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  1. Ah that old weak sauce. Not got a valid argument so have to go back to grammar or typos. Hit Alt+F4 mate.
  2. Probs because, really who has ever got laid by saying "Its time" its always just been the worst application of the phrase
  3. Either your trolling or dumb as a rock.
  4. Blame your boy Dean Smith then.
  5. Its like anything really, at some point your heros move on. I think the writing is on the wall for Pukki, in some ways I would rather he went now and give Idah and Sarge the oppertunity than bang us a few goals then foxtrot oscar wasting that development time. No of course i dont want him to leave before i get mis quoted by Hoggy or Birdie or some other half wit. But perhaps to quote Eat Pray Love... " Its time..."
  6. Drummer would get beat to death with flat caps and thermos in the Library.
  7. LOL w.e Been going for 20 years and the atmosphere was at its peek probably around the Paul Lambert period. Way better than with that tin pot tub thumping. We totally disagree (as uaual) leave it at that pal
  8. Odd , must be one of those semi programed moves. Like certain players in FM always go to certain clubs
  9. Don't play in the prem so wouldn't effect me. On my current save Norwich did however sign that Brazilian lad from arsenal as we have which made me raise an eyebrow
  10. That's the point it doesn't improve the atmosphere imho. To quote Mr Partridge "That's just noise"
  11. Oh god city elite beer drinking yoot club shandy at half time. I feel there is a pocket of the fan base going mental loving the drum down on the lower barcley with most others just rolling thier eyes. Biggest issue is that it's false atmosphere for me. The drum bangs and the elite sing a song that no one else can get behind or wants to get behind (ironically becoming elitist) it's half **** and you can't even hear what they are singing half the time as it sounds more like "beh beh beh beh" clap clap clap. Hate it think it's tin pot and feel it will burn out in time.
  12. Yeh fantastic post op. Totally feel the same, I hate the prem
  13. McClean was a colossus last night the way he was dropping in as a centre back at times. Master class in the anchorman role from him last night. (Even if he did ball watch once then scream at Hanley to pick it up despite being the closest man in a yellow shirt to the ball ) Idah is similar he was so strong last night and caused a lot of issues. Problem with half our fans is the distinct non understanding of football.
  14. Yeh solid ref for a change, although it was nice to see Hull players not rolling around. Probably helped that they were chasing the game but no bs. Last night was refreshing in every way
  15. Turn the tide at home today, brace for the sarge. 2-0 Norwich
  16. Find a local company / butcher / whatever to supply pies and food pre game. Considering we have a celeb chef with her name on the seal the in stadium food it's an abomination. Last week I got a chicken burger what only can be described as :. 2 chicken nuggets in a bap with a teenage boys accident and a full leaf of Mr tibbles the rabbits breakfast. This is supposed to be supplied by a super cooks company. Gordon Ramsey would have a melt down
  17. This is verging on obsessive / stalking. Let the lad get on with his life
  18. Ive renewed, just hoping they ban under 30s so I can take my afternoon nap in peace.
  19. Yeh Wagner out. He won the first two, got found out by top of the table and a team in a purple patch of form. Bring back Alex Neil. Seriously some of your morons need to get your head out of your arses because if your as dumb as your opinions and posts suggest you really do need help
  20. Wah wah wah wah. Christ alive, some pants wetting going on here. You guys should have all pants wet this time last year when we could have turned on Smith to get him out. Damage done squad morale in the toilet and contracts being worn down. What did you all expect?????
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