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  1. Cheers for the input (Especially Banana... Very constructive). I''d be suprised if Varsity will be showing it on a Friday - I lived on Oxford Road for a few years and always found it a bit savage on that corner at the weekend. I usually watch the match in the Lass o Gowrie but with it being a Friday night, I can''t see it happening. Somebody I work with suggested ''The Pub'' on Grosvenor street - usually full os students but they''ve all cleared out by now so could be worth a shout.
  2. So - I am in Manchester - Is anyone heading out to watch the game in a pub and if so where? can''t think of too many places that''ll be showing it on a Friday night mind?! Cheers
  3. Anybody know any pubs in Nottingham that will be showing Saturday''s game instead of the Man Yoo Match??
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