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  1. Very proud to have played a small part in ridding the Club of that man, ''he''s fat, he''s round, bounce him on the ground...........ROBERT CHASE.
  2. Simply a one off, I only saw him a few times, and I think he was sent off everytime, talented, ''fiery'' does not do him justice. I believe he died straight after a five a side game. To this day we still laugh and exaggerate about him, because once seen never forgotten.
  3. Quote - Trevor Hockey, lots of hair, nothing else. - WHAT?? I only saw Hockey play a few times, and to this day I still talk fondly of the indelibly stamped memories, a genuine one off, and still a hero for me. He died young, playing in a five a side, doing what he loved!
  4. At one time I seem to remember we had (at the same time) K.Keelan, R.Hansbury, M.Cawston. Keelan was a true great, but the others were good to, but my vote has to go to Roger, as when he got his first team chance, his nerve seemed to go. I would appreciate any info on what happened to hm post City, and any views on what happened to his form?
  5. The reality was described quite well in a recent Observer article. Norwich is a ''fanatically supported community Club''. Who should take credit for this if not Delia and Michael? I remember Chase demanding gates of 16,000 in order to break even. Now that was ''little Norwich''! I look at the farce of the premiership with proud Clubs like Man u/L''pool, Chelsea and Arsenal, all basically owned and run by overseas capitalists and short term asset strippers. Yet some posters on here are so parochial that they seem to resent a ''stowmarket'' connection. Maybe try having your Club run by an Icelandic consortium if you want to see your dreams fade and die (or turn to ashes). These are no doubt the same posters who decry ''lack of ambition''. I wonder how much ambition, vision and courage these same critics have shown in their own lives? Do you fancy changing places with billionaires, QPR? How about ambitious Gippeswyk with their big name Manager and high finance owner? Delia did not take us up nor did she take us down, but her stewardship has ensured that the Norwich project remains one of the most exciting and respected in English football. ''Lets be having you'' mark2.
  6. Early leavers are pathetic if they are leaving for traffic reasons, but they are risking missing the action so they punish themselves. I usually get out quick at the final whistle to walk in front of the impatient drivers and slow them down. I admit to leaving early once. It was at Portman Road, Ullathorne had just passed back to Bryan Gunn........the metal gate was closed, so in my frustration I forced it open with a 2 footed flying kick, not realising that a line of Suffolk Constabulary were behind it (looking a little surprised). When they saw the fury in my face they parted and let me go on my way (I lived in Ipswich at the time).
  7. I was shocked and saddened by the deaths in Turkey. But ask yourself this question? Would those lads of been killed if the Leeds fans had not provoked the local honour by their boorish, racist and challenging behaviour? Those fans and their ilk (at Carrow Road yesterday) are in fact partly guilty of murder.
  8. Their fans did appear to be of the ''lumpen'' persuasion, as opposed to the usual mix of families etc. I saw a heavily built bloke outside the Barclay before the game bleeding from the mouth, appearing to try and retaliate against a group of large lads. Informed that he was a City fan but I cannot verify this. Not sure how active the Police were as there were many of them just yards away but no action was evident. At the end of the game we were confronted with Leeds fans looking for trouble ''have a go you c--t'' and all that, again the Police seemed to act like this was normal behaviour. Made the Victory even more enjoyable.
  9. I guess the Ferry Boat was my all time best pre-match Pub. My bro and some mates used to ''squat'' in the old Argyle St, so it was popular for us on non-football days too. Over the years I have not been very adventurous before games, Coach and Horses, Rosary, Clarence, but Ferry hold most memories. I used to like sitting outside and watching the fans head down from the Riverside.
  10. If we do it the team deserve every accolade and civic ceremony. Personally I think it is just as important as the celebrations for getting to the premiership, as success breeds success, and to get out of this division at the first time of asking is a real achievement (ask Leeds, Man City, Villa, Palace and West Brom to name a few). If you do not want to partake then sling your hook, and sit on a bar stool in the Murderers (watching Man ure or Arse nal)
  11. TOPICAL TIP for those travelling by train from London. Purchase a Return ticket from Paddington to DIDCOT, and also a Return ticket from Didcot to Swindon, and stay on the same train as both stop at Didcot! It is cheaper this way.
  12. Obviously to early, but if I look at Newcastle I would say they are up, then I look at us and we are equally well placed. Difference? I support us, and caution takes over. I will not be celebrating until it is mathematical!
  13. The only good pub I know is the Glue Pot, Emlyn Sq, nr Oxford St, nr Railway Station and Village. I am meeting up with my mate in the Gluey, who is a Town fan and long term Gluey regular, and who will be with his mates, mostly exiles and ale fans. It has always been a friendly pub, although basically a Home pub, but it is a fair walk to the ground as I remember, but very few other options in the area I am informed.
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