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  1. Hmm, he said we made a bid for Paul Parry?Was this correct?
  2. Proper news in the next couple of hours apparently.http://twitter.com/colneyspy/status/2614113028
  3. Pre-Season optimism - not a good thing because you just get let down season after season.How many people here were thinking postively this time last year??
  4. http://www.thetriforce.com/ntbbc/index.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fnews.bbc.co.uk%2Fsport1%2Fhi%2Ffootball%2Fteams%2Fn%2Fnorwich%2F7481236.stm&s1=Insurance&r1=Dark+Magic&s2=Peter+&r2=1st&s3=Cullum&r3=Wizard&s4=%C2%A356m+&r4=%C2%A34.99&s5=57-year-old+&r5=195-year-old&s6=figurehead+and+icon&r6=Voodoo+Icon&s7=%C2%A320m+&r7=%C2%A33.99+and+a+packet+of+crisps&s8=Norfolk+&r8=Narnia&s9=Towergate&r9=Hogwarts&s10=%C2%A316m&r10=Jar+of+Magic+dust&s11=%C2%A31.7bn&r11=6+Chests+of+pirate+gold&rowcount=11   Made me chuckle..   OTBC
  5.  Great idea, although I would rather see a mixture of ex canary players like Alex Notman''s testimonial. Not Spurs. A match like Notman''s would be perfect for the fans and a perfect way to say goodbye to the legend that is Darren Huckerby.
  6. Darren,Thanks for so many great memorys, I am only 15 years old but I believe I have witnessed one of the best players ever to wear a city shirt. I wish you good luck in what ever you do and I really hope to see you back at Norwich some day soon..You are a true city legend. Your passion for our club cannot go unnoticed. You aren''t just a player, you are a fan. You are one of us. You have been the most exciting player I have seen over 10 years supporting the club.Good luck Dazza! Thanks for the memories-Scott
  7. Maybe if Grant sticks Dion in place of Brown tomorrow night Cureton could get better service??
  8. Went yesterday as usual...Marshall 6 - Not much to do reallySemi 5.5 - Some good running.. Would suit better as a midfielder than defender.Doc 6.5 - MOTM. Solid. Still some errors. Murrary 6.5 - Plays well with the DocDrury 5 - Was at fault for the goal. Just stood there. Apart from that some good tacklesSpillane 6/7 - Probably our biggest threat while he was on. Silly challenge he got booked for.Jarvis 6 - Plays well with SpillaneLappin 4 - Dunno what he was doing yesterday... awfulHuckleberry 4 - If he aint happy he won''t play well.. he showed us that yesterdayBrown 4 - Good at holding the ball up.. apart form that.. nothingCureton 4 - Not much of the ball... missed a couple of sitters.SubsCroft 5 - Looked decent when he came on.Striker 4 - Not enough time.. Some good touches though.All in all.. Awful, Rubbish... No other words can describe it.
  9. [quote user="Phatcanary9"]Pickle, we are all i''m sure thinking the same , been there done that!! We can all sing blow on our trumpets and wave our flags but the team and manager just aint up to the job. I shout myself sore every home game along with thousands of others but we still don''t improve. Sorry to put a downer on your idea but we are way past getting behind the team to help them inprove we need a complete change at board level, a new experienced manager and a rich suger daddy then i might brake out the wig!!![/quote]Agreed. Most of us go and shout our heads off week in week out for that club.. and they just shovel s*** in our face.
  10. Will it be it for Grant?Will you start protesting?Will you be in fear for your club?Will Delia finally come to her senses??Discuss...1. He wont get sacked after scunny2. Yes, I will protest.3. I am at the moment let alone tuesday!4. No.. She will be the same old Delia..
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