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  1. [quote user="Mello Yello"] "BADGERS! BADGERS? We don''t need no stinkin'' BADGERS!" [/quote]   http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VqomZQMZQCQ&feature=related
  2. [quote]I have honestly aways wondered that about the spelling change, but came up with my own answer.  It may be wrong, but here it is.  The Americans (and this is way before my family emigrated) were trying to cut all ties with the hated Brits who so abused us colonists that we decided to do things our own way to set an example for all the other used and abused colonies that had not yet broken away from Euro- dominance.  There is American sign language, which I always thought would be counter productive to deafs travelling overseas, but with our sold history of not getting involved in world affairs (until we were forced to; the Monroe Doctrine and all that) maybe our people thought it was best to just stay away from everyone else while they did their own self-destructive things[/quote] I''ve been doing a bit of googling and it appears the Simplified Spelling was first proposed at the ''International Convention for the Amendment of English Orthography''  http://www.archive.org/stream/openingaddressbe00marc [quote] Our wretched spelling hinders our people from becoming readers in two ways, by the length of time which it takes to learn it, and In the dislike of reading which it induces. Three years are spent in our primary schools in learning to read and spell a little. The German advances as far in a twelve months. A large fraction of the school time of the millions is thus stolen from useful studies, and devoted to the most painful drudgery. Millions of years are thus lost in every generation. Then it affects the intellect of beginners. The child should have its reason awakened by order, proportion, fitness, law in the objects it is made to study. But wo to the chjld who attempts to u*(> reason in spelling English. It is amark of promise net to spell easily. One whose reason is active must learn net to use it. The whole process is stupifying and perverting; it makes great numbers of children finally and forever hate the sight of a book and reluct from all learning. There are reported to the takers of our last census 5,500,000 illiterates in the United States. One half at least of those who report themselves able to read, cannot read well enough to get much good from it. It may be held certain that good spelling would increase by millions the number of easy readers, and by millions more the number of those fond of knowledge. But moral degeneracy follows the want <>f cultivated intelligence. Christianity can not put forth half her strength where she can not i(se her presses. Republics fall to ruin when the people become bljnd and bad. We ought then to try to improve our spelling from patriotic and philanthropic motives.[/quote]   One of the greatest philanthropists for more accessible spelling was Andrew Carnegie, (of Carnegie Hall Fame),And Theodore Roosevelt championed its inclusion into Public Life.  
  3. Once Were Warriors is an excellent film. Right up there with City Of God,Days of Glory,La Haine, and (keeping with the spirit of the thread) Goldfinger. I''ve yet to see the sequal, What becomes of the broken hearted? i''ve heard its more of a straightforward redemption/revenge movie amd despite the billing,Rena Owen barely features, which is a pity.    
  4. i synod known better than to get involved in this conversation, coventry will be a baptism of fire,it might be close but hopefully i wont be pope-ing my pants come extra time.
  5. you might want to take a look at Asimovs Foundation series, as his inspiration for it was the rise and fall of the roman empire. His Dark age was shaped by Social Sciences rather than religion, Psychohistory being a mixture of psycoanalysis,mathematical probability and mass psycology.As the foundation series was written between the late forties and mid eighties Its interesting to see how Asimovs interpretation of psycohistory was a reflection of its times, from the early optimism in science and retionalism of the trueman era,though the control through fear of the mccarthy era, to a jaded disillusionment of the post vietnam era, to new age enviromental mysticalism of the mid eighties.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundation_series Asimov also wrote a series of magazine essays for aspiring sci-fi writers which were later collected into Asimov Gold, which might be worth tracking down.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_(Asimov)    
  6. [quote user="camuldonum"] PS: They are nearly always the last to turn up at any major scene.  Locally it will be a race between the EDP and/or Radio Norfolk and the local branch of ITN. Samantha usually turns up later with: "Anyone know what''s going on? I''ve a piece to camera in 20 minutes." Blesss................... [/quote] Might appreciate this cam http://www.theonion.com/content/video/reporter_in_helicopter_pretty
  7. "I''m still interested in people''s thoughts, particularly on the issue of control through the media... " George Bernard Shaw once remarked that the Newspapers are unable, seemingly to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization.And whilst it may be true that on a slow news day, "BICYCLE CRASH" is delivered with the same gravitas as "WORLD ENDS",the Modern Spin Doctor recognises that given the choice between running with news of a major terrorist incident or dissapointing statistics on railway performance,most editors would lead with the former, which led Jo Moore, the then press secretary to Transport Minister Stephen Byers to declare (via e-mail) that September 11th 2001 to be a "Good day to bury bad news". Evil you and most people reacing this far probally have read up on Alister Cambells Grid System,but for the benifit of the casual reader  http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2007/may/11/pressandpublishing.politics1 ,  the grid was responsible for making sure David Blunket was available to give the sun an interview to announce new policies on immigration in during their week long campaign "Asylum Week". A week long campaign of scare stories about asylum seekers including the infamous "Swan Bake",culminating in a Exclusive Interview by the then home office minister with the paper to announce tougher mesures, including cutting off benefits. the interview was scheduled for thursday so the friday edition could include a glowing editorial for the Government for their quick response and willingness to listen to the papers readers. The Mail was to later leak the story in what one supposes might have been an injured sense of proprietary. http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/news/article-303867/How-Campbell-worked-spin.html Then of course there was the "Sexed Up" claims in the Iraq WMD dossier http://iraqdossier.com/ http://projects.publicintegrity.org/WarCard/Default.aspx?src=home&context=overview&id=945 Probally worth reading up on fisk and the culture of embeded reporting in which, reporters and their editors are encouraged to give up their Impartiality in return for a ride on a challenger tank, i''ll dig up a few articles later if your interested. On the other side of the scale Justice Eady, the judge at the centre of the Max Mosely privacy row, has done more to protect the rich and the wealthy from proper scrutiny,so much so that Britain has become the Centre for Libel tourism, for those such as Sheikh Khaild bin Mahfouz http://www.acdemocracy.org/article/invent_index.php?id=449 Finally Chris Ames runs a blogspot detailing spin and deception http://chrisames.blogspot.com/2008_01_01_archive.html  
  8. "Once Omusuzi (is that right?) gets a nickname," "Ozzy" is a good footballing nickname, "Ozzy''s Uzi" has a bot of canary call mispronounciation, meets staines massif, about it
  9. [quote user="thecanaryfan"][quote user="newyorkcanary"][quote user="The Walking Man"][quote user="CanaryRyan"] Bring the ICF down to Carrow Road, we''ll see who''s undefeated then ;)   [/quote]   Tell you what we''ll send you down to the East end and then you can say that... Or perhaps you''ll take on the Red Army, or any other firm? talk is cheap but you don''t want to get messed up with those psycho''s... [/quote] Being an American whose last match at Carrow Road was in 1994, does Norwich have a "Firm?"  I know we''re a family-club, but you do hear from time to time stories from opoosing fans about how they got roughed up in and around Carrow Road.  I would be disappointed if we did, but how many teams actually have a semi-organized group of fans looking to start trouble? [/quote] I believe Norwich had a large branch of the Combat 18 but they werent really associated with football. My most vivid memory of them was from the Ireland vs England friendly match of 1995 which had to be cancelled. A group of English fans in the upper deck ripped up seats and threw pieces of wood and metal at spectators below and onto the field minutes after Ireland took a 1-0 lead. There was a massive flag that stated ''Combat 18 - Norwich''. Does anyone else remeber this? [/quote] it was a west ham flag,CF, the bloke who brought it was a west ham fam from norwich.He  Got knicked after he was photographed by the press under it lobbing bits of wood, and was duley shopped by scores of people who thought he was a knobber.  
  10. he''s talking bob hoskins...   http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=GPALRwCSv6U&feature=user   :)
  11. [quote user="Polar"]Strikers, Ameobi i''d take and Rigters, get those two and i''d be very excited. We also need a centre half still so Taylor would be good, Bell also if need be just to add that extra depth... Taylor, Bell, Ameobi and Rigters and i''d be very excited. or Lupoli... [/quote] thats a good line up, not entirely convinced by Ameobi''s first touch but roeder obviously rates him so i guess he''ll be ok. Maybe Pearce as cover if we can''t get taylor and we have the makings of a solid squad.  
  12. i wonder if any of the press will dare to mention nepotism if Sir Alex does buy Lewis. I would be great just to see the colour sir alex turns. 
  13. with out youtube this may well have been lost to future generations http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=T65VYauRT_0&feature=related
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