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  1. are we destined????   i tell you wot, this could be magical
  3. Baldyboy - your attidude to this is pathetic. Sing Your Heart Out for the Lads!!! It amazes me how some fans feel unable to get up, sing, shout and generally get behind the team in the fear of some codger behind them having a heart attack because they cant see the game. As far as i''m concerned the noiser the atmosphere, the more chance of spurring the players onto what eveyone wants :- a win!.  Middle class wannabe''s sitting in the N&P would be better suited down at Portaloo Road in what is even more of a libary. They are the first to get on the backs of the players, moan, grumble and show no enthuasim or upbeat attitude to the team that they claim to support. It''s a disgrace. Without the Barclay or the Snakepit there would be to atmosphere at Carrow Road , which is sad in all honesty, and suggests that many of these ''fans'' would be better of at home listening to Radio Norfolk. This is coming from someone who has been a season ticket holder for 14 years and has been to 70% of away games on average each season. On The Ball City!  
  4. 1 tony martin , theres only 1 tony martin   tony martin legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. PASSION , BELIEF & WINNING ATTITUDE 3 top, top qualities required to succeed, this really could be the turnaround. Bring on Stoke!!!   WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!   NCFC
  6. could well be but surely he wouldn''t fancy it here? If it is him then would be fantastic loan
  7. one carrow roeder theres only 1 carrow roeder 1 carrow roeder theres only 1 carrow roader   GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND AND GET BEHIND ROEDER AND THE TEAM. WE WIILL BEAT THE SCUM
  8. i will climb up the hotel and hang myself off the jarrold stand.   is this really happening?
  9. will spell the end of the club. if he is appointment, league 1 is a certainty, we are doomed
  10. Please , please get this appointment right. Another managerial mistake could spell the beginning of the end for our club. I still think there has to be something in the Paul Jewell rumours - not ruled himself out, bookies favourite etc???? Also, good to see Chris Brown off the mark, very well taken goal, hopefully will give him confidence to go on and add to it.
  11. Fair play in that crook has proven himself overseas, but again, he''s unproven at this level, no English mangerial experience and ultimately would just be another ''Grant'' type of appointment. The board should go all out to get Paul Jewell, he is exactly the big name, proven type of individual we need. The board cannot afford to get it wrong again, as the club could well be finished. For me, Paul Jewell has to be the man for Norwich.
  12. In all fairness, Peter Grant was always honest and doen his best for the cause, you could tell had had passion in abundance and gave it 100%, but just wasn''t enough. Glad the decision has come now, instead of dwelling on it and deepening the situation. Vital we get the right man in now, someone with experince who knows the game - paul Jewell, warnock or venebales would be the ideal choice.] Fair play to Grant, hope he goes on to do well ;)
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