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  1. The majority? You talking about 25 5 fingerd morons on here or the dip****s who voted for safe standing etc on the clubs official website? I know I didn't vote for him to go, I was fearful in his first year and suggested maybe he wasn't up to it... (I was wrong) but I would argue the majority of true fans didn't want him gone. Or is it like brexit when 51 percent made up of daily mail readers and 1 brain cellers voted to train wreck the country in the name of nationalism. Similarly to brexit, firing farke turned out equally as good
  2. How did the fans drive farke out?? I understand you have returned from a hiatus....perhaps another would be good?
  3. Meanwhile we stuck sarg on the left then complained that he was crap despite him finishing top goalscorer. The one part of the Smith regime that was good was when pulki was injured and sarg was scoring for fun... In the centre
  4. Organised attacking football, some home wins, no losses to the scum, playoffs and no fcuking drum at carrow. I don't ask for much
  5. Another stick to beat Webber with, I agree that the guy is a little **** but when it comes to shifting jobs you have to look after yourself.
  6. What like one of those I'm with stupids?
  7. Your an idiot, it’s the pathetic you’re a binner line that people constantly trot out when they have no answer to a quote from someone. Shows what mentality you have, your brain cell must get extremely lonely on its own
  8. It was time. Glad hes gone as I think we and him had grown apart.
  9. All I hear is wah wah wah wah, go cry someplace else while you have a sad w@nk to the time you once completed in Europe under Bobby "I always failed to mention my time in Suffolk" robson b to the I to the double n to the e to the r.
  10. And Tzolis, Hayden, Gibson, Drmic, Lees-melou, rashica, normann, kabak.......
  11. Get farke in, either as SD or fire Wagner and make him manager. Don't care just get him back. Only place I would hate him going to more than Leeds is that 5 thumbed Suffolk lot.
  12. Agreed in march so maybe not? They can have Webber... Depends who pulled the trigger on farke and if he would want to work with webber again
  13. Seen him play 3 times Vs us, twice he was dog crap and the most recent unplayable. A very talented player, thick as **** and a party boy but he gives to his fans and I guess seems a bit more "real" than some of these guys. Working man for a working man's game
  14. Doesn't look consistent, would take £20m for him to be honest.
  15. Alright no need for personals just because I see your blue and white scarf. Putting up a pretty decent defence there pal. You proper threw the toys out of the pram there, hit a truth didn't I! Who do you enjoy your "alone" time to the most? John wark posters? McKenna pictures or are you still keeping the love for chambo? Good luck next season.
  16. Yeh we got sold a Rolls Royce that turned out to be a Robin Reliant. Dunno how a player with so much buzz turned out to not understand how to defend. Gibson has to go down as one of our biggest clangers and we have a long list. Wolf, Milot, That Dutch winger from Wigan, Naismith, Tzolis (probably)
  17. Truth hurt? Talk sh1t and I will call you out on it, sorry you got butt hurt.
  18. Binner , bet your looking forward to next year. I'm looking forward to your manure small boy skipping off to Scotland. Best of luck next year
  19. Firing Farke was the single biggest mistake this club has made in the last 20 years, shortly followed by appointing Dean Smith
  20. Farke going to Leeds would be criminal. I did see Leicester were eyeing up kmc from them down the road though
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