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  1. I D I O T Sit down and drink your warm milk
  2. Dean Smith found out, never work in the top flight again after this! Should have been fired when mathematically down, lets see if the foxes have the balls to do what we should have done
  3. Yup, not even interested because of stuff like this. Fed up completely with the entire system.
  4. True enough But i wonder if he was promised a Prem club or borderline Prem club, something we apparently are not anymore.
  5. Anyone ever thought that he has taken one look this season and is desperately trying to bail himself out? I mean we are all sat here waiting for the Messiah that will never cometh..,,,
  6. .... is no longer a Norwich player
  7. Mr Webber do the right thing, get on the phone and grovel then give the man what he wants
  8. We had him didn't we? Oh no that was dean Smith I get my tubby sad northern bastards confused... They all look and sound the same
  9. Don't care at this stage. Ask me again at Christmas
  10. That is a good read the last paragraph is almost poetically ironic. Well written piece
  11. What bunch of idiots employ Dean Smith to keep them in the Premier League AHAHAHAHAHAH Oh wait...... sh1t.....
  12. They will rock up realise they have a lower / relegation championship squad and be straight back down. Too good for league 1, not good enough for the champ. Like us, found their level.
  13. Patience Young Team The vison 5 year plan
  14. I would personally delete the save and start a new team... oh wait, this isnt FM........ F C U K
  15. USA or Finland surely, a nice retirement gig. If he shows up at Sheffield I shall waddle onto the pitch and hurl my season ticket at Waggo in homage to the fat lad vs Colchester. (Well I wont and i dont hold as much timber as that lardy tub but the sentiment is there!)
  16. I think it needs to be both.
  17. This is exactly why I eye roll teemu a bit to be honest.
  18. Wish she would control her stupid husband "following this season's dross I have decided to hold stu to ransom in the bedroom. I assured him no more sex unless we do the double on ipswich and get promoted. If you see him blue balling about, call him Neil Warnock, as that's the only action he will be getting until we go back up. Rest assured when he tells me he's getting a Brazilian he actually does mean a footballer. Zoe.
  19. Yaaar captain Them fish be biting tonight
  20. In. Ode??? Who's writing bollox. Stats don't lie. If you appear and score a goal it doesn't matter if you played for 90 or 5 mins Simples dip sh1t.
  21. Stats don't lie. Dean Smith would have got us promotion as we won every xG with him in charge. An appearance is an appearance doesn't matter if it was 5 mins or 95 mins. Look at Brentford they use the money ball approach. Stats don't lie
  22. Thanks for bailing when we needed you the most emi
  23. Stats don't lie. Don't make me turn this into an xG thread
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