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  1. Romantic

    utter rubbish

    I ''m sure you''re just trolling but just to put your comments into context. "7 or 8" "muppets" couldnt start in a bottom league 2 side... Well let''s have a look at the players in the bottom 8 by my ratings last night...Elliot (bit of a passenger so far I''ll grant you but I wouldn''t hand his goals back any time soon)R MartinSmithRustyC MartinNelsonDruryForster.They got us where we are. End of.
  2. Do you really expect us to see Wes again in the near future Morty? I''m not sure I do. Doesn''t sound good.
  3. Romantic

    utter rubbish

    Not sure I see what you mean? You seem to be the one having a flid!
  4. Neither do I Morty but a denser midfield than last night and some ball retention would be a massive improvement. I''d like to see us value the ball and play patient footy. And unlike some mugs on here I believe we have a squad of players capable of it. With respect to a solid Charlton and our luck there of late - an improved performance and a point would make my day. Now I await a volley of accusations of bottling it...
  5. Romantic

    Feel so sorry for the fans

    You love it when we lose don''t you Whittle. It doesn''t take you long to become separatist and divisive does it?
  6. Romantic

    utter rubbish

    They''re the same ''muppets'' who put us there you utter clown! You have to be 12 or under to talk such kak am I wrong? Have a think about what you''re actually writing before you press the post button.
  7. So the team were pissed! that explains a lot. Woeful lack of ale at Orient last night. I wish i''d known that before I trundled through the turnstiles.
  8. Romantic

    Will the sun rise tomorrow?

    Don''t worry Angel. I''d be very surprised if the team feel in any way under supported at the moment to be honest. There was a smattering of boos last night but nothing much more than frustration. Any minor in fighting on here is nothing compared to the bad old days.
  9. Romantic

    Player ratings V Orient

    Forster  : 6.  Mighty reflexes stopped it being an embarrassment but terrible distribution in a game where some posession was fundamental.R Martin : 5. Agree with you.Doc : 7. I think the hoofs were because of the huge gap created by the tactics in mid field. He was more solid than most and kept his head. Adapted well when moved up front.Nelson : 6. First to most but had a Devon''s Loch moment for their 2nd. Did he hear a shout or something? Defenders should never ever duck under a cross like that. NEVER!Drury : 2nd to too many 50/50s, head down nervous defending and jittery control. As an experienced player he could and should have put his foot on it and played it about more.Smith : 5. Not his best. Didn''t react well to the pressure. When he was invited into the game by decent distribution he did have a go but...Rusty : 5. Again - I expect more from our more experienced players. Gave it away over and over again.Lappin : 6. Looked like he''s been told to hold the diamond so seemed hamstrung getting forward on occasion. Was one of the few not to let his shoulders drop. Some good balls in but overshadowed by McNamee.Oli : 6. Gave it away time and time again. We really needed him to get his foot on it last night. On the one occasion that he did - we built a lovely move.C Martin : 6. Needed another strategy other than the hoofball served to him. Decent movement off the ball.Elliot: 2. I''m not kidding. It may have been the hoofball that did for him but he didn''t exist. What little opportunities he had - he scuffed. 5 in midfield - one in the hole and CM up front would (in hindsight) have been much better.McNamee : 7. Looked bright and asked questions of a lively Orient defence. Should have had longer.Hughes: 6. Didn''t have long enough not to look good especially relative to what had gone before. Had he hit his volley eny less cleanly it would have gone either side of a very relieved keeper.Cody : - . Not enough footy to score points.
  10. Romantic

    Will the sun rise tomorrow?

    For the life of me B I can''t understand the immediate vitriol against individual players on here this morning. It was certainly depressing last night but from what I was watching it was nervous football made much worse by a rare tactical error from PL. We are capable of playing football with the squad we took to Orient last night. The only thing that concerns me is the same thing that has always concerned me. we weren''t in a position to be smug a week or two ago as a run of results such as we''ve picked up was always a possibility. It''s not paranoia - it''s football. If we want this we''ll have to go out and win it. I still think we can and I still think we will. And most importantly it will be those players who put us here in the first place who finish the job. But it was never going to be a walk over.
  11. Romantic

    How different would...

    But we really are behind the team. Take away silly over reactions and finger pointing, last night really was shambolic. But the fans were quick to applaud any glimmer of sense dished out on the field. At one point a sensible back pass by Drury was greeted with a cheer, such was our desire to see them put their foot on the ball and play footy. At the end of the day - titles don''t come easily, some of us were pointing that out on here and being called paranoid. If we go up (as champions or not) it will still be because we grafted and stayed calm and got some results when it realy mattered. Cometh the hour and all that.Good isn''t it?
  12. Romantic

    Feel so sorry for the fans

    They do have passion RtN, don''t start all that. It was their nerves that were evident above all else for me last night. People who don''t care don''t get nervous. Did you see the body language afterwards - they looked like their world had fallen apart.
  13. Romantic

    How different would...

    Did you go Andy? It really was a crappy performance. Honestly - had either of those gone in we''d have been very lucky indeed (Mac''s was a cross for a start). Orient were first to everything and outstripped us off the ball too. The truth is we played with nerves and were tactically stretched. It was like Brentford away after the 1-7 at the start of the season.You''re right we''d all feel better if either had gone in, but Orient were value for their win. Lambert really earns his wages now I tells you!
  14. Romantic

    Paul's comments

    It was the worst I''ve seen since Brentford away. But i''m sure there were rollockings in private. Did you notice that he booted them out of the change rooms early for the second half?At the end of the day we played head tennis for 90 minutes last night. Formation and confidence all over the shop. Improvements needed urgently and Lambert can at least give them a chance by not playing the diamond at Charlton.
  15. no it''s just dadadadadadadadada dadadadadadadadada dadadadadadadadad dadadadada (PAUSE) DARREL RUSSEL..
  16. That is my single most favorite chant Pete. I struggle to do it as it still makes me laugh every time.
  17. Romantic

    The Championship

    I''m missing it a lot less than I thought in all honesty. I''ve had fun this year. If anything I haven''t missed the type of desperation that the Championship''s proximity to "the promised land" induces. In other words - it''s nice to be involved in football instead of praying for financial salvation or worrying about the board room / the loanees / the manager etc''
  18. It''s the sort of thick plentiful face fuzz you get on swarthy Greek chaps. But I''m sure you''re as smooth as Dion''s head.
  19. Romantic

    We always avoid the talking point!

    Lose 8 - 1? Hire Roy Keane? Sell to a Korean Billionaire?Better we go under the radar Nana. They''ll have to give us some air time soon enough.
  20. Full Grecian beard for you then Brendo?
  21. [quote user="Brendo "]I''m going. [:)]3 of us are going on the train, which is my first away game on the train, and only the second not on cabbage. The other one being Cardiff last year in the car.I can''t wait either. [:D]Just hope I can get away with my under 14 ticket on the tube. [:$][/quote]Use the auto ticket machines at the station Brendo. You need never expose your bum fluff to a single suspicious human throughout your entire visit.
  22. Romantic


    Yep. It had some inevitability to it too. But he''s the captain and a vocal / passionate one at that. It''s in his DNA and I for one wouldn''t change much about him.
  23. Romantic

    Where would you rather be?

    [quote user="Buckethead"][quote user="spencer 1970"]

    I can''t seem to face up to the facts, I''m tense and nervous and I can''t relax. I can''t sleep cause my bed''s on fire, don''t touch me I''m a real live wire.

    very good. Didnt leave my turntable/Cd player/i-Pod...ever.


    [/quote]Qu''est-ce que c''est ?

    [/quote]Psycho Killer. Nest pas! fafafafafafafafafafa.
  24. I''ll be there. I was hoping to spend the night with a radio nervously pinned to my ear for other results but that will now have to wait... Still really up for it though. An away game with a bouncy atmosphere is what our inevitably nervy players need.