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  1. wiz seriously its not one player that makes a team its dissapointing but not division 1 material,  please avoid the melodramawatch for january mate then vilify if necessarynobodys happy where we are, and im a long time supporter
  2. absolute shit, simple as that worst setup as everproven centre half and the board doesnt want to consolidate our current form agreed the current setup is naft but im sure we''ll all be informed more vociferously by one particularly inept individual
  3. a little from column a and a little from column b, we8wba
  4. THE ORICLE RETURNS !!!!!!!!!!!WELCOME BACK SMUDGER !!!!!!!!i for one have missed your prodigious genius, your wisdom, your charisma and especially that well versed repartee that so many people have come to love and admire.the past week has been barren of any aggravated rants and foolhardy ideas but im sure you can rectify the situation post haste.please accept my thanks in advance for all future conversational diarrhoea you may wish to embellish this message board with. its sure been strange to not have one individual constantly clogging up every topic with personal insults and poorly conceived notions, but  its nice of you to finally poke your head out of the wood work again. i only hope that city can reward you with a loss sooner rather than later so we may be entertained by more scintillating observations.heres a tip for young players though - any time you want to impress a point try not to overwhelm people with multiple posts and insults. it kind of raises the flag that your rather inept.it sure is nice to have you back though . people need laughter.best of luck with that business as well. sounds like it really gets busy around the time city get on a winning streak. obviously if your not around i can only assume your hard at work and i think that really is a win win situation for everybody.sayonara senoritafattyowls
  5. i advocate eveything you mention mello **note i do reallise the irony of using the internet to post this reply**also banning all motorised transport would be beneficial. i was wandering around town a few weeks ago and came across mounted police. this convinced me once again of the wonderful serene benefits horse powered transport can have on oneself (especially buggies). except for horsepats on the cobblestones the idea is flawless. we also need to construct roads exclusively with cobblestones and have 10 year olds screaming there lungs out with newprint in hand "worst team to venture onto hallowed turf, get you daily blab" on street corners.queensbury rules are spot on. either that or duelling (sword preffered).i think this could be a good thread "the ills of modern society". i might take a nap.
  6. [quote user="Hairy Canary"][quote user="lobster catcher"][quote user="Canary Ben002"]Then u obviously dont undertand what a ''fact'' is then do ya[/quote]sorry simon did i wright fact wrong[/quote] No but you did write wright wrong [/quote]no he didnt, he spelt wright correctly W-R-I-G-H-T.thats exactly how id spell wright.now if he meant to write "write", then indeed he spelt it incorrectly.[:)]
  7. sorry i cant think of a reference from "keep the aspidistra flying"someone else ?
  8. [quote user="The Bucketman"]Lobster catcher, you name all these sites that we8wba has posted on, and that he must have a lot of free time... How much free time do you have in order to trawl the internet to get this info?   [/quote]you beat me to it, bucketman. booooo hoooo !!!!  someone who isnt a city supporter on our website putting in their two cents. honestly if critique of peoples input on this site is necessary, id surely not start with we8wba''s posts.i think all these people who dislike we8wba are really closeted kevin muscat fans who fantasise about him playing in their sunday league social team. watch him go !!! watch him disable the opposition winger !!!! we love you kev, your beauty bonza mate.some people resemble weepy blubbering vaginas. please stop it, im getting wet.barry fry for pm
  9. we have the option of extending the contract till christmas simply to get him match fit?laughable !!!!!!!!!!!one is assuming johnny boy can actually get fit in the first place.now theres something misguided about that premis, just cant seem to put my finger on it
  10. isnt he that oversized cat who starred with a psychotic chihuahua in a certain american cartoon, circa 1990. he didnt appear too bright to be honest, just seemed to like making hairballs all day.but yeah, anybody who even has a remote resemblance to martin oneil, be it even the same hair colour, im sure would suffice.and as i once said (just minutes ago in fact) "prudence is a dish best served with apathy and toad in the hole"rock n roll senoritas
  11. well im hanging out for the managers job at my local macca d''s.i reakon were well worth conference status.im the man to guide them there.the 12 year old who serves at the drive thru is playing right back, the "head patty flipper" is poised for a run on the wing, and im playing as a holding midfielder with the 10 year old counterhand as an attacking midfielder.cant wait to play greys.that clough fellow is pretty nervous id imagine. fatts
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