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  1. This is exactly why I eye roll teemu a bit to be honest.
  2. Wish she would control her stupid husband "following this season's dross I have decided to hold stu to ransom in the bedroom. I assured him no more sex unless we do the double on ipswich and get promoted. If you see him blue balling about, call him Neil Warnock, as that's the only action he will be getting until we go back up. Rest assured when he tells me he's getting a Brazilian he actually does mean a footballer. Zoe.
  3. Yaaar captain Them fish be biting tonight
  4. In. Ode??? Who's writing bollox. Stats don't lie. If you appear and score a goal it doesn't matter if you played for 90 or 5 mins Simples dip sh1t.
  5. Stats don't lie. Dean Smith would have got us promotion as we won every xG with him in charge. An appearance is an appearance doesn't matter if it was 5 mins or 95 mins. Look at Brentford they use the money ball approach. Stats don't lie
  6. Thanks for bailing when we needed you the most emi
  7. Stats don't lie. Don't make me turn this into an xG thread
  8. Not in the slightest no. Do you fish?
  9. Ah yeh, Pukki has set the world alight this year. We will miss his goals in the Prem next season after he single handedly drove us to automatic promotion this year....... Oh..... Wait.....
  10. Yeh but so much pants wetting for the guys last game. I don't get it tbh
  11. Yup not Norwich but football for me. Fed up.... Newcastle lining up neymar, new TV deal for 5 years with sky, man city use the money cheat again, Deadpool buys Deadpool the town Pro football can fukc off frankly. Lost my love for it. Hoping the summer and a good pre season will bring that love back. Although I am concerned about the prem I now accept and understand that I utterly hate everything about it. That said given our current situation I shouldn't really worry about that for 2-3 years though.
  12. You could add to it with Please resign
  13. Great news, if they fire him we can bin off Webber etc. The yanks first job can be to get a flight to Deutschland and get on his knees begging farke back. The fairy tale is in motion
  14. ...then he should have signed a new deal. Although I think the writing is on the wall, lost a yard missed some this year he would have buried in the past. I feel Sargent will come good for us long term, so it really is a changing of the guard.
  15. Lol the whole real name use might be funny. I've been on the wind up off and on for years on this board.
  16. It's like everything in football these days. Keep the big clubs happy sh1t from a height on the smaller clubs. Should just cap everything off and allow a splinter super League. Stick the requirement that you can only play national football if you play in the grass roots leagues. Then we have a more financially viable football league and the glory hogs and kids can enjoy their stupid cheat code teams. Really considering supporting the local lower league teams but Wrexham have proven no one is safe from the ££££ corruption. I bet nott county and others are livid.
  17. Yeh there are load of us been here pre 2010 would be sad to see that gone
  18. I am happy to moderate lots of experience. Will stick a ban list up of verboten words the usual like **** And **** And **** And Dean Smith
  19. Ah a happy clapper then, why didnt you just say so earlier.
  20. Yeh actually him keeping Leicester up might fall in our favour. Good point.
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