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  1. Negative vibes is gettin ga bit more positive! Can you put positive vibes as your name please?  i''ll cook you a nice fish
  2. calm down mate, relax, have a drink, have abit of dance, enjoy yourself beaker is comedy genius!    Relax take it eeeeasssyyy! what a song mate
  3. couple of bessies mate     erm learn from the expert i once caught a fish bigger than a house
  4.     Pretty much answers all of our troubles
  5. mate i''m just a fisherman, i use a spear carved out of wood or if i forget my spear i use my teeth as i camoflauge myself into the water
  6. Oguchi Onyewu - Can''t pronounce his name but he''ll win us every game!
  7. we love you beaker, we do, we love you beaker, we do"!
  8. HAHAHAHAHA he looks more like a chipmunk though
  9. He supposedly has a release clause in his contract, so he''s probably going to the club which offers him the most money! Might possibly be us if the board is prepared to back roeder!  
  10. Used to go to a football class with Peter Mendam...Ever such a nice guy could never imagine him even laying a finger on someone but obviously i was wrong. Andy Johnson(not bald one) now at Barnsley used to live in dussindale John Polston also lived in dussindale and is doing alright for himself as a personal trainer in Reading Met Linvoy Primus (portsmouth) when i was on holiday in malaga, norwich were interested in signing him a few years ago becuase my mum got a call from linvoys wife asking about schools in norfolk One of my dads good mates, brother is Paul Clayton and he has a 14 year old (max clayton) who has been linked with a 1 million pound move to liverpool
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