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  1. But Ryan Jarvis is pure garbage. Period. And Rossi''s sheer & utter laziness to get over to take corners in injury time against Scunthorpe at home when we wanted the points has turned him against me forever. That''s my personal opinion. Still, if he scores the winner on Saturday (if he plays) I will of course be loving every minute of it!!!! (Ah, the fickle world of a football fan!!!!!!!)
  2. Could you pick an arguement in an empty room Arthur?
  3. Arthur you do realise the term ''feeder club'' is generally used to describe clubs who spend their time & money bringing up a player to a saleable standard before selling their prized self produced assets for fees to stay alive (think West Ham pre biscuit tycoon man). I hardly think that wheeling and dealing in the loan market can constitute being a ''feeder club''. I bet you were not moaning (although one actually suspects you were!) when Crouch, Harper & Hucks were loan signings in the championship promotion side............ Personally I''d rather take 3 or 4 promising youngsters on to increase competition for places & inject some youthful passion for the game rather than sign more rubbish like Lappin or Murray et all. I''m sure you find something to moan about again tomorrow. Sweet dreams happy camper.
  4. [quote user="Crispy"]It''s what was on SSN. It wasn''t a presenter anouncement, it was in the bulletin anouncement at the bottom of the screen, it was cycling around for atleast an hour (I since then havn''t turned the channel back on) If you check the Official forum, in a similar thread atleast 4 people say they saw the same thing as I did. Do I know that he has signed ? No, but I DID see it on the tv. Maybe it''s been agreed, someone got wind of it but he won''t be in Norwich till tomoro ? Or SSN could have made it up. I don''t know, but if Roeder is hoping to get 3/4 signings then this signing looks likely seeing as it''s the only concrete bit of information (albeit from a reputable news source) I saw something, and decided to share it. I have nothing to prove, and do not particulary care what complete strangers think of me. am honestly not trying to wind people up. [/quote] Well said mate. Have just seen it on Sky Sports News. It does say ''set'' to join on one month loan. Altho why so many people get so hit up about it not being on SSN, City or Boro''s website I have no idea. For god''s sake, if people wanna post fake rumours, 1stwiz throwing a hissy fit invariably won''t stop them doing so.  I''ve just seen Ronaldinho buying 20 Marlboro lights in Morrison''s with Neil Doncaster in tow.............. (nb: In case any lawyer''s are reading or moreso anyone who call''s me a ''binner'', I am of course making this up!!!!)  
  5. I''m seeing alot of different opinions on here today so if you''ll indulge me, here''s my two bob''s worth............. From the off, us fans were up for it. Even in the Pubs in Harrow-On-The-Hill, there was a buzz amongst the fans that we would do it. In the Wembley sports bar pre-kick off, there was more chanting & atmosphere than I have seen all season. Inside the ground the fans made themselves heard with a positive noise flying round the stands everywhere, even after the 1st was conceded. The real contempt for the performance came after 14 minutes when the second went in.......... Anyhow, onto the match.......... Fat Frank was Garbage, Gerrard''s performance only added credance to the myth that he cannot play in big games for England, Barry & Gerrard spent too much time doing the same job whereas no-one was supporting Crouch (who was outstanding I think). Joe Cole was Joe Cole. No change there. Stepovers are all very well & good but if you don''t give a final ball it''s wasted. SWP was below average but then what do you expect for someone who isn''t a first team regular? The Back Four. Well, there''s one decision that is easy. Richards, definitely going to be awesome in the future. Wasn''t last night, the experience will have helped his progression. Wayne Bridge? Bottled it & almost scored a spectacular OG. Not forgetting he was partly to blame for the 2nd. Playing the scorer onside was almost as criminal as Carson''s lack of attempt to stop him going round him. Sol? Too old & slow last night. Lescott? Do me a favour. Now, Scott Carson. Oh dear oh dear son. You''ve not endeared yourself to the general public have you? I said to my mates en-route to the match "Well, he can''t be any worse than Robinson can he?" ............................... He answered that on 8 minutes. Then he just cemented it later on the 14th. Alright, I''ll concede he pulled off a couple of good saves in the second half, but at the end of the day, as I saw it, the third he could''ve done better. All in all, we were poor at best. The best hope we have today is that Barwick will actually look to appoint a small board of ''football advisors'' to help the FA board to find a new manager, my choice would Mourinho with Shearer on the coaching staff. I was so angry with what I saw last night I almost walked out of the ground after the second goal. But as it got more & more worse, the anger flowing through my body increased so much so, I actually wrote direct to the FA today demanding my money back on account of the lack of pride & effort from all players & coaching staff concerned. Granted I''d even be surprised if I get a response but I was pushed over the edge but those overpaid wasters. One final point. Fat Frank was given the Man of the Match in ground. WHO THE HELL DECIDED THIS? PETER CROUCH RAN HIMSELF INTO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!
  6. [quote user="Robert N. LiM"]I absolutely want Croatia to win. The best thing that could happen to that overrated, arrogant, complacent, overpaid bunch of idiots is that they should have to face up to how decidedly average they are. From Brian Barwick to Steve McClaren''s dental hygenist, they are an utter disgrace and I really hope they get what they deserve on Wednesday.[/quote] You are a moron. I do not want McClaren in the job as much as the next man. But for once lady luck has shined on us & having gone from a potential disaster of England not qualifying for a major tournament for the first time since 1994, we are now in control of our own fate. All the idiotic doomsayers like yourself do nothing more than to help convince everyone that we will fail to do so. I am going tomorrow & I will right behind the boys whether it''s the starting 11 I want or not, why? BECAUSE I AM ENGLISH & PROUD OF IT................. Also because it will really ruin quite my planned days on the lash watching England next summer in Austria!!!!! So for once, doomsayers et all, shut up & get behind the bloody team!!!!!
  7. I''ll renew my ticket. Hell I''ll even rope my best mate in who''s spent the whole season blagging my spare works season ticket when he can. If I''m going down I''m taking someone with me. If nothing else it''ll be an overpriced piss up every other week. Bout the only attraction at the moment!!!!!
  8. I always bang a cheeky look at some of the following............ Merida, Denilson & Evina (Arsenal Reserves & Youth) Kevin Brinkmann (German but can''t remember who he played for, great right winger) If you can get the board to back you (however true), try a cheeky bid for Matthias Cahais of Boca Juniors I think. Freddy Adu is always a good spot if you can get him. Bale at Southampton (on FM07 anyways) is a good buy. Nathan Sturgis of LA Galaxy is a bloody steal if you can get him a work permit. Kasper Schmeical from Man City is a good keeper for the future if you can get him  
  9. [quote user="choking canary"]I feel it is time to speak up and protest on Sunday, please can as many of you support this action as possible if we are to make a impact...........[/quote] ARE YOU COMPLETELY & UTTERLY MENTAL????????? Don''t you think Ipswich fans would have a field day seeing decension in the ranks before the derby? Why not do the sensible thing instead & support us to a victory against the scum & then save the protests for before the Wolves match (ie: when our fiercest local rivals aren''t in town) I''ve never heard such a stupid suggestion in all my life.
  10. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"][quote user="norwichsfinest"] Hmmmm, not an attractive propostition is it? On a slightly different note, has anybody else noticed how bad the grammar is on here? Some of it just astounds me!!!! [/quote] Indeed I have. And four exclamation marks as well. Tut tut. And I do like the idea of having a "long hard sit down". As opposed to those "short easy sit downs"? Man, I hate them... [;)] [/quote] Er, I''ve broken my leg at the moment and my chair''s made of stone so it is a long hard sit down......... etc etc....... At least I spelt it correct!!!! hahahaha  You''ve got me on my spelling there although I can honestly say that''s down to an over eager typo! DAMN! I knew that would come back to haunt me!!!! I mean, well done Graham, you win the Speedboat for spotting the deliberate spelling mistake!
  11. [quote user="DIZNAZZA HIZLOMEZ"] Would be a very underwhelming penny pinching appointment. Has acheived nothing and sacked from 3 previous posts. No thank you. Surely the board can''s get it wrong again, unfortunatly I have no faith in them esecially Dumbscootercaster. [/quote] In absolute agreement with you on the board statement but let''s have a long hard sit down and face reality here. As much as it pains me to say this, A pennypinching appointment is all we can hope for as anyone who''s anyone won''t come here, not least leave a better job for a Championship relegation fight......... Hmmmm, not an attractive propostition is it? Let''s just accept it, we are no longer the big draw we''d all like to believe! Personally I think Roeder would be a pretty good appointment but then you never know until someone''s in. Look at what happened with Roy Keane @ Sunderland, O''Neill with us years back........ On a slightly different note, has anybody else noticed how bad the grammar is on here? Some of it just astounds me!!!!
  12. According to the News Of The World (Trusted reliable paper that one!!!!!), Ian Holloway is hot on the boards list. At least if the results don''t improve under ''Ollie'' thepost match interviews will be good comedy value!!!!
  13. I''ve been saying this for weeks now. The boy is garbage. Absolute total garbage.
  14. Attached are the current odds as of 8pm today. Nice to see what seems like everyone''s favourite choice is the current favourite......... http://readabet.bestbetting.com/Default.aspx?market=37500929  
  15. Yeah, there''s a very good shout. Maybe with the white some fancy artwork that say''s "When playing away from home, 4-5-1 get''s you results........albeit crap ones" Think I''ll donate my wooden spoon from the kitchen for Mr Grant. May as well take one now rather than wait until the end of the season.  
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