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  1. Set to join us on 1st July. He signs a 3-Year deal with us. He has passed a medical. More on the official site.
  2. You what!?! Croft is definatly good enough, Colin and Etuhu are looking good, but agree with the rest. Just wondering why on earth you said Croft, Colin and Etuhu ain''t good enough, i would love to hear why you think they ain''t good enough.
  3. mine must be when we beat man u 2-0 i was watching it round my mates house and he had a few more mates over aswell and they were all man u fans i never knew they could be so quiet and ive never heard my mates mum shout so load lol!!!
  4. yer i get excited going 2 see norwich play because i dont go see them play much, only 4 times this season northampton, millwall, preston and stoke
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