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  1. http://www.inthehandsofthefans.co.uk/ http://www.supporters-direct.org/homepage/aboutsupportersdirect
  2. There is no official market in NCFC Shares however Norwich City Supporters Trust website offers a facility whereby people wishing to sell shares can place their e-mail address and anyone seeking to purchase some shares can contact them. The Trust cannot oversee the sale but it has been successful in facilitating sales. www.inthehandsoffans.co.uk Of course the Trust is always willing to accept donations of shares as we increase a shareholding on behalf of all fans and we do organise share transfers in these circumstances. You can contact me via the website.
  3. No comment on the politics of the situation but a couple of years ago Andy Burnham, the then Culture Secretary, wrote to the Premier League, Football League and the FA with seven questions the Government wanted answers to which included the role of football clubs in the community so it has been part of this Governments thinking. I suspect the increasing influence of supporters trusts at some ailing clubs has brought the issue to the for (as well as an upcoming General Election. Those of us who believe in the supporters trust concept eagerly await the views and actions of whoever wins on May 6th.
  4. No conspiracy only cock-up Trust submitted Press Release three days earlier, nothing appeared so wrote a letter based on PR. Sods Law PR and letter printed in same edition - suggest Letters Editor and Sports Editor donl liaise. Tim East is simply a Trust member and not part of the Trust Board however as a councillor seems to get everything printed.
  5. Cityangel - have tried to e-mail you twice via this message board and the message is returned. Could you e-mail me direct at ncst.sec@ntlworld.com. Thanks
  6. Sorry, very rude of me, but yes we did receive the invite however I did not know the date had been changed.Now comes the difficult part as to deciding democratically who should attend on behalf of the trust. As I don''t post on here regularly a response to a few threads. The Trust has aims as laid down by Supporters Direct - check out their website. I referred to the way Arsenal ST and Arsenal ISA operate in tandem when I spoke at St Andrews Hall (maybe it was just boring) Egos, we all know who has and who hasn''t within our own ranks. For those who decry the idea of a fan Director have a look at the Swansea Trust website.
  7. One thing i will promise, the Trust always replies to e-mails (unless I have a senior moment!!)
  8. Thanks for the advice, will take it on board. Try www.supporters-direct.org
  9. One further point regarding being self-publicists. I was taught in my trade union days that if one wished to get a press release even considered it must have an attributable statement. I am sure John and Kathy will agree.
  10. I have been called to account: The aims of the Supporters Trust movement, for that is what it is, is to get democratic involvement of the fans in the running of their football club re AFC Wimbledon through to Barcelona with many stops on the way. A dream but I like it! To my knowledge there is not a single individual on the current Trust Board with ambitions in that direction. My "personal" letter to the EDP was my personal view on what was proposed re "making her life unbearable". The Trust comments are in response to the attitudes on many messageboards and not specifically aimed at NCISA. Negativity and insults are easy, informed comment is more difficult when we are not privvy to NCFC Board meetings The Trusts response to the new CEO was based on contact with Fulham and Celtic Supporters Trusts. The St Andrews Hall meeting was organised by NCISA, I am not sure how they would have felt if the Trust used it as a recruitment exercise. In all fairness John Tilson invited me on the top table but without the agreement of the whole Trust Board it would have been difficult with the potential of being brought into debates the Trust would prefer to stay out of. Quality of managers, players etc. Yeah, our shareholding is minute in comparison to some but was greater than that of some previous Directors and is certainly above that required for Associate Director status which was refused by ND because it took so long to achieve it. Maybe the case for supporters trusts has been inadequately sold but not for want of trying. Archant have never shown any interest. As to whether the Trust is a fans group then possibly not unless the fans share our belief that football and the politics of football are important. When clubs fail it is more often or not the Trust that rides to the rescue. As for facing in both directions at once, if targeted at myself well great, at least I shall see from what direction the knife is coming! Anyone wishing to raise issues about the Trust are welcome to e-mail - ncst.sec@ntlworld.com - I will try to reply swiftly and factually.
  11. The following letters in the name of the Trust have been published   1 - Your "stirring" article and editorial (EDP 30 June) regarding potential changes in the make-up of the Board of Norwich City linked to an investment of £20M highlights the fact that, whilst discussions may have taken place, the fans are unaware of the details of the discussions. For this reason Norwich City Supporters Trust welcomes any reference by potential investors to having a member of a supporters club on the Board.  Norwich City Supporters Trust is democratically operated as an Industrial Provident Society (equivalent of a Mutual Building Society) and has over 560 members each having a share in the Trust which in turn invests all it’s fund raising into the Club in return for shares. We currently have over 550 members and since our creation in 2002 have purchased over £23,000 worth of City shares. It is a long held view of supporters trusts across the country that all clubs should have an elected fan on the Board of their club and this is something we have been seeking over the past five years.  In the light of what has happened elsewhere with new owners more interested in the “real estate” than in the social benefits of a thriving local resource, Norwich City Supporters Trust has welcomed the current Board’s criteria for investment in the football club however the current Board have not seen the necessity to involve fans further than through the welcome, but undemocratic, machinery of the Supporters Consultative Group.  We need to know more details of what is going on, but preliminary statements credited to Mr Cullum are promising. 2 - The tone of the articles and random fan comments surrounding the potential take-over of Norwich City Football Club appear to have created a new hero in the form of Mr Cullum and new villians in the form of Ms Smith and Mr Wynn Jones aided and abetted by the Chief Executive.   As I understood it Mr Cullum was intending to work alongside the current majority shareholders recognising the attributes both they and co-board members have brought to the club. One assumes that any sucessful business man would recognise that the "brand-name" of Delia Smith brings in around three quarters of a million pounds annually through Delia''s Canary Catering and the unestimable uncosted benefits the "brand" brings to the Club.   Norwich City Supporters Trust has never got involved in debates over the ability or otherwise of our recent string of managers, that is left to independent supporters clubs, we do however get involved in issues that affect the governance of our football club.   We believe that to create a polarisation of the fans either pro or anti the existing majority shareholders will be so damaging that it could tear the heart out of the Club and return it to position it was in during the latter years of the Robert Chase regime. There is a need for the Club to progress but this is best done through evolution not revolution.   Unfortunately evolution is not journalistically "sexy", revolution certainly is. Ask any politician!   Sorry for delay but rarely visit this site
  12. For general information our service provider at www.ncst.org is suffering major problems with it''s link to our secondary address http://www.inthehandsofthefans.co.uk  My apologies. Trust Secretary
  13. To all those who are taking an interest despite everything, I will get around to providing a comprehensive answer some time over the weekend, despite being semi-retired I do have committments away from my PC. In the meantime a few quick answers:- The news updates - Like all other Supporters Trusts our original remit is as a fans overseer of the governance of our football clubs hence stories regarding take-overs, other Trusts etc. It was part of our original remit that we would not comment on the playing side of NCFC. I can assure you that I scour the quality press for such stories but we are often reliant on our parent body Supporters Direct for such stories. The value of the shares - Until the investment of £5100 at the club AGM we held £15000 at a face value of £25 per share. At that AGM the face value of ordinary shares was raised to £30 which I believe increases the worth of the previously purchased shares to £18000. Add the £5100 to that and you get the new figure of £23100. The website - this was designed for us to replace a site donated by one of our sponsor companies, at least we (I) have administrative and editorial control of it. We have many ideas of making additions but unless they are cheap or preferably free to implement we prefer to stick to our plan to plough as much as we can back into the Club in return for shares. We are all volunteers and calls for involvement from a much younger group of fans has raised little response. Membership - I have not checked on the delays so do not know if there is a built in delay with PayPal. Where possible i have provided an electronic NCST Share Certificate as soon as I pick up the e-mails from PayPal. It is no excuse but for several reasons we have been out of touch with our Membership Secretary until last week. NCISA - unfortunately since we set up the Trust in 2002 we have been treated as "outsiders" by both the Supporters Consultative Group and other fans groups over all sorts of "petty" issues such as sponsoring the number 13 shirt, organising the anti-racism pledge, commissioning the video with NNREC. At one stage the Club was forced to get involved. (This is quite common around the country where Independent Supporters Associations are in conflict with Trusts. Arsenal have recently solved their conflict once faced by the wealthy Russian) Mike Reynolds
  14. You are quite right, the Trust membership is £10 for adults and £5 for under 16s. We do corporates at £100. At present there are only 570 of us but our shareholding is worth £23000 +. It won''t be easy and it won''t be instantaneous but there are fans on the Boards of other Clubs even if it is not in an executive role. I''d settle for a non voting non-executive place. At least we would know what the Board does and does not discuss. Details of the Trust and joining on-line is at www.ncst.org.uk.  
  15. I am sorry we did not manage to get into the debate on widening the share base but at that time we were at the back of the hall and the accoustics were atrocious. We had earlier done a full interview with Radio Broad;land on the subject but of course it was not "sexy" enough to be broadcast. Regarding the purchase of shares, we had our aplication rejected earlier in the year but we were assured by Doncaster that further shares would be released through an EGM (at the time we expexted the Club AGM to be held in January as usual). We had planned to present the club with a "giant"cheque at the AGM on the assumption the resolution would be carried  however we were informed that we could only apply and that the Board would have to agree the sale of £5100 of shares to the Trust. This was done immediately after the AGM. I suspect MWJ deems our small but regular purchase of shares as insignificant. On the final point, I genuinely believe from discussions we have with other supporters trusts that, for good or ill, the one complaint that can''t be lodged against the Board is that , unlike most other Boards under fire, they do not hide.
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