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    Half time...

    You don''t sit in the Jarrold then Andy? You need to send a written request if you want to move around there in less than 20 mins! Still - these football stadiums would be a lot more fun if it weren''t for all the bloody people using them wouldn''t they? I agree that the car park leavers who loiter in the gangways standing in the way during the last 10 mins are annoying. But a pie and a pee at half time is virtually impossible. Be happy that some choose to spread the load at the lav by ducking out before you.But for me the cardinal sin is the guy who gets you to stand so he can leave, then literally stands infront of you (doing that apologetic bobbing thing) because we have the ball up the oppo''s end and he might see it before he clears off. If you leaving then BUGGER OFF! Don''t stand in my way!
  2. Romantic

    Early Season Predictions

    [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="Romantic"]At least Lawrenson''s consistent. If I "added" every declaimation by First Wizard "to my signatures!" as he so egotistically requested above - I''d have a very very long signature would I not?

    [/quote]Isn''t envy ugly?[:D][;)][/quote]You know it''s not envy old boy. I just don''t feel the need to declaim my every hunch as soothsaying. But if you want one I''ll try to dig up my posts [won''t really - I can''t be arrised] about the difference between Holt and Lee pre-season and how we had a goal machine with amazing attitude on our books but that I was concerned about shape and supply letting him down.... I''ve been right about him since before he was born... so ner!
  3. Romantic

    Trouble after game

    [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]

    May i just add that a sickening lot of Norwich fans were singing "Galatasaray". Now many so called Leeds fans were well below the belt yesterday but singing such songs makes us just as bad. Far to many double standards on here today.

    [/quote]I don''t see eye to eye with you often Whittle but reports of that really p*ssed me off yesterday! I hate that stuff. Certainly up for banter but chanting Galatasaray at Leeds fans is so far out of order.As regards the rest of this thread - I get the feeling that a number of people posting indignantly on here are actually enjoying it a bit sadly.
  4. Romantic

    Early Season Predictions

    At least Lawrenson''s consistent. If I "added" every declaimation by First Wizard "to my signatures!" as he so egotistically requested above - I''d have a very very long signature would I not?Nice to see MOTD''s gay icon number 2 taking a long bloated look at a very very humble pie though. ''Oooh Gary - pass the Actimel''.
  5. Romantic

    fans today?

    With you on the Galatasaray thing Lassy.
  6. Romantic

    Unofficial Match Thread!

    Fair play to you Essex White.
  7. Romantic

    Unofficial Match Thread!

    Kandol another scummy sub doing a Leeds. Hilarious! What an absolute mug!
  8. Romantic

    Unofficial Match Thread!

    Getttt Innnnn!!!!! Management impact! Sub sets up sub!
  9. You are gentlemen and scholars. Here''s to ya!
  10. Romantic

    Which would you prefer....

    We''d always have today.Wembley
  11. [quote user="ellis206"]Thank you so much guys, owe you big time, its currently got the Palace game on there, what time will the link work for Norwich? Anyone else need the link? i''ll forward it on to youthanks again guys, made my day![/quote]Yes please ellis.
  12. Romantic

    Block N,,,, good news

    Good stuff Lucky! Good to hear your back in fine fettle. Deep breaths today! Don''t overdo it - it''s going to be a tense one. Have a good day mate.
  13. Check out the ''posturing Pink''un journos post which is floating near this one somewhere. There''s similar stuff on there about how we can be as vocal and strident as we like but the players had better be right on it tomorrow... Leeds certainly will be!
  14. Romantic

    Bates - We can't lose

    [quote user="EssexWhite"]

    read the article, not just the misquoted title [8-)]

    he is just saying he can''t contemplate losing, because that would put us in further danger. I don''t see the problem

    [/quote]There''s no ''problem'' Essex, we just think he''s even more of a gobby, useless, dribbling old tool than you lot do.
  15. Romantic


    Bit harsh! N*b yes but he wasn''t sh*t.
  16. Romantic

    Bates - We can't lose

    It''s hot air! Yes hes a pr*ck but what''s he supposed to say? "I''ve had all the players wives and kids taken to a secure location where they will be systematically erased during the game if they fail to perform" ??
  17. Romantic

    Lambert says NO.

    [quote user="First Wizard"]

    [quote user="morty"]Lol Wiz, you are possibly the biggest culprit for starting panic threads!!![/quote]

    What Moi?[;)]

    [/quote]If the comedy beret and string of onions fit mon amie !
  18. Romantic

    Lambert says NO.

    [quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="Graham Humphrey"]

    [quote user="Adam NCFC"]Skysports have just said Lambert came out and has said he doesn''t want the Celtic job [:D][/quote]

    But now you''ve just spoiled everyone''s fun.  HOW COULD YOU!


    He''s got money to spend in the summer here (Forster) and an extended 2 year contract, with a £1mil bonus if he gets us in the premier league,

    [/quote]Where are you getting hard numbers like that from pete?
  19. Romantic

    Celtic Message Boards.

    [quote user="First Wizard"]

    Peter Grants name is mentioned more than Lamberts!

    Anyways, 32 pages on this thread about a new manager, if you can be bothered:


    [/quote]Nope. Definitely can''t be bothered.
  20. Romantic

    Saturday's ref is LEE PROBERT

    But Probert hates us!
  21. I agree it could go either way Evil Monkey, they certainly looked like they''d rather be scraping food fat off the sewer system than standing on the pitch the other night against Millwall. Pressure ate them up then for sure! I''m just not a chicken counter - never have been. Footy''s far to fickle a mistress to feel comfortable just yet. So I''m of the opinion we should keep our powder dry.
  22. I go to / watch less games as I virtually live at work. Being self employed I''m one of those guys who could easily justify time off like everyone else but feels guilty when my hand''s not on the tiller as it were.
  23. Romantic

    Leeds season ticket

    Good God woman! I''ve just noticed your post count and joining date!!! what do you do for a living? Are you manning a retired nuclear facility in Siberia or something?
  24. It''s big alright! It would be big whether we declared ourselves certain victors or not!