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  1. Or a little like real life while the oldies chuckle as they watch the yoot run into the road or do some crazy cool tick tock thing and die stupidly and needlessly.
  2. Agree with op and another poster about the moniker elite. Should do a poll of all season tickets for next year , yes / no to drum.
  3. LOL and some of our fan base are pissing their pants about getting promoted
  4. Vaughan and Byram both came on the cheap after a horror injury. You could argue we got our money's worth from Byram at least.
  5. Yeh i was going to raise a Thompson and a Vaughan, think Vaughan had a bad medical history and we took a punt, which is why we got him very cheap. Before that original injury he was really highly rated.
  6. ex Man Utd i believe as well. Imagine yellow carded after breaking your leg. Not ours but i still remember Gazza performing a horror tackle and breaking his own leg and while im at it any one remember the snap that was Phenom Ronsaldo's knee. One of my mates was an Inter fan and actually at the game, reckoned you could hear the poor bloke scream.
  7. Yeh I remember it, he went down holding his shoulder / arm. I believe if memory serves he broke his collar bone and dislocated his shoulder - 9 months out. As you say he had just been on the pitch a minute and took a really innocuous bump.
  8. Yeh both Jarvis and Thompson i feel bad for, its like they had the skill of course but their bodies are just not made to be pro athletes.
  9. Usual Colin team, 2 of our guys injured. If in doubt, Kick Crap out of opposition.
  10. Lmao it's like comparing a Ferrari to a lada.
  11. Look on the bright side, drummer couldn't be bothered to travel up for the weekend.
  12. As noted, sexual assault live on TV. I hope Lungi presses charges.
  13. Not playing advantage in injury time was criminal and he was very soft on a Sunderland team who set out to foul and disrupt. Weak and inept
  14. Nice not to hear that racket to be fair would have added to the tin pot of that yank announcer and the fire works. When he did the count down I almost started singing star spangled banner.
  15. Ok let's take the other side... If we had fired Smith when mathematically down, where would we currently be sat?
  16. One world one love. End of quit the bickering guys, it's pathetic that we still argue about tribes and who can go and live in 2023. Being born in one country does not make someone better , the opportunity and privilege should be there for all and we should be spending money on helping not waring. The human race deserves eradication and a reset we are a parasite on this planet.
  17. Pie, chips, chat into ground watch warm up comment that I have never heard of any of the away players shouting "who" when they are announced. Wait for kick off say to the bloke next to me " thank f**k that stupid drummer is not here" or " I see that moronic tub thumper and his idiot mates are here" then unflask the Bovril and try to get 45 mins sleep before the big zorb action leading into the second half, where I will yell at Kenny for waving and moan about anything that doesn't travel at least 10 yards forwards. Get back on the bus under my blanket and enjoy the ride back to Gorleson bor.
  18. How hilariously true and sad that statement is! Maybe someone ought to get the ol history book out and point out that we are a Premier League OG. Although so are Leeds and Ipswich so maybe they have a point.
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