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    forest fans :@:@:@

    Don''t let some random tools stop you traveling to Forest in future mate, they''d love to know they''d put you off.

    My memory of the city ground is quite amusing... Our poor attempt at hitting a barn door a good few boxing days ago - a "we got one shot on target" chant drifting around the away end as we scuffed one at the goal 2 - 0 down in the 93rd minute. Freezing cold and one hapless steward had obviously been given a hat by his Mum for Christmas. Very stylish furry thing with ear flaps and tartan lining. Evoking memories of Jason Lee, we launched into "He''s got a dead squirrel on his head". Fair play to the fella, he took it in good spirits, gave a little wave and even stopped telling us to sit down. Cheered me up no end , which was nice as the performance was awful (away days like that aren''t restricted to this season I guess). Anyone else remember our furry headed Notts chum??

    Re - clubs from the midlands being more tetchy than others, is that really true? Yeah there was a fair bit of gloating while we waited for the coaches back to the car park after the Millenium Stadium shoot out. Norwich humour won the day again though with shouts of go home followed by some genius pointing out that the guy was from Brum - why would he want to go home?

    I think we have to be careful not to apply Daily Mail statistics to our discussion about isolated incidents on a Saturday anywhere in the country. Sympathies to our chum who took one round the chops though, no one deserves that, it''s horrible and I can''t say I blame you for being put off.
  2. Romantic


    It''s confusing as hell. What we don''t have though is decent access to training. Isn''t it possible that despite his apparent abilities he''s failing to adjust to structures, tactics, requirements etc''?
  3. You''re quite the noisy boy aren''t you?
  4. Give your Dad''s poota back before you get jam on the keys.
  5. I have to say - this is getting really silly and disappointing. Firstly - are posters sure that their threads are motivated by anything other than mischief, ego or boredom?

    My next question - why so black and white. What''s the point in aggressively polarizing every response? For example - Wiz - I fail to understand why you constantly refer to ''sitting on the fence''? Surely the fact that rational, considered people with no direct personal impact on NCFC policy should want to take an open minded approach is sensible? To swing aggressively from pole to pole based on some internal ego driven barometer bores the rest of us to death! And if the final logical step is to ''suggest'' that anything other than a positive result would do anything other than hinder our progress, then it''s ludicrous in the extreme. I think you probably know that this is true if you just centre your brain for 5 minutes? Which makes the raising of the question fruitless surely?

    Calm down for goodness sake, concentrate on what you CAN affect - such as the atmosphere in the ground on match days.

  6. Romantic

    my thoughts on glen roeder.

    As you can see I''m more a reader than a poster. I''m afraid that this type of dialogue is precisely why. I log on daily as I know that I can pick up rational tit bits of information not debated at length by the mainstream press. It''s thanks to the likes of Jas and City Angel that I log on at all.

    Singing Canary; in response to your post - I''m afraid that despite the repeated use of the word ''fact'', you''ve contributed nothing new to ongoing rhetoric. Alot of what you say is lazily researched or knee jerk - the rest plain obvious. It''s not just you - in fact you''re in the majority, so there''s no need to take this personally. If posters like your self took the time to consider whether their contribution is necessary or useful as opposed to frustrated , impotent and defensive we''d all waste a lot less time wading through the sludge to discuss / discover more about our beloved club

    Cross fingers we can put something together for Saturday. It would be great to grab some results as conjecture about the apparent need to out another team boss can only be destructive at this stage.

    All the best. R
  7. Romantic

    The Board and Roeder are now Hexed!

    Really REALLY tedious! Really boring!
  8. Romantic

    19th Place???

    You''re right WeAreYellows, but Smudge is loving this which affects the way people assess his motives etc''.

  9. Kick It Off:"only bright spots so far are Croft and Lupoli and even Arturo seems to be struggling at the moment. Very disappointed with dejan tonight, he really let everyone, inc himself down tonight. I really feel for Marshall - it must be hard for him to try and keep it together when players in front of him just don''t seem to care."

    Agreed KIO, although a tad harsh on Lupo - he needs to see more action before we slate him I feel?
  10. [quote user="Carrow Roeder"]I think more than anything... the players are letting David Marshall down more than us fans... 5 penalties in 9 games and he managed to saved the Barnsley one... our defense need to start taking the responsibility themselves and stop relying on our extremely talented keeper :([/quote]

    Couldn''t agree more Carrow. Some Donkey of the Day ears need to be worn at training tomorrow. He picked up man of the match which says it all does it not?