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  1. How hilariously true and sad that statement is! Maybe someone ought to get the ol history book out and point out that we are a Premier League OG. Although so are Leeds and Ipswich so maybe they have a point.
  2. I dunno that game was at least entertaining and Gunny lasted all but 14 minutes rather than 14 months. Nah still call Smith as worst, when Gunn was appointed we had been relegated and we didn't really feel like a prem club. Smith was supposed to be a prem manager. Sure this will get some pelters from the usual village idiots but that's my opinion. I think even now Gunn is an eye roll rather than the worst appointment. Plus he is still loved in Norwich, his son is our current number 1. Don't see Smith or his fat mate being given the keys to the city any time soon. Smith set our plans back and regressed our players if we don't go up this season then he's wasted 2 years of our time and probs lost us a few players (pukki) on a free.
  3. History? The time wasn't kind neither is the present. He will go down as the worst appointment of the modern age
  4. Lol really last thing we want is promotion. If we make it to the final I want which ever team to have the ability to beat us. Last thing we need right now is promotion. We need to get a winning mentality and get the team re built. Not a spanking from money cheats each week.
  5. If we take the rugby / American throw ball approach we would have 60 minute halves on our hands. I don't think changing the way the time is managed is a good thing. I do however feel the answer lies with showing yellow cards for time wasting more frequently and even starting to threaten reds if players persist.
  6. Maybe he will get his mum to protect him again . Poor flower.
  7. I'm in 2 minds, I wouldn't want a guy with a drum sitting near me especially if I had enjoyed that seat for years. By the same token I would have accepted the move then contacted the club rather than kicked off about it, causing a grown man to get his mum to stand up for him.
  8. Spot on. I had enough of the two "fans" who decided to get day passes on Saturday complaining about "E-Dahr" I ended up just asking them bluntly, so you would have scored they would you?
  9. I do love the elitist **** wombles around here. Thought better of you Tilly. Do we have a score card which we can box tick to rack up point. That way we can better classify our fans out of a score of 50 then we can decide where they sit and if they conduct themselves properly. We could even say if you score under 10 your not even allowed in!
  10. It was a foul and should have been a peno. When idah took the shot he was off balance and he lent back. I tried explaining that to the casual behind me who claimed that E-Darh was crap and should have hit the target.
  11. Ah you got me there hoggy. Never been to a game in my life.
  12. Yeh my angle for that thing sucks despite its movement
  13. I loved it, could actually hear myself think pre game. No goal music. Only downside was you had to be quick to spot time added on and know your numbers / player hair cuts to know who was being subbed on / off.
  14. He was In Southampton at uni apparently. See not a hardcore fan as can't even come home for a game
  15. I'm sure it will, I'm also sure its just a phase as well. Tinpot af
  16. Yeh snake pit was louder than usual today. Barcley silent, despite absence of the drum I assume the same neanderthals are sat there. Pathetic they need a drum to get them going.
  17. Doesn't effect me, so whatever. Spend the money elsewhere if I really need a opinion. Although the The A hole side of me says No just to irritate the hard core muppets who think all fans should stand, sing for 90 mins or your not a true fan..
  18. Tzolis for Dowell but leave the rest unchanged. *Tin Hat on* Drop Pukki unless he decides to commit to next season let him play in the U21 so we can develop Sarge & Idah, there I said it.
  19. That Blues fan has a brain, unlike some..... says the loser
  20. I hate being told how to enjoy myself.
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