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  1. Dunno if this is hearsay but I heard one of the reasons all clubs pump out loud music pre game is to drown out fan chants / conversations pre game / half time so it is not picked up for a TV audience. Not sure how true this is.

    If the players are picking the music to be played (doubt that as well as they surely got other stuff going on) then there music taste stinks.
    Our captain(s) are Scottish and no Proclaimers so I call BS.

  2. 1 hour ago, cambridgeshire canary said:

    No seriously where have they all gone? Prior to yesterday we had about five binners on here and now they've vanished?



    The first cracks have shown and as per usual they have ran their mouths just as the slip begins

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  3. I disagree, Welcome to the Jungle is as good as any entry music that we have had in recent years and if anything pumps the crowd.

    However the pre match / warm up music is terrible - just a mix of bad dance / grime / chart ****. 
    Now i respect that they wont play more chilled out music but something perhaps a little more timeless would be nice. 

    I thought that DJ was tinpot AF and didnt do anything out of the ordinary. 

  4. 21 minutes ago, king canary said:

    I dunno if I'm just getting old but I think the whole 'rivalry' we have here is just cringe at this point.

    It is cringe to watch Ipswich fans pretend like the last 15 or so years haven't happened based on one good season.

    It is cringe to watch our fans try to kid themselves that Ipswich aren't actually quite good at the moment.

    Tend to agree with you really, as another poster said the worst part is how many of the binners I know haven't wanted to chat about football at all, even like neutral stuff  for the past decade but now all they want to talk about is football. Its like, really?!? 

    I feel like the rivalry lost its relevance after the whole ip5w1ch season, now they are just another team. Genuinely more bothered by the fact that Farke is at Leeds than what or where Ipswich are! And lets be frank, they are playing some decent counter attacking football at the moment. Will they be able to keep McKenna? Doubt it but let them enjoy their football, by all accounts its been worse than Dyer (lol) down there for longer than memory for many fans. Its no wonder the only fans under 25 they have tend to be people with relatives already supporting! 

  5. **** I got excited that we had a new Striker coming in rather than the fevered ramblings of some in bred from Lowestoft.

    Although funny really that the Norwich Ipswich divide in Lowestoft comes out around 70-30. Norwich

    Wearing a binner shirt there gets you a similar reaction to wearing one anywhere in Norfolk.


  6. 2 hours ago, Capt. Pants said:

    Yet you had a go at people criticising Hwang and he's 19 years older.

    Credit to Springett to at least keeping up with Placheta to get on the end of the pass. Barnes tried that and ended up injuring his knee.

    Springett isn't a striker never will be so I'm not sure what this soundbite from Wagner is all about really.

    Hwang on a minute. Springett has gotten the last 20 of each game so far and looks like a headless chicken, the Korean lad has had far less time and a far harder paper round.

  7. 13 hours ago, kenfoggo said:

    We did not concede 6 goals, true. But to say we are back on track, having lost, is delusional. If we win at home against Birmingham then perhaps there might be a glimmer of hope. However, whatever Wagner says post match, pre match or in the programme will be empty words unless the performance this Saturday matches the rhetoric. 

    Cup game , doesn't count.

  8. 8 hours ago, Wings of a Sparrow said:

    I'm a (albeit small) shareholder and I haven't got a clue what's going on either.

    Things I have taken from the thread.

    1: What was once seen as a good move (MA takeover) may not be as good as we first  thought.

    2: Could it really be 3 years before we see any significant change coming in to the club? 

    3: What's going to happen in the interim?

    Can you explain this one for me?
    Not trolling, just want to know how the perception has shifted to this might not be as good as we thought.

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