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  1. GO for sure1) You will see us gloriously destroy Reading2) There will be one hell of a riot vs the board ( by riot i mean verbal or protest as opposed to aggresive rioting )Win Win IMHO
  2. I fear ginger pele will get it even though im on the anti bandwagon.I dont honestly know who should take the award, i really am totally out of names, the whole squad has been pants.Marshall maybe for having to get the ball out of his own net ?Semy ? Ok hes not the greatest but his determination and devotion is faultlessRusty comes under the same catagoryKlingon maybe, ok hes been plop recently but hes been pretty consistant the rest of the seasonI reckon Doc will get it though, although i curse his name 1 out of 5 games
  3. I fear ginger pele will get it even though im on the anti bandwagon.I dont honestly know who should take the award, i really am totally out of names, the whole squad has been pants.Marshall maybe for having to get the ball out of his own net ?Semy ? Ok hes not the greatest but his determination and devotion is faultlessRusty comes under the same catagoryI reckon Doc will get it though, although i curse his name 1 out of 5 games
  4. So much for my Andrew Cave-Brown perineum tattoo then. That quickly became like my perineum.......obsolete   :(
  5. We are all just as furious i guess mate :(Some ( like me ) just need to vent it more than others ! and yeh im sorry for that, its times like this that really prove to you how much you love your team !
  6. I find it hard backing the team when they appear spineless.I for one will tune into Radio Norfolk with hope in my heart and listen to every minute of it hoping and praying for a miracle.Yeh i agree talking about the Binners is bad..BUTI feel like im on my knees crawling to my feet and the apointment of a top rate manager at my rivals is the kick to the teeth that sends me back into the fetal position.Its gutting its infuriating and i am venting so sure, i appologise.But the appology should be the resignation of the board and NCFC being put on the market.I have and I still am in favor of Gunn as our boss, i feel he should be the boss next season. He deserves it without a doubt. My respect for Bryan Gunn will not diminish as the bloke effectively put his balls on the chopping board.It just hurts that the binmen land the hottest free managerial agent in the game while we have had to suffer Grant and Rodent. This situation should NOT be happening, we should either have a top notch manager or Gunn should have been given the reigns when Worthy was fired.
  7. Barnsley and Forest have been showing balls recently and we are scared of the Binmen.The ScumIp*hit town, i always msg my dad when going through saying "Yuck im in Ip*hit" It makes me furious to think that they will over achive us, WE are the pride of Anglia not those second rate Alan Brazil pin up boys.I am deeply gutted , upset and angry.And what makes it worse is idiots who seem to not give a damn or keep false confidence when they should be getting on thier horses and kicking off.Irish, we both support the same club but it would seem i want a UEFA cup place and you would settle with  a 1-0 win over Crewe.Sorry mate but this issue has and will split our fan base 50-50
  8. Hang on let me open my bank balance and buy the club.... I would rather bi*ch and moan than sit here and say " OTBC 6 points me ol boiiiiiiiiiiii "I would gladly be involved in any legal action vs the board I live down south but if something was actually going to happen like a Q&A with the board or someway of us being able to get our feelings heard then yes i would do all i could to politely say "SORT IT OUT WE ARE A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM WITH BLUE SQUARE ASPIRATIONS"
  9. I just did talk about NCFC.I ask the question ...WHY so many of you just decide to roll over like a lap dog and accept this utter joke forced on our club ?
  10. [quote user="Shack Attack"]I''ve been thinking about Keane taking over at Ipswich since it was announced yesterday and I still can''t make my mind up whether it''s a good appointment or not. Here are a few of my random thoughts.1) Seeing him in the papers today striding out to take his first training session with that badge made me feel quite nauseous. No matter what you think of him the man is a big name and it sort of made me reflect on our last three management appointments.2) Many posters seem to be taking great joy in pointing out how he only got Sunderland promoted by spending big money. Whilst this may be true he will presumably have a decent amount to spend down there so could realistically repeat the trick.3) Ipswich are now going to be the most high profile club in The Championship (unless Newcastle get relegated) as far as the media are concerned.4) I don''t think he would have been a very good manager for us due to the complete lack of funds.5) If things don''t go to plan reasonably quickly there''s always the possibility that he might just chuck it in. If he''s spent big at this point where does that leave Ipswich?6) And most shockingly of all. I still really like the man [:$]. Sorry [:D][/quote]spot on regarding all points
  11. Yeh actually, the only positive thing i can say about NCFC at the moment is the signing of Cody to be honest !
  12. 5-0 Reading.Its going to be a humiliating Rout if last weeks game is anything to go by !OTBC
  13. Well ok then I will talk about NCFC.I for one will be traveling to Exeter next season as my mate is a Grecians fan. I went to the play off final last season and watched sunday a bad sunday league performance at Wembley to see the Grecians join the football league.I will probably punch my smug mate out when Exeter beat Norwich 3-2, as he will be loving every minute of it as the condition of me going to Wembley to watch the Grecians was for him to come to Wembley and watch Norwich in the play offs.Wow dont i feel like a spoon
  14. Some ambition and drive to allow Norwich to become a major player in Europe.Sorry am I asking to much ?Ok... some ambition and drive to become a team that is not a joke.
  15. Our local rivals have shown more ambition in appointing a new manager than we have in seasons.Its not a fasination with the scummersIts a total rage , fury , disgust and utter contempt for our board for not showing a ambition within the same ball park.We are meant to be challenging for promotion under Delia and Mike Walker, not sitting here on the verge of League One football.Some of you guys need to stop sitting in your pathetic bubbles and wake the hell up.
  16. I am still a fan, im just saying i feel like i have nothing to be proud of right about now.I hate it when people get called "not true fans" or get hated on just for being pesimistic. Sorry im a realist.
  17. Yeh if the supporters are a mirror of the board then we will be facing off against FC United rather than Manchester United before to long.
  18. I have given up hope. I would rather be Shocked, surprised and Happy than bitterly disapointed.
  19. Ok.  Lets step back a second. Your 16-17 born local and wanting to go for trials with a club. You perform well at Norwich and Ipswich and are offered a contract by both clubs. Both clubs have Championship stature. The kid and his family have no local allegience. Who are you going to sign for ? Manchester United Legend Roy Keane ? Or......Brian Gunn Or You are a young Brazilian (LOL) superstar and will sign for a small fee of £100k. 2 clubs bid for you Norwich City or Ipswich town. Never heard of them... who are they ? Brian Gunn ??? WOW Roy Keane, Manchester United Legend, Worldwide name. Everyone who has heard of Manchester United has heard of Roy Keane.   He has more stature in football than our ENTIRE club.   WHY oh WHY oh WHY.. does our board not have the ambition to try to get us a man like Roy Keane. You could argue that they tried and failed with Roeder but still. We have Gunn while the Binmen land World Reknowned Keane.
  20. Its his football stature for starters. If your a 16 - 17 and born in the area with no local alligience ( lets also remember the glory days of Utd will attract a huge number of people ) Who are you going to play for ??? Keane or Gunn ??? No contest You can not help but respect what Keane did at Sunderland. Ok so it fell apart but thats football and also he has board pressure, what ever it does not change the fact. He got Sunderland back into the Prem on a budget just over what we spent on Earnmore.
  21. Yeh i know it was a little off track but here seemed the best place for my museings !!
  22. Wake up smell the coffee. Whats the point in having your heart broken ! Accept we are dead and gone and then be pleasently surprised if we stay up. Then recognise that unless thier is some MAJOR surgery over the summer we will be in the same situation next season
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