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  1. Yeh hes got Arsenal written all over him....
  2. In play by a mile! About time we got some luck, think we are owed it.
  3. If only we had won today and scored 2 goals in extra time. Crap result
  4. The old Championship Manager 93 had a great line of play that could line up as "D1cks goes in hard on Butt" "The ball gets loose, shot from (anyplayer). Saved, but Seamen spills in the box" Julian D1cks, Nicky Butt, David Seaman respectively
  5. My wife had a work parking permit for the area around carrow (not going to give exacts) I used to "borrow" this until my wife's boss called her to ask what she was doing at work on a Saturday. Luckily she had my back and gave a bs story but I was lambasted later and told not to steal "borrow" it again.
  6. Man City , so I know what it feels like to sell my soul to satan .
  7. **** yourself you ******* **** Like that?
  8. God this is getting boring now. How many threads do we need about Max? Season starts tomorrow d1ckheads.
  9. 37 - 1 Hull have been playing FIFA all summer and won't have Thier shiz together. Sarge will hit 20 and idah 17 shutting up all the neigh sayers, of course we will concede one because we will fart about at the back as usual , first 2 mins to make everyone groan. Mark Anatasio will turn out to be a pseudonym used by Stephen Fry and he will invest £50 as well as a hosting a Black Adder reunion dinner where everyone apart from Tony Robinson will show up. The drummer will mercifully still be trying to resit his GCSEs at the university of Leicester having failed music for the 4th successive year. In his sted will be a cut out of dani dyer the carrow road lot missing the point and sticking her cut out in there as we failed to sign Jared Bowen when we had the chance. Despite the multiple record breaking win Canary call will be inundated with people moaning we havent got a striker or asking why the manager didn't play Pukki as he's our best ghoul scorer neal. Norwich fans will still be miserable but yet consoled by the fact that it turned out farkes work permit didn't come through and Leeds moved to bring in Smith to replace him. Ipswich lose Thier first game 1-0 following a worldie of an accidental oggy. 30 yard screamer following halftime when their winger forgets the pitch ends have reset, he's off celebrating for 5 mins before he realises what he's done. Meanwhile Vlad puttin fires viral missles at Europe and rishi boi puts us into lockdown. Turns out the virus was just talc as the Kremlin's budget was stretched. Because of the lock down and disbanding of the football leagues norwich win the championship on GD and go to the premier League having played one game.
  10. Damn! Agree completely, it was unprofessional and signalled the end of RvW. Also agree re ego and the fact he should have been benched / punished. Wonder how Lambert or Farke would have reacted to Snoddy taking the ball from RvW, the issue only getting worse by the fact he stole the ball then missed. He's another one along with Hooper. We buy 2 strikers for a manager that wanted to defend. They were better off getting a target man to lay the ball off to other players but instead they get a poacher and a technician.
  11. We had no right winning that given the season Boro had. Was a spectacular day out. Got caught on the way out of London by some Boro fans who were complementary if gutted
  12. I saw Shipley and thought **** me I know we have bought in some older lads but Neil Shipperly takes the biscuit
  13. Looks like the same artist drew the pitch that did the bits on Edd Weesley's album covers
  14. Let's just get that little wazzok to bang his drum while the carrow road crew bounce around and sing the same song. That should get the ground bouncing.......... Y'all know Ipswich are going to be taking the **** out of the drum for 90 mins straight right???
  15. You also need to win the champions league with a team that has no right to even be in the premier League
  16. Yeh it starts crazy easy if a bit boring and the transition to part time can be really tough. I havent quite managed that, maybe next FM although there are no teams i really want to take that far.
  17. Any of you guys used Dan's England data base? It can take you down to about the 10th tier if not lower. I had a great game as the UEA then found they were hard coded not to be promoted and got demoralised. This is how I ended up discovering FC isle of mann. It opens the game up so you really can play as your local team. I used it to play as Lowestoft town but got a bit jaded. Maybe I'll play as them again in the next game.
  18. Ha spreadsheet the game, although should try out Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 I run maybe 4 spreadsheets side by side with that to the point my wife calls it spreadsheet the game
  19. My dad compared football manager to trainspotting when I was a lad. Said it was the saddest thing he had ever seen One of my fav FM memories was setting up a hotseat multiplayer with mates on the champ manager Italia around 98 I reckon. Opening game of the season George Weah completes his hattrick to see my AC Milan tonk my mates Juve 9-0. He then hits reset on my pc and informs me there had been a power cut I also legit got a job because of FM as well , part of one of my jobs was dats analysis and on interview I was asked why I thought I could do a better job with data than the other applications. I then said on FM I would spend hours hunting for the perfect striker where I needed 6 stats in harmony for the striker to fulfil the role properly. I then explained how this same principle could be used in my job and explained it I got the job and the feedback was that I was obviously very patient and good with data, turns out one of the guys interviewing was a fellow cm addict
  20. Never clean mate. FM sits there for me like a horrible goblin I have tempered my addiction though as genuinely had gf issues in my youth because of my love of FM. Luckily my wife is a gamer so is quite happy for me to smash the odd evening of FM but I am careful these days to play with intent not just mindlessly clicking next. Excited for my 29/30 season picked up some real gens and have a reworked midfield, my defence is a bit ropey but my strikers are top end. Playing a 4-3-3 mainly because that's the suited my players and recruitment best when I started the save. Expect to have to use wingers over strikers soon though as I won't hms **** the league's this time round
  21. Why cut Maxi out? With little under 2 weeks left until Hull its safe to say hes still a Norwich player and if anything had / was going to happen it would have happened already. I can see why you cut Milot yet crazier things have happened.
  22. I first dabbled with Championship Manager 93 and have been addicted ever since. I regret to admit I would play as Man Utd as I was a kid and would sign Eadie and Sutton most games. I played as Norwich a little bit around 98/99 but usually I find myself playing English lower leagues. I have managed such greats as Guiseley, Dover,, Southport, Blyth Spartans. I did play a lot as Lowestoft Town but in recent years got a bit burnt out with them. My current game sees me in 2029/30 season playing as FC Isle of Mann and about to start my first season in the Van National. I can assure you though Norwich are an established mid table Prem team in my game , captained by Josh Sargent! I also just signed a American / English regen goalkeeper from them. Ironically their star regen is one Nicky Cantwell. Update: Just checked Norwich, actually captained by Donny van de Beek who we signed for £2.1m in 25/26 !! Managed by Eddie Howe who has been in post for just short of 4 years, he replaced Malky who was bought in following Dean Smith's sacking 24/1/24 *shudders* they kept him that long?! Farke has been in post at BMG for just over 7 years!
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