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  1. Wizard. Why the delusion that the thousands of us who read this board are bothered about your waxing and waning? Imagine if every one of us saw fit to report our every change of mood under the delusion that anyone else would care.. it would be an even bigger cacophony of kak on here than it is already! It''s a message board, not bloody Twitter and you''re acting like a self appointed celebrity. I''m fairly sure no one cares what this weeks opinion from Lowestoft is. Oh and PS stop attaching ridiculous red faced furiocons to every single blinking thread you needlessly begin.Ta.

  2. When listening to any of his oratory on subjects close to his heart, no one would be in any doubt as to the benefits of having a ''mouthpiece'' such as Fry in their corner. He''s massively well researched and hugely balanced about most things. Can I direct anyone who''s interested to his speech on re-structuring at the BBC (on podcast). What he''s doing here is allocating a portion of his not inconsiderable energy to the development of the club philosophically, culturally and of course to its profile. Services like that don''t come cheap. This is a good thing. There really can''t be any other way of spinning it. To all those who believe that he will be a "Smith''ist" - consider the intelligent influence he can bring to bear on her too.He''s no flowery nancy boy who will balk at the robust attitude of footballing culture either. See all examples of him discussing the evolution of contemporary language and his notes on people complaining about swearing... He''s good value and I welcome him for sure. Good news.

  3. My twopenneth for what it''s worth: Had the initial email from the City fan avoided personal insults and raised the issues at hand with any dignity, Cowling''s response would have been unjust and ridiculous. As it was I think he just responded to an immature rant with another immature rant. If I were Cowling my response would have remained deliberate and dignified and that is his mistake. The Nazi jibe was immature and misguided and exposes him as a bit of a tool but that''s it really. As an addendum to this, it was naive in the extreme of Cowling to imagine that this response may not be made public. Ironically - if his responses to such antagonisms were more appropriate and professional he''d never have to worry about his emails being exposed. City''s official response is measured and humorous. To winge to the FA would I believe be daft.And that''s about it I reckon!

  4. [quote user="AndyCanary"]Thing is dearest Mortitious Lambert hasn''t really shown too much smarts in transfers.Mcnamee was good in my view, but he''s not a starter in League 1, so how will he fit in in the Championship?Russell Martin is widely believed to not be good enough for the Championship..Rose would be backup only but if Drury was to be out for any period of time we''d have issues..Elliott probably cost a fair old smack in fees and wages but has done very little..

    Credit can''t be given for losing dead wood like Cureton, Mcveigh etc... Soooo.... hmmm.In Lambert I trust? yes. Do I need a small pickmeup soon? yes please.[/quote]Certainly can''t argue with much of that (although I think RM will be a decent cover for right back next season at least). I will be pretty jittery come July if we don''t look like filling the big gap left by Doc (although if we can get Whitbread off the physio''s table it would be a significant start). We may yet keep Rusty (again - more a squad player next season surely?) and so on and so on...

  5. [quote user="AndyCanary"]I''m not suggesting any imminent disaster. But neither are any of the people on here. If they''re it''s a very small minority. Most the posts I''ve read are 70% sad to see Doc go, 20% happy and 10% other opinions.But you can''t just drop in with a cavalier attitude saying all will be ok, went recent history gives people every excuse to be concerned.[/quote]But I haven''t ''just dropped in''. And at no point did I say that everything was going to be ok. I just see no point in getting worked up in the negative before we see the whole picture.

  6. The consequences of that Andy were pretty dire - obviously. I''m not sure that''s the point I was making (and I think to be fair - you know that). The sum of my point was that it''s totally mental to start hyperventilating about our release / transfer strategies at this very early stage in proceedings. I find it hilarious that the mood on here can so quickly descend into paranoid ramblings of the exact same tone expressed during that period to which you refer. Why do we assume that players being released now will result in the same disaster that it did 2 seasons ago? One thing is certain - players get older, managers change and squads alter.

  7. Death, taxes and the impermanence of player squads. Every year the door starts revolving. Every year we release players. Every year some of those released have displayed a love for and dedication to our club. Every year phrases such as "DISGRACE" and "DISGUSTED" get flung about like the Carrow Road Two''s season tickets. Every year we are party only to the barest of facts relating to these comings and goings. Every year we see fit to pronounce hysterically on such departures despite the obvious possibility that decisions have been reached after consideration of complex factors such as wage budgets, players ambitions to move to pastures new, the managers intentions regarding squad shape, tactical arrangement, future acquisitions and so on.Players come. Players go. This is Lambert''s first closed season with Norwich City. What chance we can go a few weeks into it before we all start running about screaming blue murder like a bunch of paranoid cretins with their hair on fire? Calm down dear - it''s only the transfer window!

  8. This is exactly why the club don''t want people spilling on to the pitch every chance they get. In theory - no one really minds a good natured, spontaneous love in, but the club can''t be expected to just say ''hey anything goes''. They''re not covered for it... Insurance must get seriously blurry once the required policing and stewarding measures fail. As good natured as it generally is, there''s no legislating for giddy hoons who are probably three sheets to the wind or 12 year olds high on orange squash with an unhealthy respect for Danny Dyer. Not to mention the reaction of opposition fans... If anyone so much as clipped an oppo player round the ear or a player got injured by someone jumping on them (or even attacking them like at Luton), we''d be looking at points docked and hefty fines. I don''t feel the need for the CEO to start hauling out the "family club" mantra, but some common sense is in order. Pitch invasions used to be a reasonable indicator of euphoria in times of extreme relief or jubilation. They are increasing in number and are becoming less good natured. If I was running a club I''d be really worried about the implications. Apart from anything else, pre-planning them is so dull and embarrassing.

  9. Good stuff that. Fair play to the few away fans who hung out at the last game to watch the celebrations too (or were they just laughing at our pitch invasion?). Honorable mention to those at Charlton who stayed and applauded too! Should be quite a love in next week I''d have thought.