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  1. Yeh actually him keeping Leicester up might fall in our favour. Good point.
  2. Talk about pant wetting. It's bad but not that bad.
  3. I just want Deano to have a double relegation on his CV.
  4. Totally fair and true. Thanks for that perspective.
  5. That was the point i was making your comment makes me think you watch it on the radio Neal. Or do you hold a season ticket?
  6. Ha why would they want him?! Someone was short of stories todsy
  7. Issue is if your trying to buy players and they read about us or research about us it could well make them think twice. Media is a very powerful tool.
  8. I fear the words "remember , mock and Ipswich" will be really poignant next year.
  9. Nah fair point. It's more about looking at the clubs we went up with etc and feeling that irritation that here we are back to square one after this bloody 5 year plan. We haven't had a good season of football in 4 years now ( I'm omitting the last promotion year as none of us got to see it) Actually would be interesting to hear from fans who don't regularly attend Norwich games In regard to watching / listening to city is how they support so actually they might feel better about things than those of us who follow away / home.
  10. I dunno 3 failed seasons in the prem national laughing stock, Brentford flying high when we out classed them on multiple occasions. I kinda get the we deserve better line to be fair.
  11. City elite not involved, might jeopardise thier free home game tickets.
  12. Narrative? Why as a society are we so obsessed with taking words or terms from the mass media and then using them as if they are some kind of term of propaganda. Because Dean Smith cried about the narrative going against him it's now being used as this dirty word. Regardless of circumstances Dean Smith was / is an terrible manager for Norwich city. He followed a legend and tore the heart out of the club, sure Webber is equally to blame but I feel an injection of care or an indication that he actually wanted to be with us would have gone a long way. When we won under Smith high had a sense that we were still in second gear and many games you saw us letting other teams back into the match. It was not a "narrative" invented to undermine the manager it was a truth in front of us. He was not a good fit for our club and had to go. There was no narrative or fans wanting the club to fail. There were however a lot of fans that could see he was a bad fit and wanted him gone as soon as possible even if it meant us struggling this season. From the moment we didn't fire him when mathematically down we were always going to have this season of nothing followed by an exodus and rebuild. Is Wagner the man for that? I fear not. Is Webber the man for that? Very obviously not. We are probably at the biggest cross roads since the league one relegation or loss to Colchester it's how we bounce back that's important. And in regards to Smith he would have been a fool to have turned down a contract with us as it's money. The blame lies with Webber who should have given him a rolling contract or a non survival release clause. That's 100 percent on Webber who gambled and lost. Now it's time for Webber to fall on his sword? Will he.... Let's wait until this time next week as I think the story will unfold shortly after the end of the season.
  13. I did it so the pro mass debaters, your self obviously included would understand.
  14. ....... Is no longer a Norwich player..
  15. But who cares really?? The modern game is a joke
  16. Dowell signing for rangers it seems , full raid if the Hanley rumours were / are true. Sad state when you lose players to Scotland
  17. Get back in your box you prat. Dean Smith is an awful manager end of and we would be in a worse situation now if we had kept him, fact. Just go away with your stupid.
  18. I read an article the other day about Wrexham how the fact that holywood stars put the team on the map. On one hand it's great they bought a national League team on the other they bought foster out of retirement and have been sounding out Gareth Bale. On the one hand I love it on the other they are like a lower league Man City, I'm sure some of the teams around them resent them for a number of reasons. The crux of my post is that I've been at odds with Norwich since we fired farke, I've been at odds with the prem for about 3 years now. I feel that the realism for me is that I've just lost my love and interest in football. It's not about the fans or the entertainment, it's about the media and financial **** show and I'm not interested. Ive been a football manager addict since championship manager 93 and haven't even loaded that or FIFA in the last 3 months. I hope next season sparks that joy again but this is as disinterested in football in general as I have ever been in my life.
  19. Beginning to feel like there are a few people crying with laughter over the Tzolis deal. Certainly not worth £8m, just glad that Webber didn't **** any money up the wall...... Although sending him off on loan probably didn't help but then Dean Smith, not a football manager. Next year will be make or break crucial for him, hope he gets his head down as there is a player in there.
  20. Kruls wages need to be shifted, sell him or use him as #1
  21. No point in a boycott, ground could be 10 percent full and the attendance would still be read out as 26k
  22. That might make a few of them break a sweat. No win no fee.
  23. Club should refund at least 50 percent of all season tickets taken from playing staff and coaching teams wages
  24. Probably a surprise to some that I am one of the longest running posters on here and your right it's always been like this and it's much more fun. A mod / member of archant asked me about my user name once and requested change it other than that never seen much activity. That said , there have always been a small percentage of **** heads and breeze blocks around though, the current bunch are not much different.
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