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  1. easy b. i pay my money i want to be entertained.
  2. hucks is the only player who is capable of creating our goals. if he dont player we wont score many. a catch 22 in my opinion
  3. 42 on monday  supported norwich for 42 years 9 months
  4. Ted Mac & phil boyer for me. although kevin reeves  pushes them close.
  5. no no no and no. big fluffy ears short fluffy tail looks like a donkey to me.
  6. ashtons gone get over it and move on. yes he is a great player but he is no longer ours.
  7. delia has been a saviour for this club i want her to stay. however i do question her blind faith in support of managers ( not just worthy also hamilton ).
  8. [quote user="Dicky"]Isn''t it time you "sodded off" again in a strop?[/quote] is it really necessary to send in this sort of post. we all have our views, respect fellow supporters opinions.
  9. deano scored again for west ham yesterday, nw please note if you play football instead of kick and rush good strikers will score loads of goals. we need to start playing football again or the next top strike who will want to leave is earnie, he must be wondering what he has got himself into. kick it up in the air for the big man !!!!!!!
  10. this realy is the daftest thread i have ever seen on this board. we would not have any trouble attracting a good quality manager at any time of the season. we dont have a new team  the starting 11 have been at norwich for most of the season. were you at carrow road yesterday, the fans didnt shout for wothy  out until 85 mins of the most boring game of a poor season had gone. 3 points is 3 points, but i want to be entertained, not sitting there freezing cold watching crap football. worthys reaction to the barclay when jj scored shows he dont care about the fans anymore.[*-)]
  11. stop living in the past. this man did get us up. he also got us relegated. every manager has a shelf life nw has had his. does he feel guilty about all the money he has wasted on crap players this year. does he feel guilty about all the dross his team are serving up to us this year. wothy out.
  12. stick to hockey mate you clearly now nothing about football. if you have enjoyed watching at carrow road this year you have a problem.
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