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  1. I share a season ticket with my brother and negotiated a deal to take the points and ticket for last weeks away leg, with him taking the ticket for this coming weekends home game. That in mind, where is a good place in the city to watch the game? Somewhere with a good atmosphere ideally as, I could easily watch it by myself at home! I was thinking possibly Stadia? Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance
  2. Did anybody else notice how ''Tellitasitis'' replied to Ray''s post which was directed at ''Viewfromthejarrold''... Perhaps forgot to log out of one account and in to the other. Deary me, I do pity him. Equally, there is nothing to suggest that Norwich will be in the premiership next season, nor is there anything to suggest that Russell Martin will be first choice in that said Norwich side. Yes, typically a new contract offers equal or better terms, but you''d very rarely (intact, I doubt there is even such a thing) that states he must play, regardless of whether or not he has a new or improved contract... I suspect he signed the contract having be made fully aware that he must earn his place in the side and perhaps, just maybe, he fancied the challenge of doing that.
  3. Goran Maric for me. I''m sure he was here when Lambert first took over and was quickly compared to a Sunday pub player?
  4. Glad that I''m not the only one who thinks RvW still has something about him. One thing that has been going through my mind is Hughton''s ability to get the best out of him or potential lack of. Firstly, the tactics and the position he''s being deployed in are clearly not doing that, but at a more psychological level, what is Hughton doing to try and get him playing at his best? For example, Lambert brought Lappin back into the side from nowhere a few seasons ago and he looked really fired up and ready for the challenge when really it would''ve been easy for Lappin to cost and hide behind the "He''s not played many games" story. Yet similarly last season Hughton did the same and brought Fox back in from the cold against Luton and he seriously under performed against much weaker opposition and was very uninspiring - granted this could''ve been a one off, we''ll never know. I really don''t have faith that Hughton has what it takes to draw the best out of our players when they''re going through a bad run and as we all can agree, football can be a very unforgiving place when you''re not firing at your best. Anyway, based on this assumption, I think RvW could be in for a very long and unhappy time at NCFC as I can''t see our current back room having what it takes to get his confidence back and kick start his season. Clearly having no real reserve team isn''t ideal in RvW''s situation, however, I believe that the problem lies a lot deeper than giving him game time.
  5. This post will probably result in me getting a fair amount of stick, but so be it. There seems to be a lot of people who clearly didn''t think RvW performed last night. Granted, I thought Hooper looked more dangerous and perhaps Elmander linked with Hooper better (Mind you, I''ve always thought Elmander compliments Hooper very well and this almost showed when Elmander knocked the ball down for Hooper to drill against the bar). That said, I think we saw a different performance from RvW to one both we''re and himself is used to. Doing some research into the lad, he is a player that thrives on quick, flowing attacks. Yet, yesterday - he was back defending around his own box (as another poster stated, he nearly gave away a penalty trying to win the ball back) and also put in a pretty hefty amount of work covering both Johnson and Fer who both had major off days. As a big fan of RvW for his creativeness and talent which he undoubtably does have (You''re very rarely selected for the Dutch national side if you are pony) I followed his action quite a bit yesterday and several times he worked back towards his own goal and made small interceptions or forced a misplaced pass, however 90% of the time he did this, one of his team mates would quickly give the ball away and his work quickly goes unnoticed. I also think we saw a glimpse of RvW''s striking instinct in the second half when Hooper flicked the ball passed Debuchy and RvW turned at the edge of the box and hit a shot which was well blocked by Williamson. I''m starting to get the impression that perhaps Hughton and the club could be trying to reinvent RvW into a player who can drop deep and play in that role... possibly Wes Hoolahans replacement next season? To summarise: Yes, RvW is a long way from the finished article in our side and I would''ve expected more from him by now. However, I think in the role he is clearly playing, he is going through a learning process and is actually looking stronger at doing so week by week. Thoughts?
  6. This post has some what rattled me. Norwich fans seem to have a very bad habit of having their favourites and if you''re not one of those, you might as well transfer elsewhere. Granted Jonny Howson hasn''t been as good as I was expecting him to be when he joined, however he is still very young and would not be playing for us or have captained Leeds as a teenager if he wasn''t a good footballer. Now, back to my original point about favourites. Howson hasn''t played particularly bad recently but still come in for criticsm, now if we take a look at everyone''s main man Wes Hoolahan, how many goals and assists had this man actually scored or created for us this season? Not all that many, yet people still worship him and treat him as though he is Lionel Messi. Howson has been no worse than anyone else this season and doesn''t deserve the criticism he gets when other players off not a great deal more yet still get worshipped.
  7. And of recent years we''ve ''traditionally'' been playing in the lower leagues.
  8. Tomorrow - Wednesday 6th March, see''s Anglian Combination side Cromer Town take on Norwich City u21''s in the semi final of the prestigious Norfolk Senior Cup. It would be great to get a bumper crowd at Cabbell Park, Cromer (Opposite Cromer Hospital) for this special event. There is potential history in the making should Cromer win, making them the first Anglian Combination side to best Norwich City. It''s also a great chance to see what players are coming through to ranks at the club, whilst also supporting a local football club. Kick off is 7:30 PM with admission being £6 for Adults and £1 for children with under 5''s going free. Please come and support both Cromer Town and Norwich City in the Norfolk Norfolk coast sunshine.
  9. I don''t normally post, but reading some of the nonsense on here of late, has given me little choice. With the majority of our really hard games (Spurs, Man UTD, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City) games out of the way, granted we still have Arsenal to play and Man City on the last game of the season, things are most definitely looking bright for us. People seem to constantly be looking behind them and predicting the worst possible scenario. How many people have said that if we lose to Southampton we''ll be sucked back in? Loads. However, how many have said that if we win and results are favourable, well climb up to 10th place? Not many. With the games we have left, things are set up nicely for us to exceed the season we had last year under Paul Lambert. Yes, we may not have scored the goals, but with the budget available, Hughton had a choice, improve the defence that leaked a lot of goals last season or improve a strike force that scored a lot of goals last year... People say on here "if it ain''t broke, don''t fix it" and that''s exactly what Hughton did. We''re now 8th for clean sheets this season, something I would never thought could happen with last years defending. Unfortunately, the strikers haven''t clicked this year, but weve done enough to scrape by, and I''m sure this will be worked on in the summer. Overall, we''re on for a very good season AGAIN and although this season hasn''t been exciting (although, I''d say potential to finish in the highest league position of my 18 years of life, very exciting), there will only be bright times ahead at Carrow Road. Have a good day.
  10. Dougie Freedman - Young, has potential, can work well on a shoestring budget! Perfect candidate! Kept palace up last year, secured their status again this year with a cracking league cup run! Also plays football the right way which is a huge bonus! Although I am actually a fan of his, maybe we could offer them Chris Martin as part of the compensation?
  11. Should Lambert go on his merry way to Aston Villa - my personal choice for his replacement would have to be Dougie Freedman from Crystal Palace. Took a side with no budget at all to the league cup semi final, plays football the right way - not just a get it an hoof it method that is so often seen in the Championship with the likes of Big Sam. He is also another young manager who could potentially become a top top manager given the right club and I feel we are the club to offer that to him. In addition, he could bring Nathanial Clyne who is a top top rated full back with him to fill our right back gap whilst also working some magic to snatch Wilfried Zaha as well. Although I am a fan of Chris Martin, perhaps he could also be used as part of the compensation making Freedman slightly cheaper for us also? What says you?
  12. Does anyone have 2 tickets for the game Vs. Wigan? PM if possible! Thanks!
  13. He''s here, He''s there, He''s scoring every f**king where GRANT HOLT
  14. After living in london for a spell of time, I can say after meeting Zak and watching him, he is a far better centre back than Michael Nelson and equally as good as the Doc and Askou. Will probably be at the World Cup with USA also.
  15. That tackle was so shocking The football league show didn''t even give a s**t about it.... A yeovil fan thinks his team are in the premiership, then he realizes he''s playing fifa.
  16. Many people should look at it this way... If you were at work and you were offered a job which would give you a higher position and more money... would you say no because you want to stay loyal to your colleagues? Would you hell, you would be filling that jobs vacancy in a flash. Many people seem to clearly forget playing football is the players JOBS and they don''t just turn up every weekend for our enjoyment, as much as it may seem like that. Dean Ashton was a truly excellent player whilst at Norwich, nearly single handily scored the goals to keep us in the Premiership, then scored 11 goals in the first half of the season in the Championship in a side that was near the foot of the table. Well Done Deano, you were one of my heros.NO ONE should blame Dean Ashton for moving to a BETTER club, no matter how much we may not like that statement, West Ham are better than Norwich City and you can not knock anyone for moving because of ambition.   
  17. Im pretty sure its always a Minimum of....so therefore the extra minutes played are valid.
  18. Personally, I feel there was nothing Ben Alnwick could do on any of the goals as he was let down by his defence being out of position. He did what he could, where he could...making a wonderful save from Frazer Campbell in the process. His kick could also prove a key part of this season if he can start to link up with Holt''s head every now and again. Overall, I didn''t think the lad did too much wrong.
  19. Nothing on the Norwich site or the Motherwell site.....
  20. Couldn''t resist adding abit of controversy to tonight''s happenings [:)]
  21. Quality centre back who we signed from the youth set up a few weeks ago!!!
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