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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2157794/Robert-Green-set-sign-QPR.html#ixzz1xX0vp593
  2. J''ai quelques questions à vous poser... pour vérification... 1.) Qui est le meilleur-buteur dans l''histoire de LOSC? 2.) Quelle est votre opinion sur Hollandaise? 3.) Savez-vous où trouver ''Ipswich'' sur la carte? Pouvez-vous repondre en phrases complètes, s''il vous plaît.
  3. he''s got the face of a convict but the attitude of a prima donna. don''t expect him to be around too long
  4. i wouldn''t swap our squad for theirs in a million years... Young and hungry > overpaid and past it
  5. some very fickle fans here, has anyone else realised he''s been our best player so far this season? only takes one good performance without him in the starting 11 for people to turn.........
  6. I''m a UEA canary! :Would rather be a UAE canary though lol
  7. anyone going into their first year of uni, make the most of it and seize every oppurtinity to get off your tits, you only get 1 freshers year!
  8. i''ve got a horrible feeling that butterworth will play his mate nelson...........
  9. Its nothing original, "The Horse" was Geoff Horsfield''s nickname and "Feed the horse and he will score" is a motto used for him at various clubs he had been at.
  10. just watching ssn and they were coveringthe highlights of the norwich game and referred to hoolahan as having and undecided future at the club whilst showing the clip of his penalty...
  11. you''d have to be a complete idiot to write off mcdonald after just a handful of misses, its a hell of talent to be able to beat the offside trap and leave the defender for dead anyway.
  12. dosn''t throwing away their season tickets suggests that it wouldnt matter to them if they were banned? it shows intent of not coming back anyway
  13. exactly the same changes as i was  thinking before i read this thread. However i was watching alnwick warming up as i was early to the ground and he didnt look too promising, he seemed to be failing frequently at the warmup exercises the gk coach was putting him through but it probably dosnt mean anything. I surely wouldnt throw rudd in behind a defence like that at this stage in his career.
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