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  1. [quote user="AJ"]He''s out for a good three weeks, possibly a lot longer too. His hip is playing him up again.[/quote] i think you will find its his thigh not his hip .
  2. but what would you say if he played against them it was 0-0 and he missed a sitter in the 90th minute or scored an own goal ?
  3. oh and wasnt moaning was just curious why 21 was the junior rate not 16
  4. but would be fairer if they gave student discount
  5. why do under 21s get to pay  pay less than say a 30 year old who probably earns the same ? would understand under 16s getting cheaper tickets but not under 21s.
  6. i dont think we could afford to buy him back from san jose now though :o(
  7. Was maybe but not now,  not once roeder reads that !!!
  8. [quote user="Phil E Stein"]If he does go, who would you like to see replace him?[/quote]   Ian Holoway, i said we should have got him instead of Grant
  9. i saw that too and all i can say is who the hell told him to get a ticket for the snake pit ? i also think that the fan who spat at him should be ashamed of himself , it was right up close and full in the face !
  10. where did you see that as its not what he said on radio norfolk and it doesnt say it onthe official site either ?
  11. sort of :- when  i  was  a  little boy my mother gave me a little toy an ipswich fan upon a string so what did i do i kicked its f***in head in  
  12. there is a good anti ipswich song that is sung to that tune too !! quite suprised not to hear it being sung when they played it .
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