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  1. I dunno think the Saudi's see this more as a long game, china was a flash in the pan But I hope your right
  2. Is it really?!?! No sh!t!!!! I'll tell you what's not fake. Someone smacking you in the teeth for telling them that what they do is fake. Go into Norwich and find the Knight family, tell them what they do is fake. Then post on here, tell us all about it the next day from your hospital bed.
  3. Tk does not own Fulham his father does, he's just the managing director. He does however own and book AEW. Frankly locking horns with people like Vince McMahon, Phil Brooks, Cody Rhodes and Tyson Smith makes the petty demands of people like Mitrovic look totally trivial. I'm short Tk can dominate and hold his own within the football sphere as the egos and actual brawn to back it up is far bigger in the wrestling world.
  4. Shame Saudis are trying to buy their way into football and everyone seems to be opening the doors for them, bravo Tony Kahn for talking out
  5. Ha, I thought fan of the year was that plastic who only does half the home games because of university then blags a free ticket to hit a drum.
  6. Yeh again, fair point, It does depend who's around him. He can get away with lacking the technique if the people around him can work horse. For the battering ram that was holt we had wesi. The idea of Barnes and Sargent does make me think we are looking at a more smash mouth style.
  7. Barnes? Come on comic relief? Have a heart / brain. The lad was 21 moved to a new country , playing in the toughest league in the world and had just become a dad for the first time. Talk about life upheavel. That's firmly on Stuart Webber not josh Sargent. I find comments about his first season somewhat ignorant and somewhat stupid. Anyway moving on.... Sargent was stuck back on the wing as soon as Pukki hit full fitness. I am no Dean Smith fan however wouldn't it have been interesting if Pukki's injury had been a broken leg and seen him out longer? Sargent playing as our lone striker saw us go on the fabled Smith unbeaten run. Would Smith have finished in the play offs or better if pukki had been out longer or dropped? Arguably his return ended our good form? Again pukki was a servant but had his worst run with us last year. Running his contract down and he had lost a couple of yards and he missed a handful he would have scored the year before. Sometimes when a team set up around one player and they don't perform its thier undoing. Is this what ultimately happened to us in the end? Pukki finally let us down? Not necessarily my opinion but food for thought maybe?
  8. It's like half our fan base missed the part where josh Sargent was top goal scorer last season. I'm actually drifting into the camp of "half our fans are thick as sh!t" our fan base is as depressing as the last couple of seasons football.
  9. Guy is a clucking idiot. Media is one of the man things that has shot us in the foot every year. Fine thing for one of "ours" to doom say before August had even begun. It's as bad as that moron who suggested selling our entire defence, sam seaman stains or something. All of them idiots.
  10. We are the needzor tha. New strika we dunt have striker. Striker now pukki leavey Striker Stiekr We have 3 you clucking idiot
  11. Posted by Burnley plastics obviously....duh
  12. I saw this on Facebook a week ago. He's a pair of **** we have arguably lacked since Bradley Johnson left
  13. Life must be sad if you use Twitter to brag about getting someone banned from an internet forum. Like just wow, I throw some shade about but anyone who gets me knows that I like a wind up and post tongue in cheek 90 percent of the time because It's the internet
  14. Our issue lies with the split fan base. Two camps sit somewhere around here. 1) dreamers / idiots Feel we should be established premier League don't understand why we are not. General sentiment is buy big spend lots after all they achieved it on FIFA and Fm23. New owners regardless of who and would rather sell the clubs soul than spend another minute in the championship. Feel the drum is important and gets a atmosphere going. Generally calls Adam idah crap and pronounces his name Eeedaaar. Clueless as a whole or clueless a55 hole both terms correct. 2) realists / real fans Here for a good day out and don't mind if we are spanking Liverpool or S****horpe just so long as we get 90 mins attacking football and entertainment. Hates the drum loves the family feel at the club and happy to have Delia at the helm. Generally understands football and can pronounce Giannoulis correctly or even just call him Dimi or Mitsu. Literate and can spell thier own names without calling for mum or wife.
  15. I know it's off season but Jesus this forum is full of utter tripe these days
  16. Id forgot all about those little twunts, way to spoil an evening.
  18. Norwich buy a crocked player.....this is in our clubs DNA now surely
  19. I miss all the times he shanked it last season and found his name on the team sheet rather than Sargent.
  20. Just look at them down the road riffling webbed fingers through pockets to scrape together silvers and coppers to put a couple of quid on European giants Ipswich to gain promotion. I stuck them down for relegation to be honest I'd also bet for Leicester to finish bottom half, they will do a Sunderland and drop like a stone
  21. I think watching us get humiliated by spurs slowed down or halted interest. Blaming the media for the terrible result was the only option left to Stu's blame someone else culture.
  22. It's a rebuild season, I would like to see wins over Leeds and ipswich and challenge for the play offs. Not expecting us to **** the league, if we are outside of top half by January questions need to be asked. Why does there seem to be a feeling we fired Smith quickly? He had a year and tore our club to peices.
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