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  1. Unfortunately football / the premier League has grown too big it's now too powerful and unstoppable. Constraints should have been put in place years ago that a percentage of all the sky money goes to the lower leagues to build a sustainable grass roots movement. Can you imagine 100m being syphoned into league one or league two and shared amongst all the teams to fund a sustainable model. It's in the power of the big teams to do this but it's never going to happen. The big money has won and we need a reformation of English football.
  2. Farke, Lambert, Mike Walker, Martin O'Neil, Wee Baldy & Worthy all get honourable mentions
  3. Funny how it works out. Cantwell will probably get a move and end up tattooing his name on his forehead like Nile Ranger. Similarly he will end up playing 6th tier before he's 30. Sad really, you must question the people around him. I know it's down to him but surely his friends and family should have had a word long ago. Guy has deep problems and will probably be doing Canary call in 5 years time. Villa however I don't understand why less of our fans hate thier guts. Lambert, Steer, unsettling Wessi, Emi and finally Smith. Horrible tin pot team playing in West ham's colours.
  4. "And Cantwell appears to be the very definition of a mercenary – not much different to our own Glen Kamara, attitude dumped and giving nothing to his club in favour of a big expensive shiny move to somewhere that will pay him tonnes." Owch.. They got that right though.
  5. Winston Bogarde Yup I just double checked on wiki. 4 year contract 9 appearances.
  6. I think the majority of us are patient. As pointed out already with Wagner we already see a philosophy and plan. I always refer back to nice guy Chris. Not great for us and played very dull football but we knew his plan. We could see he was trying to smash and grab or grind out draws. We could see the philosophy. This is where we got it wrong with Smith, never a plan or a philosophy. The mistake was wasting half a season with him. I can actually forgive Webber for panicking but I can't forgive him for not shoving a "keep us up or...." Clause in his contact. Smith looked like someone who had just loaded football manager and was playing a striker on the wing rather than a pro football manager. Which reminds me, maybe we should have taken a look at Will Still as manager
  7. Playoffs are probably our best shout. I know finances are a issue but I would love this season to tinker with the engine, get a few out and in over the summer then finish top next year as opposed to being promoted. The premier League just feels like hard work and I don't think it will be great for the fan base. Tonked / covid Covid season Tonked / fired farke / Smith Smith.... So arguably it we go up it would be our 4th crap season in a row (ignoring the covid season as none of us where there) Could the fan base handle that???
  8. I feel much happier with Wagner at the helm. Best performance since that early smith run in the prem. This is what we should have being doing all season, makes you wonder where we would be if we had given Smith the heave ho in July of last year
  9. @Bert look on the brightside. In the annual pinkun awards you have just already taken first prize in the category for "Comes back to bite him in the backside" Or "Daftest comment of the year" (although @littleyellowbirdie has multiple submissions so you could be out on this one)
  10. Lad had the footballing world at his feet 3-4 year ago. Now he's destined to turn out on a rainy Sunday for kings Lynn by the time he's 28
  11. Havent got a river and cant access the radio to watch it Neal... So... What roles he playing? He looked great against Blackburn i think it was recently.
  12. I think Dean Smith will become "He who will not be named" around these parts going forwards.
  13. Yeh totally disagree Excited to see Wagner unleashing a side shackled by an inept manager. Fully expected the team to show Thier gratitude by battering someone. Perhaps time for you to consider a forum hiatus?
  14. Give Angus a break, he probs falls over because from the age of around 3 his dad showed him the video of "THAT" goal. And was like "Angus.... always get ya body behind the wee ball laddie"
  15. Agreed in that I dont think our squad is as bad as it was made out to be. Smith was the key issue here.
  16. Did anyone watch the points record / Covid promotion DvD? Bloody awefull production, no interviews just cold game - game with no soul. (not saying they were not top performances but well.. none of us where there) As said, last top performance was what? Brentford? or even Leicester at home before Lockdown?!
  17. Yup, remember Coventry we battered them first half them the second half was dull AF. Then Bristol... 3-2 should have been 3-3 or even 3-4. Lets push on see if we cant score a few more second half.
  18. We could have been 3rd if the board had fired the Chuckle Brothers before the World Cup ended!!!! Hell i will say it.... we would be top if we had fired Smith when we were mathematically down from the Prem
  19. Ah ok, well LYB and Hoggy are members of his extended family. A few other apologists as well.
  20. Well that was an excellently constructed non nonsensical retort. Thank you very much for your stupidity.
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