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  1. Eadie perhaps sorry, he was manager of Blackburn at the time Edit- nope was Hucks 2003
  2. Still remember him congratulating one of his team for a two footer on hucks. Once a dirty Scouse **** always a dirty Scouse ****
  3. If you say so. Am I not allowed to say, I didn't feel the same affinity for him as I did others? Or do I need to pretend he was my fav player just to appease people??
  4. I never said that did I, I said I didn't give a crap never once did I say he was a failure.
  5. Dunno others have said it, I don't look at him as affectionately as holty or hucks even. Just didn't feel the connection, his leaving doesn't make me want to smash my Norwich mug like when holty handed in his transfer. Sure pukki scored a load for us but he's done, adiĆ³s shame you lost the pace and were a shadow of yourself last season. I won't shed a tear or overly care for the rest of his career. Focus on the lads who replace him, id argue we should have focused more on Sargent last season as it stands.
  6. Like cantwell longer one of ours, don't care if he's firing duds or hattricks.
  7. Get your bets in early, Bournemouth down 23/24 nailed on now.
  8. Yup, at first glance i thought it was Nile Ranger. A man so smacked off his face he had to tattoo his own name on his face least he would forget it.
  9. Those face tattoos give the entire story
  10. As said full backs can be very good attacking outlets but are usually told to sit deeper if wingers are employed. As the previous poster I also favour a narrower formation In modern football with a anchor connecting the defence and midfield. As the club seems to neglect the need for a defensive midfielder deeper full backs paired with wingers is perhaps a better choice. Wing backs and no defensive midfielder would be suicide given our squad imho. The only other option is 3 at the back with wing backs but again the fact we seem to be employing wingers negates this. It's a tough one as our youth system is set up to get out full backs to push up in preparation for first team football so expect any youth in the next 2 years to instinctively want to push up. Again this is all the farke model which seems to have been torn down with the appointment of Dean Smith. Edit :Lol maybe I should have just said I agree with @TheGunnShow as we seem to have a similar mentality here.
  11. We don't have enough cul-de-sac's for him to cut into and look lost.
  12. It's always like this when there is nothing going on! Just wait till the season starts, we can then get on with moaning "That lads scoring for fun in the prem, we let him go on a free, why?" "Why are we not Luton" "Why are Leeds /ipswich above us?" "Wagner out" "It's cool we are 20th but our xg has us 2nd, if we win 45 more games we will make the playoffs" Usual **** That's why I like poking the idiots, they want to be dumb I'll laugh at their expense while doing some fishing
  13. How about the guy who played centre forward when Pukki was injured and ended this year our top goal scorer. Oh wait hes ginger and not good enough sorry, i forget the script. Have some commonsense.
  14. Well if you have 30 years on my 20 that means younger than you
  15. Ah I didn't realise we were big dicking!! By looking at your profile I see you "only" joined this forum in 2014. Stinks of plastic to me
  16. I was referring to clown smith but Wagner isn't far off is he, all a little worrying
  17. Ah that is interesting, ive always wondered why I went to this big venue for all the home matches for 20 years. I didn't realise I was meant to actually watch the game. That turns this whole football thing on its head. Watch the game.. jeez I might do that next time! Shows what I know right! I thought last season's theme was to jolly up and sing along with a load of drunken Danny dyers while one little pleb whacks a drum. Thanks for sorting that, I thought it was a really ****ty rave which only played 3 songs!!!
  18. He had lost that yard and should not have been first choice. But then we had a clown in the management position for half the season
  19. Wow, is that like another famous group of socialists who mixed in a bit of nationalism actually being lefty softys rather than right or centre then. Back to the kool aid
  20. Shock me. Maybe if he had pulled his finger out of his **** instead of clamouring for a move we might be in a better place.
  21. I kinda agree with you, but it's Leeds. Like Lambert going to Ipswich was funny as he was a spent force and that was obvious. Leeds might just the catalyst... More fearful he goes there takes them up within 2 seasons then manages to establish them in the prem. Still think Brentford was our turning point
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