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  1. Well not many Leicester fans are pleased with this.. Very tough draw. Tempted to move my Saturday in work to go though seeing as I have several mates and family down in Norwich. I''m sure a few of your lads (Vaughan/ Pilks) will love coming up against Peltier, St Ledger, etc.. What sort of price will this be?
  2. Naughton is quality! Solid at the back, never stops running, good link up play with the right winger. Also got one hell of a shot on him, as already mentioned. I''d have loved him back but it was never realistic to match the 5m asking price for a RB in this division, even if we are splashing serious cash. Peltier and Pantsil are 2 quality RBs for this league. Hopefully it''s only a loan deal so we can get him back if we get promoted! I''d put big money on him being a regular England International in a couple of years. Good luck this season anyway, looking forward to seeing you on MOTD! Especially how your 2 new wingers do, rate both highly. See you next season! (Hopefully!!)
  3. Yeah Hobbs is a good centre half, and will definitely be a decent Prem play in the future. But he can play one way only and that''s the Pearson way. When he was required to become a ball playing centre back, he simply couldn''t do it. Also, he needs a leader alongside him else he falls apart. He had an awful time of it last year for us.
  4. Wouldn''t be surprised if Darragh''s statement saying he expects CMS to join us tomorrow is just an attempt to get West Ham to stump up even more. St Ledger has a choice out of us, Ipswich or sitting on his contract at PNE, which is a strong possibility I believe. Strong rumours we''re gonna offer 4m +25k pw for Mills, but I still expect him to end up at Wolves. Also, apparently Ched Evans is on his way. Obviously a bit underwhelming and a bit of a come down from Yakubu! What''s your opinions on him? Just had a bad time of it at Sheff Utd or isn''t he up to standard?
  5. Signing for us tomorrow. A lot of money for him but we''ve apparently got serious money to spend. Matt Mills and St Ledger next please.
  6. Shocking. You played well and ran the game in the second without trying we were that bad. You''re one of the best teams i''ve seen at the walkers this season, very organised. You remind me of Leicester last season under Nige. One thing that frustrated me about you though was Holt going down every few minutes in the first half without being touched (or barely atleast). Then again, can''t help thinking that he''s exactly what we''re lacking. (The rest of our team isn''t normally that bad!) How we let Wes score a header, i don''t know! Good luck with your push for promotion anyway!
  7. 2-1, Yak and Bruma. We simply can''t afford to drop points. Expecting an open game with lots of chances at each end though.
  8. Didn''t look up to much today, 2 footed tackle and deserved to go. Probably not the worst debutant on the pitch though, Ben Mee for us conceded 2 penos and was genuinely woeful. He won''t be up against Dyer - Yak - Vassell every week so he might do ok for them if he gets another shot after the suspension?
  9. Loving it! It''s actually quite mental to see rumours linking us with players like Henry and not being able to dismiss it straight away, not that he will join us. Another one to add to the list that wont drop to this league. Santa Cruz, Beckham, Keane, Kusczckak (?), etc. The ambition is fantastic, but the long-term position of the club is worrying if we dont go up in the next 18 months. We sold Fryatt to fund Yakubu on loan for 6 months, its just crazy. Shay given is odds on to join us this month now, which would be a massive coup. But then we have Steve Howard on his own upfront vs Man City tonight lol. should be interesting..
  10. Yeah Mandaric will be gone soon, heading to Pompey apparently. AEK Athens want Sousa as manager apparently, so I wont be surprised to see him there next week.
  11. GET IN!! He lost the dressing room, the club was a mess under him. Can''t wait for saturday now. Sven will be appointed I imagine to attract the big names and also help Leicester crack the asian market with a big named manager. Starting with the tour of Thailand in the international break. Dread to think what he''d be on though. Ridiculously linked with Santa Cruz, make it happen Sven!
  12. Slightly better than friday but still pathetic. I think you will be top 6 at the end of the season. ''Doing a Leicester'', if you like, just hopefully you can go the extra few yards and get promoted. Sousa''s got to go , this is unacceptable. Well done on the win, and see you in March.
  13. Deary me, 10 goals conceded in less than 2 games when we had one of the best teams in the league last season. SOUSA OUT!
  14. Sousa''s dropped our best 2 performers vs Pompey. I give up. Ikeme (Useless!) Lamey (useless!!) Morrison (ripped apart vs Pompey) Hobbs (wants out) Kennedy Wellens (hates sousa) Oakley (past it) King Waghorn (out of position) Dyer Howard 4-1 Norwich You will destroy Lamey and Ikeme can''t hold on to a thing.
  15. PLEASE HAPPEN! Also, linked with Santa Cruz this morning, I don''t believe it for a second but I think we''d soon start to improve with him and MON..
  16. Leicester will dominate possession but fail to take their chances. 2-1 Norwich
  17. I really think Pearson is one of the best managers in the league and I think Lambert is in a similar mould. I also rate O''Driscoll, as well as Warnock and Jones. Goes without saying that I think Sousa is one of the worst, never have I known a manager who is so arrogant and speaks so much crap.
  18. I really do think we''ve got a squad capable of a top 6 finish again, maybe with the addition of another big striker or someone with a bit of pace upfront. All of Sousa''s signings have been awful, our £3m striker Waghorn is being wasted on the wing, our key players from last season are suddenly rubbish. The one positive is Andy King who has more freedom and he''s already scored 4 and had 3 goals disallowed, 2 of which should have stood. Anything could happen on Tuesday really, we have played some excellent football under Sousa, just with little end product, but we seem to be going backwards, supported by the fact Pompey battered us without playing particularly well. If you have much aerial presence at corners, i''m sure you''ll take advantage of the zonal marking we use. Hopefully i''ll be in a much more positive mood when Norwich visit the walkers in march, or as it will be known then, the King Power Stadium..
  19. The players hate Sousa, we''ve had about 5 transfer requests and he''s trying to offload our best defender because he disagrees with Sousa''s dreadful zonal marking, as well as refusing to play Fryatt. Rumours are gathering that the new Thai owners will sack him soon when Milan leaves the club, who for some reason thought it was a great idea to get rid of Nigel Pearson. Can''t see anything but a Norwich win, and I wouldn''t be too upset with that if it meant we lost Sousa, who is very quickly destroying Nigel''s solid foundations.
  20. Hull Boro Doncaster Burnley Leeds Forest/ Leicester/ Norwich/ Bristol Can''t see Reading being in the mix and I think QPR are overrated, both will probably be high mid-table though. Think Covs time in this division might be up too along with Derby.
  21. Apparently he wants to take Fryatt with him. Hoping he shows a bit more loyalty seeing as the fans LOVE him. Also, apparently the final straw for Nige was MM trying to sign Pires - typical MM, the sooner he fucks off the better. Nigel''s move is definitely for more money, both on personal and club level. He was one of the lowest earners in the league with us, ridiculous Milan didn''t offer him a massive increase to keep him.
  22. Well, a week before pre-season and we lose our manager plus all potential signings. Great. Mandaric obviously isn''t great to work for but we''ve got a great squad here, he''s adored and he goes to Hull? Would love Chris Powell to get the job. Rumours going round it could be a Steve Clarke/ Brendan Rodgers double act, although it will more likely be Dowie as the nice cheap option for MM who will undo all Pearson''s work. Deals agreed for Salif Diao and Eddie Johnson are now out the window also.
  23. Putting together a good squad now, can you see you definitely challenging top 6, along with Leeds. Can''t help but think Leicester have missed their chance to go up, and seeing as we have no money and can only sign free''s and Pearson seems unwilling to sign a contract because of it, it''s only going to go down from here. Particularly gutted about you getting Surman because i''m sure Pearson would have signed him if we had money seeing as they got on well when they were at saints. P.s. Has anyone heard anything about Russell joining Leicester on a free? Someone who is involved loosely with Leicester told me we were looking at him.
  24. I played for Coventry''s academy for just over a year until a back injury ended it all.
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