.talksport.co.uk/sports-news/football/euro-2012/england/120509/exclusive-drury-backs-norwich-duo-englands-euro-2012-squad-171704
  18. PR disaster frankly but I suppose it might help the new kit video go viral now!! on F365 Mediawatch "Mediawatch has always liked Delia Smith. But we are holding her personally responsible for the police (yes, the actual police) questioning a 17-year-old boy after he committed the heinous crime of publishing photos of the new Norwich kit that they had accidentally already published on their official website. Over to the BBC: ''A 17-year-old Norwich City fan has angered the club he supports by leaking pictures of its new kit 12 hours before the official launch. Norfolk Police were called in after IT student Chris Brown published images of the 2012-13 strip on the internet. Chris has apologised to the club, which said it would protect its intellectual property at all times. The teenager, from Norwich, managed to obtain the pictures from the Canaries'' website as it was being updated. He did not hack into the website, but was able to take the images from a section of the site that was being worked on.'' And they called the police. The actual police. Not some kind of pseudo football police but the ACTUAL POLICE. Delia''s How To Cheat At Cooking is going in the bin." McNasty is great, except when he''s a bit of an idiot, as i belive he was over Dion ''breaking'' the CMS deal on Late Night whatsit
  19. The highlights for me are the Subuteo players, loved that game and what Steven Fry is having for his dinner. Other than that, I''m not sure this one is going to go viral.
  20. Kings Arms on Hall road and the one round the corner (can''t remember the name), sister pub to the Kett''s has it on too.
  21. There''s only one Neil Adams, one Neil Adams, there''s only one Neil Adams..... etc etc.
  22. Good luck with finding a ticket @NYCANARIES and reading some of the responses, whilst we Norwich folk are blessed with some brilliant supporters, we haven''t half got a few bell ends too.
  23. Done Jim although one small problem with the survey is when none of the pre-populated answers are fitting, when you type in ''Other'', it still forces you to click another box.
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