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  1. I was at the game on Friday & it did appear that Hoolahan has picked up an injury he was not moving around freely & was hobbling towards the end of the game & probably soldiered on because we had used all 3 subs & he did not want to leave the team with only 9 players on the pitch. My guess is he will not play tomorrow.
  2. I was there last night & this ref (& his linesman) made Andy D''Urso look competent (anyone remember Bristol City)!!This game should serve as a stark reminder that we are still in the third division of english football with officials to match.I sincerely hope that we never see this guy again....or his linesman .....or Mr D''Urso!!
  3. Korey Smith today covered the ground of 3 men after Rusty was sent off he made an enormous effort the plug the gaps in our defence & had our best scoring chance very unlucky. MacNamee just did not do enough for the team today did not track back to help out defensively bearing in mind that we were down to 10 men. I think Lappin''s dip in form is to do with the absence of Drury he does not have the same understanding with Rose. I think you could go with Hughes or possibly Gill if Rusty gets suspended. Don''t think Lambert needs to change the team for the sake of it yet lets see what happens on Tuesday against Southend.
  4. [quote user="Simon Lappin, King Of Spain"]Comprehensive report thanks mate, was at the game in the away end and saw bugger all as we were in the 2nd row from the front and not going to try and comment too much on the game itself as a result. I do disagree with you on some points particularly with regard to our defence, my personal impression was that Rose had a stinker especially in the first half, thought his postioning was poor and he lacked strength in the tackle, Martin had a better game but was given a lot of trouble by Lua Lua, like Rose my impression was that his defensive work was not up to standard, however his play going forward improves with every game I see. I also thought both centre halves had better games than you gave them credit for but were made to look worse than they were by poor defensive performances from both full backs. For me the result hinged on two decisions, firstly Poyet''s to bring off Lua Lua who was their most dangerous attacking threat, gave Martin a real run around for the whole 65mins he was on the pitch and bring on a defensive midfielder, the second being Lambert''s to bring off Korey and Nelson and put on Oli and Macca, tactical naivety from Poyet who tried to hold down a one nil lead against the league leaders and a great gamble from Lambert who saw that we were going nowehere fast and made the substitutions and formaition changes which entirely altered the face of the game, obviously that is one of the factors which seperates a good manager from a great one. Also I loved the way Lambert sprinted down the touchline to pick up the stray ball and give it to Martin (R) to take the free kick which resulted in Ginger Pele''s match winner. I gain more and more respect for that man with every game I see, he is the best thing to happen to the club in an eternity.Other than that I thought Holt was far from his best today, constantly over on the wings rather in the middle of the park which left no one in the centre to get on the end of crosses or through balls as Martin was usually over on the other touchline (although he looked skillful wiht the ball at his feet I thought his movement without the ball was pretty poor today). Holt seems to have the tendency to "do a Rooney" when we''re not playing well and tries too hard to make things happen as a result we sometimes lose his physical presence up front. As soon as McNamee and Johnson came on and he took a more central position we looked much more threatening. One final point is that although Hoolahan was marked out of the majority of the game, it was his magical little run along the byline into the box which set up Holt''s equaliser, he may have been kept quiet at times, but only needs to slip his marker for a second to make something happen, utterly indispensible player!Overall poor performance except the last 15mins but great result, we''ll need to improve hugely to beat Southampton next weekend but the three points is the main thing at the moment OTBC!!!!!! This was my first time at the Withdean & the experience i think was similar to watching a football match on the moon.....in terms of the lack of atmosphere & temperature!! I was puzzled to see one chap walking towards the stand before the kick off with a pair of binoculars hanging around his neck when I reached my seat I quickly realised why!! Agree with your appraisal of the game. Two lads sitting beside me said city''s dressing room must have been near to the refreshments stand because while they were enjoying their half time cupa they overheard the ''intensity'' of Lambert''s half time team talk!! (viz. a big yellow & green hairdryer was used on full power)!! Full marks to Lambert for gambling on the changes he made in the last 15 minutes, five up front thats what I call going for it....as someone said earlier ''balls of steel!! Good result for us. However, the overall performance will need to improve if we are going to get 3 points from Southampton next week. OTBC
  5. I think OJ will be in for Holt, Korey Smith at right back for Russel Martin & Hughes in RS midfield for Korey Smith, & the same players elsewhere.
  6. He scores with his left, He scores with his riiiight. That boy Holty, Will make Ipswich look sh*te (Nicked from Man U''s chant for Ronaldo!!!)
  7. Scotland made the most of the situation he just fell over doc''s outstretched leg therfore it was a penalty.  The main problem was the ball came in from the left too easily and doc just had to try and deal with the situation (not well on this occation). In my opinion doc has been one of our most constistant performers this season. Incidently, the ref at the swansea game was not quite so benevolent to us when one of their players handled the ball inside our penalty area!! This seems to have happended a few times this season coventry at home comes to mind.However, the problem of the ball being put into our penalty area too easily is a bit of a re-occuring theme, it happended last week against sheffield wednesday when cofty did not manage to make a challenge on their player and allowed him to cut in from the left and get a shot in and score, i''m not singling cofty out because he has been fairly good for us defensively. Similar thing happened at Birmingham when Carney gave up the ball too easily to the brummy wideman and he then crossed the ball in for jarome to score (fouling marshall in the process I might add)  
  8. I also can not access this video, anyone know the username and password ?
  9. [quote user="I.S."][quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Ahhhhhhhhh so Hooly is the new whipping boy then?  Wondered who it would be, makes a change from Crofty and Doc I guess. [:|][/quote]Thing is, I think they have a bit of a point. Our defending in the first half was horrendous - I lost count of the amount of times Bristol waltzed through our midfield and fed the ball to unmarked players. Looking at their goal, and you can see how much of a problem it was - nobody seemed to know who was marking who. Drury was not at his best, but was horribly exposed for most of the match,I think Rusty was quite poor yesterday, but Hoolahan does destroy the shape of the team. Personally I think it''s difficult to play him in any other position than in the hole in a 4-4-1-1, although this does depend on the opposition of course.Then again, Huckerby caused us similar problems, and he did a decent job for us...[/quote]I agree, having watched norwich home and away this season with only position that I think Hoolahan can be played is ''in the hole'' (4-4-1-1) where he has no significant defensive responsibilities, we may get away with playing him left midfield in a 4-4-2 formation against poorer sides in the league but better teams will exploit the space left by him on the opposition right flank when he goes walk about like Bristol did yesterday, personally I quite like his creative input he is always looking to get on the ball, he does drive you nuts when he beats 2 players and then turns back into trouble and looses posession.
  10. Who would you pick out of those currently available for the next game at Bristol?Picking a back four is obviously a real problemPresumably Kenedy, Patterson, Dajan and Jon O will not be available.After what I''ve seen over the last few games frankly I don''t have a clue as to what our strongest 11 would be.Any thoughts?
  11. I think Clingan was instrumental in the good passing football we all saw early on in the season particularly at home against Birmingham...I''ve not seen such energy in our midfield since "3 lungs" played for us, but in my opinion Clingan seems to be a much better passer of the ball than Holty.I think Clingan sits well in front of the back 4 and breaks the opposition''s attacking play up much better than Fozzy but without Clingan in the team I think the defensive responsibility weighs heavy on Fozzy''s shoulders and it has affected him in the last few games, this is just my observation, however, I really would like to see if Clingan and Rusty can play together in central midfield I think they would compliment each other far better than Clingan and Fozzy because they are too similar.I have also noticed just how static our attackers are at times it frustrates the hell out of me because as much as we want to see incisive passing from our midfield to the attack if there is no movement up front then the midfield has no target so the sideways or backwards pass is often the only option, I think Lupoli has been our best forward player in turns of making runs and trying to making space to receive the ball.Finally, Crofty''s crossing......we all know this is is not good enough at times but he is our only genuine wide player with pace at the moment and I''ve seen him put plenty of low crosses in the box onto he penalty spot over the last couple of seasons and it always seems to pass behind our front two who always seem to make the same run towards the six yard line and I sit there thinking only if we had Damien Francis making a late run into the box to get onto some of those crosses!!
  12. Agree with the thrust of your post indy bones.  It seems to me sometimes in our build up play both last night (in the first half) and last season that we do not seem able to make a pass from midfield to Cureton''s feet or an incisive pass between or over the oppositions defenders into the space behind when they are lined up about 25 yards from their goal, Cureton looked for this delivery many times last night you could see him making the run across thier back line pointing to where he wants the ball delivered and sadly I can only recall one attempt from our midfield to the deliver the required pass and that was from Clingan.  We always seem to opt for the sideways or backwards pass which is obviously necessay sometimes to maintain possesion of the ball but fozzy and patterson in particular makes a square pass or attempt some over ambitious inaccurate long pass to switch the play with the ball going out of play.  Is it a general lack of vision from our midfielders or just a mind-set that causes them to not pass the ball forward enough?  If the timing of the forward''s run is good enough to create the space to receive the ball then surely a 10-15yard pass is not beyond the ability of our midfield?  Or does your name have to be Fabregas to attempt this!! However, in the defence of the midfield too often last season when they were in possesion moving forward there was no movement up front no runs off the ball looking for a pass so there was no option other than to pass the ball square or backwards with the result of a hoofed long ball which usually lost us prossesion. So perhaps what I''m saying is there needs to be a general improvement from both our midfield and forward players next season to move the ball in a forward direction (pass & move!!) Inspite of my ''ramblings'' I will be interested to see whether Hoolahan and Luppoli can link up effectively.
  13. "Are you saying £20 million in cash is not enough for 51% of NCFC? whats your idea of a fair price did you go to school with Delia should it be £56 million for a club that is £16 million in debt?" Yes I think £20m would probably be enough to buy 51% of the NCFC but to do this surely Peter Cullum needs to buy shares, once he has bought the shares how much of the £20m would be left to buy players? Maths is not my strong point! "Mark my words Herb et al the day the club turned down PC offer was the day they betrayed us all." I don''t feel betrayed on the strength of what has gone on over the last couple of weeks, I just see business people posturing through the press (unfortunately) and looking after their  own interests, fair enough?
  14. Yes well perhaps they are hollow words perhaps they are not, it sounds like someone just making an ''off the cuff'' remark to me.  My point was that delia is only doing what anybody else would in trying get the best deal possible for her shares and at the same time hopefully having the effect of tying the investor into the club for the long run.
  15. Of course the price tag from the club is unrealistic just as Peter Cullum''s offer of £20m to take control of it is probably unrealistic, presumably if the takeover is going to happen the true valuation lays somewhere between these two figures. Peter Cullum has obviously gone public about his offer to put pressure on Delia and force the price down and the wall of silence from her is merely to hold ground. Why should the majority shareholders be expected to give the club away at a cut price?  If it were mine I certainly wouldn''t I would want the going market rate as I would if I sold a car or even my house, would I accept the first offer that came my way at nearly 50% of what I was expecting?  Absolutely not and nor would anybody else if their honest about it.  So why is Delia is being cast as ''the sporn of the devil'' for holding out for a better price I do not know. However, personally I think it is probably about time for someone else to take over at the helm the present set up has gone as far as they can with it, they have had some highs and some lows.  I think it is important that the club is sold to a new investor for a good price rather than a cut price then hopefully they will be more likely to ''stick around'' rather than cut their losses and run at the first sign of trouble.  Because if they were to get ''fed up'' and sell out while we were still in the championship it could leave the club in serious financial trouble (perhaps someone can put me right over this if I am wrong) but whatever money comes into the club as investment would be through the purchase of shares and a loan (i.e. as the Turners have done) therefore if the new owners sells their interest in the club in the future then surely they would call-in any loans at the same time leaving us with a huge debt (unless they are magnanimous enough to write it off...Abramovich style...I don''t think so!!).  So I think we need an investor who is prepared for the long haul.  OTBC
  16. I agree with Icecream Snow, we are being ''played'' a little bit by Peter Cullum to drive down Delia''s valuation of the club, why choose now to go public?  Because we appear to be scratching around for player transfers, timimg is everything in brokering the deal. Does anybody know whether the £20m that is being offered by Peter Cullum as part of this deal a loan to the club that may need to be repaid if he were to leave the board in the future? i.e. like the £4m loan that is owed to the current board by the club.
  17. Semmy everytime from what I saw last night. It might just be me but I dont think he came off cos he was injured, I think he came off cos he was having a mare and didnt fancy staying on.  The final straw for him seemed to be when he was left on his arse by their left winger.  When he got up he wanted to look like he was injured but I think the only thing hurt was his pride. He went down not far from where I was sitting and it looked a genuine injury to me, he limped off with what appeared to be a knee injury - looked serious.
  18. Have to agree with what has been posted about gibbs tonight does not look half the player that bertrand did when he was first introduced, gibbs looked lost, yes he wanted to get on the ball but he kept running away from bertrand too much and bertrand kept getting closed off so only ball he had was sideways or backward.  If he wanted to get on the ball he should have dropped in short to give bertrand an easier forward pass.  Defencively he contributed nothing from midfield he did not close the hull players down which allowed them a free run at bertrand (worse than hucks!!!).  I heard on radio norfolk that Arensal''s youth team coach was in the crowd tonight so perhaps glen roeder felt under a bit of pressure to give him time on the pitch, he has to be dropped on saturday and mo camara reinstated at left back with berty (or hucks) returned to left midfield.  Unforunately he has a very long way to go before he''s ready for first team football but he''s young so has plenty of time to work at his game. OTBC
  19. Hello The Butler, Good post and I like you watch this forum with interest but post infrequently. There is a lot of truth in the adage ''you pay your money and you take your choice'' yes watching football is indeed a form of paid entertainment.  But how most football fans (I generalise) assume the board of their club are somehow directly accountable to them because they have bought a ticket is something that seems to be unique to football obviously as a ''punter'' if you don''t like whats being served up you can vote with your feet.  Surely the directors who sit on the board of any company are ultimately only accountable to the company shareholders and even then they may only pay lipservice to them the ammount of say a shareholder has probably only depends on the size of their stake. There is no guaranteed blueprint for success in football at this level or even in the premiership, why most supporters assume that thowing large sums of money at the team will automatically make their team successful is beyond me, in any kind of business ~ there are times to ''stick'' and there are times to ''twist'' and there is sometimes an element of luck in getting it right. I also think we have a board of directors at norwich who genuinely care about the club and have a disire as far as possible to do what is right for the club and to be accountable to the supporters and yes like anyone they are capable of making mistakes, even with the appointment of peter grant I think most of them have gone on record to say yes it was a risk that they took and they got it wrong. With the evidence to hand so far they seem to have got the appointment of his successor right. As for our apparent lack of permanent signings in the january transfer window well I am happy at the moment to believe what glen roeder has said ~ there were funds made available to him to make permanent signings and for one reason or another he way unable to aquire this targets, he has also stated on more than one occasion that he is only prepared to bid for players that he believes will improve the team ~ personally I am pleased to hear he is acting responsibly with whatever funds he has available to him and hopefully he will aquire his targets and get better value for money during the summer window. Finally I also agree with with your last point ~ ".....lets all pull in the same direction" OTBC
  20. Yes is has been/is a fantastic player Yes the comment may be arrogant to some people. Yes he has carried the attack for the last four years   OTBC
  21. An argument in the defence of gary doherty - whilst under the management of peter grant I think doc''s confidence was very low, however, since glen roeder has been in charge his game has improved mainly because he is a confidence player, his reading of the game is better, he hardly ever misses a header, some of the tackles and blocks he gets in are impressive, did you see how well he handled steve howard in the leicester game howard hardly touched the ball because doc was there first!! he is brave to a fault and always gives 100% to the team nothing less, his two main faults are; as we all know, his distribution out of defence leaves a bit to be desired and if he does get turned by a player with pace then he does have a problem making up the lost ground and tends to foul the player hopefully before any damage is done!!  However, malky mackay and going back even further duncan forbes neither of them were exactly quick but they did not have to take the ''stick'' that gary doherty has had to but would you question their committment....no because that''s what got them through the game at times, like doc.  Obviously doc does not commarnd the team like malky, big dunc or dion he is not that type of person. What can not be denied is that gary doherty has been an integral part of the teams recent upturn in form and results, has the teams'' form dipped since the departure of tiny taylor?......no.  As for ''certain'' posters comments - how can they be so critical of a player that by their own admission they have not seen play recently? and then threaten to be abusive to them if they met them in the street?  Obviously enjoys the attention that is atracted by being very out spoken!!
  22. Darren Huckerby has been incredibly loyal to norwich city - when he signed in 2003 it was against the advice of his agent - he has certainly been our most entertaining player (i.e. the goal against birmingham last season) and has stuck with us through thick and thin - do you remember that dreadful home game against Burnley which was Worthy''s final game in charge, well Hucks never gave it up he and Earnie are probably the only players that ''gave it a go''.  Hucks is a rare find in the footballing world - a player with integrity!!!  As for the statement in todays press well I think this is a message to the club - what are your intentions I need to know - and if he is offered another one year deal I think he will probaly sign. As for the lack of the form that we have all become accustomed to I believe it is mainly due to his injury and hopefully he will start to fire on all four cyclinders between now and the end of the season.  He has not been selected in the starting 11 recently is because of this and the resulting drop in form, what is clear is that Glen Roeder does not carry any passengers in the team. Beyond this season yes he does have a role to play many say he is past it personally I think he has to reinvent himself i.e. to get his head up and use his skill and experience in the way Dion or Ryan Giggs does to good effect and to not just rely on his pace i.e. running flat out at defences with his head down.  An old football saying - as a player gets older they loose a yard of pace but they never loose quality and Darren has plenty of quality. Norwich City Legend - Abso~bloody~lutely!! OTBC
  23. I will sign - lets hope Bury gives Southampton a hardtime (on the pitch of course) on saturday soften them up a bit for us the following tuesday!! - GOOD LUCK
  24. I agree Ryan Bertrand did look quite good when on the ball, but with him playing left back I''m not sure he would be able to diplace Mo Camara due to Mo''s superior experience, he looks a little bit lightweight at the moment I''m not sure he has enough mass and may get mussled off the ball too easily when up against championship players I did not see him having to do much defending on saturday, he may be better suited to playing left midfield he certainly seems to have good pace and close ball control to take on defenders.  Time will tell on this one the signs are good thought.  OTBC
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