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  1. I don't understand what people expected from Wagner. Smith ripped the soul out of the team and club it's going to take time to rebuild the damage. Just forget this season and try to enjoy the football. Look forward to next year
  2. Ha no chance. More likely that the team was broken by the poor quality of the manager. Don't know what people expect , brizzle on a great run and we are still trying to undo all the damage done by the chuckle brothers. Forget this year we concentrate on a rebuild under Wagner.
  3. Probably because my mate confusing him talking Liverpool was better than any slap. Intellectually made his little head explode, he was in a sea of green and yellow talking to a fellow Liverpool fan, plus something about the Belfast accent probably made him think twice !
  4. They hired out the waterfront for some pre game thing a few seasons back. Some Scouser singing songs about Liverpool , I dunno ferry cross the mersey and things about theft I expect , anyway. Couple of my mates wanted to go as they are Liverpool fans and the door staff wouldn't let them I on account of the scousers hearing non Scouse accents would make them kick off, regardless of the fact they were souse fans. Just scum, utter scum. Only time over ever had trouble at carrow road was after a Liverpool game. This scouser drunk off his melon said to me and my friend "ehhhhh that Suarez loves scoring against you boys" I think he wanted a reaction or fight Joke was on him as my mate was from Belfast and a life long Liverpool fans. Had taken him to the match as a wedding present as he had not seen Liverpool play live in his life. The understanding he sat on his hands and enjoyed the game and kept his mouth shut which he did. But you can imagine the poor scouser when the lad from Belfast started agreeing with him and talking Liverpool. Felt bad for the scouser as he had just located the only secret red in a sea of yellow and green, utterly hilarious.
  5. I actually love the fact that the one time they won the prem there were non of their feral fans there to see it because of covid
  6. The damage done by the chuckle brothers is not going to be repaired over night. Write this season off and just wait for next year
  7. Ah more ageist crap. Less y00t in the stadium means less 90 minute atmosphere Gestapo.
  8. Will throw a no onto this survey. More as a middle finger to those that want it than a care on my part. Sorry not sorry. For reference it's more a fu at the attitude of people who seem to dictate that to support I have to stand and sing for 90 minutes. If I want to sit down in my seat checking the other results while listening to radio Norfolk I will thank you very much.
  9. Who cares, only player who was any good under Smith because he was Smith's boy. Not our player never was not even a loan to remember like Lansbury or Pacheco. Fcuk him end of.
  10. Well it says Brexit in it so I can sumerise the post is full of rubbish, false promises, lies and garbage.
  11. . I am all for an eye roll at people getting butt hurt about cultural appropriation etc but Golliwogs, possibly nothing more racist going on than those things. Better off consigned to a historical embarrassment. Cant say anything to make those OK.
  12. Not sure how I feel about this. Still remember kids spooning it on the play ground and chanting "Jason Lee" or "he's got a pineapple on his head" It all seemed very funny at that time, part of me things it was maybe the start of what would now be considered "bants" players get worse thrown at them on twitter etc today. I'm not saying the ribbing is ok, just feel it's been blown out of proportion compared to other things. I know lee suffered form mental health problems and he should have maybe got the support at the time and after. It's up to the player to destroy their career not a TV show, feel he used it as an excuse to hide other things he should have dealt with. The black facing etc was of a time, I had black friends who thought the whole thing was hilarious so yeh. That said black facing is certainly not ok. Of the time perhaps? That said slavery was of the time and certainly not ok so I get the issue with saying "of the time" Maybe showing my age but it is indicative of the snow flake generation and culture. And I honestly don't like the term snow flake so for me to use it. Yeah I recognise it's a tough one all over. Fantasy football was such a good show though, phoenix from the flames etc. Never been a football show like it and it's sorely missed. But the whole Jason Lee debate kills any chance of the conversation doesn't it.
  13. FFS yeh sorry of course it was, sorry thats verging on awkward. Met them once in South Carolina
  14. One of those dudes drowned saving his child sad times
  15. So have they signed for AEW or WWE? Whats the tag team name? Braids N Beef??? They going to be billed from Nor-which England like Saraya / Paige or Gorles-town like Kip Sabien??? Will Anthony O get a partner to face these boys? Love it... OH sh1t, football forum sorry, throught this was Wrastlin.
  16. Can you not remember when Rio very publicly said that Maxi would be perfect for Newcastle just after they sold their souls to the devil? As stated, hes his pimp / agent (same thing really in football)
  17. I reckon Todd is going to go full Joey Barton. Like when Barton moved to Marseilles and started doing interviews like he was Eric Cantona. Toddy has probably been hanging out with Kenny all week and when hes unveiled at Rangers will probably say "Well ja know Im jus happy tobe her a Rengers....fam... blud..eerr Laddy"
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